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Robert Small
Barque: 723 tons
Captain: J W B Darke
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London October 6th 1859 (Downs Oct. 10th) - arrived Lyttelton January 29th 1860

A fine vessel ofthe old school thatmadea most tedious passage was the Robert Small, Captain J W B Darke, which dropped anchor in Auckland harbouronJune 20th, 1862, 131 days out from London. Leaving London on February 8th, it wasthe 9th May before she reached the Meridian of the Cape of Good Hope, the ship being then 88 days out. Up to May 9th the ship had only averaged 96 miles a day, or four knots an hour. From the Cape to Auckland took43 days. The Robert Small was a ship of 794 (sic) tons. She brought out 70 passengers. In 1858 the Robert Small made a voyage to Wellington in 104 days. She sailed on the 30th June, and arrived on the 12th October, landing 95 passengers. The following year this ship sailed from London on the 7th October,and arrived at Lyttelton on the 29th January, 1860. Captain Darke was in command on all voyages made to New Zealand
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age Comments
Chief CabinPassengers
Blunderston Mis Bound for Nelson
Cochran Mrs Bound for Nelson
Hudson Mr Bound for Canterbury
5 children
Laing Mr Bound for Canterbury
Moxan Mr Bound for Canterbury
Rantoul Mrs Bound for Nelson
Ward Mr Bound for Canterbury
Second Cabin Passengers
Angus Mrs Bound for Nelson
Sallam P Bound for Nelson
Steward Mrs Bound for Nelson
Stewart J Bound for Nelson
Steerage Passengers
Blatchford J Bound for Canterbury
W Bound for Canterbury
Gauder Susannah Bound for Nelson
Jones Mr C Bound for Nelson
Mrs Bound for Nelson
Jones James Bound for Nelson
Millgate Rose Bound for Canterbury
Rae Mr Bound for Canterbury
Government Assisted Steerage Passengers
Name Age County Occupation
Families & Children
Adams George 39 Lancashire Bricklayer
Family crossed out on list
Mary 30
Sarah 3
Mary 4 months
Atkinson Joseph 33 Cumberland Sawyer
Mary Ann 23
James Henry 6
Annie 3
Biddle George 35 Gloucestershire Miner
Julia 35
Blackler Edwin 31 Devonshire Mason
Eliza 31
Emily 4
Boyce Christopher 33 Down Farm Labourer
Isabella 31
Rachel 4
Jane 2
Margaret Infant
Duff Thomas Leitch 33 Perth Farm Labourer
Helen 32
Thomas 2
William Leitch 11 months Died on board - 14/11/1859
Stevenson Isabella 11 Travelled with Duff
Edlin Thomas 23 Leicestershire Labourer
Margaret 23
George 1
England Kelvin 26 Warwickshire Joiner
Annie 24
Frederick 1
England Robert 21 T/F to single men Joiner
Faygan Michael 26 Dublin Brickmaker
Fanny 24
Thomas Edward 3
Frederick 1
Feathrey William 31 Gloucestershire Engineer
Jane 32
William 5
Thomas 1
Gosden William 33 Sussex Carpenter
Martha 37
Hall Matthew 26 Cumberland Cooper
Margaret 24
Harrison Robert 27 Yorkshire Labourer
Sarah 22
Longstaff Thomas 28 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Hannah 26
John 6
Hannah Mary 4
Low John 26 Forfarshire Farm Labourer
Jane 27
Elizabeth 3
Margaret 1
Martin Walter 35 Warwickshire Cabinet Maker
Ellen 35
Ellen 11
Emily 9
Ann 7
Walter 5
Elizabeth 2
Walter 5
Daughter Born on board - 14/01/1860
Mills Alexander 40 Guernsey Tailor
Emily 45
Maria 19 T/F to single women
Alexander 18 T/F to single men
James 18 T/F to single men
Samuel 14 T/F to single men
Walter 12 T/F to single men
Emily 10
Thomas 10
Sarah 8
Lydia 5
Charles 1
Overend Nathan 27 Yorkshire Brickmaker
Elizabeth 25
James 5
Parrish Thomas 24 Gloucestershire Labourer
Mary Ann 28
Mary Ann 1
Thomas 2 months
Paton James 27 Forfarshire Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 26
James 7
Peter 5
Jane 3
David 1
Riggs Andrew Cooper 29 Middlesex Carpenter
Mary Ann 35
Andrew Cooper 7
Arthur George 6
AlfredHenry 4
Julia 2
Amelia Thomasina 1 month
Robbins Loftus 26 Warwickshire Labourer
Eleanor 26
Ellen Eliza 4
Emily Beatrice 7 months
Saunders William 30 Gloucestershire Miner
Mary 30
Thomas 5
Sidney 2 weeks
Shuttleworth Robert 49 Lancashire Carpenter
Jane 30
Robert 9
Samuel 7
Thomas 3
Mary Jane 9months
Smith William 24 Leicestershire Labourer
Mary 22
Thornton Henry 36 Durham Bricklayer
Mary Ann 31
Catherine 10
Thomas 6
Matthew Henry 2
Mary Ann Infant
Waterworth Thomas 33 Durham Mason
Elizabeth 24
Isabella 2 months
Woodham Charles 30 Wiltshire Miner
Susan 26
William 4
Elizabeth 1
Single Men
Boyd John 26 Down Farm Labourer
Burnip William 21 Sunderland Sawyer
Crowther Samson 36 Yorkshire Miner
Dorrell William 26 Middlesex Miner
England Robert 21 Warwickshire Joiner
Evenden Philo 26 Kent Farm Labourer
Hayes James 20 Down Blacksmith
Hickinbotham William 28 Leicestrshire Labourer
Knight William 24 Gloucestershire Miner
Lock Thomas 25 Devonshire Smith
Mair David 25 Morashire Farm Labourer
Mills Alexander 18 Guernsey Shoemaker
James 18 Guernsey Tailor
Samuel 14 Guernsey Cooper
Walter 12 Guernsey Labourer
Norrish William 22 Devonshire Labourer
Power John 22 Waterford Farm Labourer
Watson Thomas 25 Cumberland Joiner
Read George 23 Hertfordshire Miner
Salkeld William 27 Cumberland Joiner
Senior Edward 21 Yorkshire Agricultural Labourer
Skipper Isaac 30 Norfolk Miner
Syme Alexander 26 Lanark Carpenter
Urell Cornelius 22 London Schoolmaster on board
Wrighton William 71 Northamptonshire Labourer
The Provincial Government actually gains 2.0.0 on this case, the passage costing only 15. (Our note - 17 was paid in the Colony)
Single Women
Bailey Emma 26 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Brayson Margaret 28 Cumberland Dressmaker
Chilman Maria 28 Kent Nurse
Gow Shirley 44 Middlesex MATRON on board
Kite Sarah 14 Warwickshire Domestic Servant
Mills Maria 19 Guernsey Tailoress
Power Johanna 20 Waterford Domestic Servant
The Provincial Government actually gains 2.0.0 on this case, the passage costing only 15. (Our note - 17 was paid in the Colony)

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Archives New Zealand IMCH4/27
Lyttelton Times February 1st 1860

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