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Rob Roy
Ship: 832 tons
Captain: Sanger
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Owen
Sailed London 23 April 1865 - arrived Auckland 10th August 1865

The Rob Roy is renowned for the remarkable passage from Auckland to London in 1865. She was a Clyde-built ship of 832 tons, with superior accommodation for the passengers, and came out under the Shaw Savill Comany's flag. She completed three voyages to Auckland. In 1865 the Rob Roy sailed from Gravesend on the 23 April, and arrived on the 10th Aug after a 99 days passage. the run from the cape to Tasmania was made in 28 days; thence contrary winds delayed the ship until sighting the New Zealand coast. After discharging her cargo the Rob Roy
sailed on the 7th October, 1865, for London, taking the 65th Regiment, 'Royal Tigers', after nineteen years' service in New Zealand. The men and officers of the 65th had taken part in the Waikato war, and when it was over they were were stationed in various redoubts on the Waikato and Waipu Rivers. When all the men entitled to their discharge had claimed and obtained it there were left about 400 rank and file for whom shipping had to be provided, and it was arranged that one half should proceed in the Rob Roy, and the remainder, with the head- quarters of the regiment, in the John Temperley. A Large crowd assembled on the wharf on the departure of the Rob Roy, and the band of the 14th Regimentplayed inspiriting airs, which was followed by 'There's No Place Like Home'. Captain Bulkeley was the officer commanding, and was accompanied by Captains Turner and Lewis. The Rob Roy took away 254 of the 65th all told.

White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

This list was kindly given to us by Delwyn McKenzie, who had the Roebuck & Collier families aboard.

Arrival of the Rob Roy

Adams George A.
Alfred H.
Allenby John
Appelby Mr J.
Bennett Sarah Emma
Bornie John
Boquillon Victor
Braggin Edwin R.
Bulla George
Clark Joseph
Collier Charles
Craig David
Dring James
Edge George
Edge George
Evans Walter Lee
Farrell James
Franklin George C.
Graves Sarah
Sarah Jane
Hawkins Ann
Hawlins Mrs W.
Herwan Anne
Heyte Richard
Jordan Samuel C.
Keikham James
King John
Laurence Henry
Low John
Lloyd Frederick C.
Lloyd William
McConnell John
McDonald Donald
Miller Ann
Murphy Charles
Nelins Ann
Nugent John
Owen Dr Owen 50th Reg.
Roebuck John
Sorell Edwin C.
Symonds Capt 14th Regt.
Wagner James
Hawkins Basil
Whiffer John
Whittaker Richard
Wood Thomas
Woodcock Henry

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New Zealand Herald Friday 11th August 1865