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Rhea Sylvia
Ship: 881 tons
Captain: Evans
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed Bristol January 15th 1861 - arrived Lyttelton May 6th 1861

The only voyage she made to New Zealand was a very rough one for the Rhea Sylvia, Captain Evans. With 152 passengers on board she left Bristol on January 15, 1861, and took 111 days to reach Lyttleton, where she arrived on May 6, 1861. Hardle had the ship left the English coast than she met with a succession of gales from the S S W, which lasted a fortnight. Even the most experienced hands were apprehensive, so boisterous was the weather. One of the worst gales experienced was on the night of January 27, when a tremendous sea broke fore and aft over the ship. Water got below, the binnacle was washed overboard, the gig stove in, and all livestock was lost.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Families and Children
Bartram David William 27 Staffordshire Carpenter
Elizabeth 29 Warwickshire
Mary Elizabeth 2
Arthur Charles Infant
Turner Annie Louisa 7 Niece of Bartram
Blakeley Thomas 23 Antrim Labourer
Catherine 20
William 1
Brock John ? Edinburgh Mason
Margaret Corrigate ?
Casserley Thomas 32 Galway Farm Labourer
Mary 23
Mary 9 hours Crossed out on list
Chudley Robert 31 Lancashire Gardener
Mary Grace 29
Eva mary 3
Ada Grace 8 months
Corrigate Jane 30 T/F to single women Travelled with Brock
Child 6 weeks
Colsey Thomas ? Worcestershire Domestic Servant
Elizabeth ? Worcestershire
Mary ?
Coutts Lewis 27 Aberdeen Farm Labourer
Jennet 20
Elizabeth 25 T/F to single women
Cunningham Merill 34 Down Farm Labourer
Maria 28
Maria 4
Ford Walter ? Galway Farm Labourer
Ellen ?
Ellen Infant Crossed out on list
Hallam Charles 33 Surrey Carpenter
Ann 31
Elizabeth Ann 6
Hamill John 40 Antrim Farm Labourer
Margaret 56
Hamill James 25 Antrim Farm Labourer
Mary 20
Hamill Archibald 22 Antrim Farm Labourer
Sarah 21
Margaret 2
Hawker James 34 Somersetshire Carpenter
Anna 32
Mary Ann 13 T/F to single women
Charles 8
Thomas 7
Betsy 6
Richard 3 months
Hepburn John 24 Antrim Carpenter
Eliza 20
Agnes Infant
Lawrence Stephen 32 Jersey Labourer
Harriet 23
Stephen Bendigo 8
Ann Elizabeth 3
Charles James 2
Alfred John Infant
Joyce Elizabeth A 41 Mother of Above
Amelia 22 Sister-in-law of above
Keyne Michael 25 Galway Farm Labourer
Mary 20
McAfee John 24 Antrim Ploughman
Catherine 19
McCallum Peter 25 Dumbarton Gardener
Margaret 26
McCracken Alexander 28 Ayr Ploughman
Jean 19
Alexander 2 months
Rencham William 35 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Margaret 25
Patrick 3
Anne Infant
Wallace Lawrence 30 Guernsey Labourer
Ann 27
Frederick 6
John Henry 4
Whelan James 34 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Johanna 30
Mary Anne 4
John 3
William Infant
Single Men
Carroll Thomas 32 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Carty John 30 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Cormick Langhlin W 23 Argyl Ploughman
Archibald 26 Dumbarton Carpenter
Cotter Edmund 28 Clare Farm Labourer
Dardos John 29 Westmeath Farm Labourer
Davison Alexander 25 Antrim Ploughman
Dove William 28 Lanark Ploughman
Gay George 20 Wiltshire Wool Washer
Gibson Robert 21 Ayr Ploughman
Gilmore Martin 22 Galway Farm Labourer
Patrick 20 Galway Farm Labourer
Goodall John 20 Fife Farm Labourer
Hamilton Thomas 21 Lanark Ploughman
Kennedy John 45 Wigton Shepherd
Kennedy John 22 Tipperary Blacksmith
Eliza 18 T/F to single women
Malloy Michael 21 Galway Farm Labourer
John 20 Galway Farm Labourer
McHardy Alexander 29 Aberdeen Ploughman
McIlray Hugh 21 Antrim Ploughman
McIlwrath William 42 Antrim Farm Labourer
Will 20 Antrim Farm Labourer
Gilbert 18 Antrim Farm Labourer
Daniel 15 Antrim Farm Labourer
Molloy Charles 23 Galway Farm Labourer
Mullowney Patrick 26 Limerick Groom
Murchie William 23 Wigton Shepherd
O'Brien Michael F 25 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Richardson Charles 24 Sussex Gardener
Robertson William 23 Lanark Ploughman
Sandison Alexander 28 Aberdeen Farm Labourer
Smith James 20 Down Farm Labourer
Stevenson Henry 20 Stirlingshire Farm Servant
Vickers James 28 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Single Women
Allan Jane 21 Argule Housemaid
Cooper Lydia 43 Sussex Housekeeper MATRON
Corrigate Jane 30 Edinburgh
Coutts Elizabeth 25 Aberdeen Domestic Servant
Groves Frances 27 Sussex Nursery Governess
Lucy 20 Middlesex Nursery Governess
Hawker Mary Ann 13 Somerset
Holliday Jane 18 Kent Domestic Servant
Joyce Elizabeth 41 Jersey Laundress
Amelia 22 Jersey Laundress
Kelly Mary 21 Galway Farm Servant
Kennedy Eliza 18 Tipperary Domestic Servant
Lawrie Jeanie 26 Renfrew Domestic Servant
Loft Isabella 19 Hartford Domestic Servant
Mundy Margaret 35 Lanark Dairymaid
Smith Isabella 28 Durham
Mary Helen 5 Durham
Sarah 3 Durham
Pearson Frederick 1 Durham
Taylor Agnes 24 Argyle Domestic Servant
Yeomason Elizabeth 18 Kent Housemaid

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