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Rock City
Ship: 597 tons
Captain: T Cubbins
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London March 6th 1855  - arrived Auckland June 4th 1855
                                                                                  New Plymouth July 24th 1855

This fine clipper ship was built at Quebec by the same acomplished artificer as the far-famed Marco-Polo. She was a vessel of 597 tons, commanded by Captain T Cubbins, and made at that date the record run of 88 days from London to Auckland harbour under adverse circumstances. The Rock City was on her second voyage, having been launched the previous year. She sailed from Gravesend on the 6th march, 1855, and crossed the equator in 22 days. She sighted and was becalmed for five days off Cape San Augustine, on the coast of Brazil, and on the 19th April passed in sight of Gough's Island. Captain Cubbins made his passage under the great circle principle; the ship was consequently carried into a high S latitude, from 50 to 52 degrees, where she fell in with a considerable quantity of floating ice and large icebergs. On the 22 May the ship made the high land of the Middle Island, having been forced to the eastward by N and N E winds. Here she was again becalmed for three days. On the 1st June the cape Maria van Diemen was sighted, and three days later, on the 4th June, she arrived at Auckland. She brought out only 17 passengers.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of the Rock City

Name Age County Occupation
Davies Mr Bound for Auckland
Davies Mr Bound for Auckland
Davis Mr Bound for New Plymouth
Hoskins Charles Bound for New Plymouth
Hoskins Caleb Bound for New Plymouth
Noble H Bound for Auckland
Norris Mary Eleanor Bound for Auckland
Patterson Mr G Bound for New Plymouth
Pierce Thomas Bound for New Plymouth
Reynolds E W Bound for Auckland
Thorn James Bound for Auckland
Tooth Henry Bound for Auckland
Trick Charles Bound for New Plymouth
Vickery Amos Bound for New Zealand

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Taranaki Herald July 25th 1855
The New Zealander June 6th 1855