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Ship: 498 tons
Captain: Pearman
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Alexander Todd MC
Sailed London November 26th 1863 - arrived Napier July 23rd 1864

Name Age County Occupation
Families & Children
Ashten James 40 Ashton in newspaper
Catherine 36
Edward 17
Mary Ann 15
John 12
Helen 10
Catherine 8
James 6
William Martin 3
Henry 1
Bee George 37
Mrs 35
Helen (Ellen) 13
Frank 11
Betsy 9
Mary 5
Ann 2
Brough Peter 32
Christina 32
Mary 2
Jane - Named Ann in the newspaper and Jane in the original records. May be Ann Jane or Jane Ann.
Crerar Alexander 38
Catherine 35
Alexander 9
Peter 8
Christina 5
Catherine 2
Robert -
Elliot J R W 27
Ann 31
Gregory Elizabeth 42
Frank 7
Henry 5
Pottinger E 58 Mother-in-law to Elizabeth Gregory
McKay (Mackey) Charles 40
Elizabeth 41
Jane 11
Alexander 9
McLeod David 26
Margaret 26
Mary 4
Janet 2
O'Donnell Francis 32
Sarah 32
William 8
Owen 5
Fanny 1 month
O'Donnell Charles 30 T/F to single men Brother to Francis O'Donnell
Watt Samuel 50
Elizabeth 50
James 25
Nancy 23
Mary Ann 18
Ann Jane 18
Samuel 16
Elizabeth 13
Single Men
Bristow Henry G 21
Catanach John -
Dickson James 22
Flanagan Michael 25
Flanders Benjamin 22
Goldsmith Richard 19
Grey George 18
Higgins Laurence 17
Langley John 19
Livingstone John 18
Maloney Michael 19
Mantle Benjamin 18
McIntyre James 27
McKay Thomas 34
McNaughton Duncan 38
Menzies John 22 Died on board
Oatham Cornelius 19
O'Donnell Charles 30 Brother to Francis O'Donnell
Peebles Alexander 18
Scrymgeour Alexander 23
Shaw James 21 Listed as Jane Shaw in the newspaper and James Shaw in the original records.
Stewart Archibald 24
Andrew 21
Stewart James 23 Disembarked in Sydney
Stewart Thomas 26
Turnbull David 19 Disembarked in Sydney
Vickers George (William) 22 Named William in the newspaper and George in the original records. May be George William or William George.
Single Women
Callary Ann 21
Carter Ann 21 Twin Sister of Sarah Wheeler
Connell Elizabeth 25
Corke Phoebe -
Flanagan Mary 22
Gibson Ann 21
McNaught Eliza 24
Mary Ann 20
McWilliam Isabella 23
Pirie Jane 22
Scott Sarah -
Scrymgeour Mary 22
Smith Alice 18
Walters Sarah 25 Matron on board
Whale Hannah 18
Eliza 16
Wheeler Sarah 21 Twin Sister of Ann Carter
Arthur Ernest Hamilton 1 Listed as Hamilton A. E. in the original records.


Chase Elizabeth - These passengers were not listed in the newspaper as arriving in Napier. The records show that 3 passengers were "short-shipped" (shown on the list but did not undertake voyage). It is assumed that the other two declined to make the voyage or withdrew for personal reasons.
Edner Eliza J 19
Matheson John 22
Ann 20
Vincent Elizabeth 20


Wheeler family:
George Wheeler and Sarah Carter were married in Lambeth, London on 29 January 1861, in the Parish Church of St Mary. On their marriage certificate it says they were both of full age and that George was a Cabinet Maker. George was born in Buckingham in 1840 and Sarah Carter was born in Buckingham,  in 1842 – she was a  twin. George Wheeler died in Lambeth in June 1863.  Sarah, now a young widow boarded the ship Rangoon” with her twin sister Ann – both aged 21years of age and set sail for New Zealand, bringing with them Sarah’s son 2 year old Arthur Ernest Hamilton Wheeler. The journey to New Zealand on the “Rangoon” was not a pleasant one. This was the first direct voyage from England to Napier and wasn’t expected to take too long. (A full rigged immigrant ship normally took a little less than 3 months to make the voyage) They left the East India Docks on the 26th November 1863, with 101 passengers on board, but it wasn’t until the 10th December they received the necessary documents to leave Graves End. Unfortunately they were then involved in a collision with another ship and had to be towed back into port for repairs. They finally got underway on the 13th January. They experienced a succession of gales, heavy seas and hailstorms. The Captain apparently was drunk all the time leaving the passengers in their misery to be attended to by the crew. Food ran short and water was at a premium. When it rained all the passengers gathered as much as they could to sustain themselves. The ship put into Sydney on the 2nd June after having experienced foul weather off Tasmania since the 18th May. They were desperate for supplies.  Once in Sydney some of the passengers took the Captain to court and a new Captain was appointed to continue the journey to New Zealand. However the crew didn’t want to work for the new Captain and went on strike. In the end the Police tug towed the ship out and half the crew set the ship on course for New Zealand. Within a few hours the strikers gave up and all returned to normal. But the misery of this journey wasn’t over. Off the Bay of Plenty the ship encountered a tremendous gale and heavy cross-seas. She was struck on the port beam by a terrific sea that made a clean sweep of the decks. The wheel was crushed killing the helmsman and water rushed 'tween decks. The ships upper works were damaged severely. Fortunately no passengers lost their lives. She experienced heavy weather all along the coast and finally limped into port on the 23rd July 1864, eight months after their first boarding. The founder of The Wheeler family in New Zealand - Arthur Ernest Hamilton Wheeler, survived this epic journey as a small 2-year boy travelling alone with his young mother. One month later on the 27th August 1864 in Napier, Sarah Wheeler married John Le Couteur. Its said he was a crew member on the Rangoon and we think he was either the navigator or similar. He later became a Captain, bringing other immigrant ships to New Zealand. He died in Palmerston North aged 81 years of age. Arthur Ernest Hamilton Wheeler grew up in the Hawkes Bay area and at age 30  married Margaret Jane Semple in Carterton. Margaret Jane Semple had travelled here from Ireland, aged 16 years, with the Campbell Family. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Shirley Rolf.


Arthur Ernest Hamilton Wheeler:
Arthur Wheeler grew up in the Hawkes Bay area and at age 30 married Margaret Jane Semple in Carterton in1891. Margaret Jane Semple had travelled here from Ireland, aged 16 years, with the Campbell Family. She arrived on ss Te Anau in January 1880. Arthur and Margaret had two children, Ernest Edward Wheeler born 11th April 1892 in Carterton and Ethel Daisy Elizabeth Wheeler born 11th February 1894 in Masterton. Sadly their father Arthur Ernest Hamilton Wheeler died in 1898 of TB at 37 years of age. He is buried at Ashhurst.   The children were aged 6 and 4 years of age. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Shirley Rolf.


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Hawkes Bay Herald March 2nd 1864
Archives New Zealand HB4/14 (1863)