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Ship: 809 tons
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London March 27th 1870 - arrived Lyttleton June 16th 1870

Name Age County Occupation
Families and Childern
Anderson Hannah 55 Trans to s/w                            Travelling with Raven & Witham
Sarah A 30 Trans to s/w
Elizabeth 29 Trans to s/w
Baylis Thomas 21 Gloucestershire Farm Labourer
Laura 23
John 6 months
Brooks Thomas 30 Buckinghamshire Wheelwright
Georgina 24
Margaret J 5
Thomas E 2
George V R 4 months
Cross John 53 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Rachel 49
Rachel 23 Trans to s/w
John 17 Trans to s/m
Daly Michael 48 Cork Labourer
Ann 39
John 17 Trans to s/m
James 13 Trans to s/m
Donald John 54 Aberdeen Farm Labourer
Catherine 53
Margaret 17 Trans to s/w
Catherine 11
Gallagher Hugh 28 Donegal Ploughman
Mary 25
Edward 7 weeks
Halliday William James 23 Middlesex Pattern Maker
Amelia C 19
Hemmingway George 32 Kent Moulder
Anne 34
Hodgson William 25 Cumberland Shepherd
Mary 30
Hodgson Robert 21 Cumberland Shepherd
Holcroft William 33 Lancashire Millwright
Ann 33
Anne 6
Harry 3
James William 30 Kent Coach Smith
Fanny 29
Frederick 10
Percival 6
Horace 3
William Infant
Mason William 34 Warwick Millwright
Eliza 35
Mary A 8
George 6
William 4
Oxspring George 21 Essex Moulder
Esther 20
Pearce John 41 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Elizabeth A 36
Herbert 8
Annie 6
Ernest 4
Arthur 2
Raven Joseph 26 Farm Labourer            Travelling with Anderson & Witham
Hannah 25
Alice 3
John 1
Robson Thomas 19 Trans to s/m                    Travelling with Cross family
Scott John Lee 22 Derbyshire Pattern Maker
Elizabeth ?
See William 42 Monmouthshire Farm Labourer & Carpenter
Sarah 44
William 20 Trans to s/m
Caleb 15 Trans to s/m
Henry 12 Trans to s/m
Albert 9
Mary A 4
Elizabeth 3
See Moses 24 Gloucestershire Farm Labourer
Alice 23
Smith James 31 Oxfordshire Farm Labourer
Mary 29
Mary Ann 9
James 2
Witham Joseph 30

Travelling with Raven & Anderson

Grace 27
Robert 7
Joseph 5
Samuel 3
Single Men
Besley Thomas 20 Berwick Farm Labourer
Childs Charles 22 Dorsetshire Farm Labourer
Frederick 20 Dorsetshire Smith
Coe Charles 25 Essex Dairyman
Cooper William H 22 Derbyshire Farm Labourer
Cowens William 23 Northamptonshire Farm Labourer
Cross John 17 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Daly John 17 Cork Labourer
James 13 Cork
Dally John May 21 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Dunnett Andrew Schoolmaster
Gibson Adam 24 Ayrshire Shoemaker
Grealish John 33 Galway Farm Labourer
Hodge Gordon 23 Ayrshire Shoemaker
Hodges Gabriel 20 Somersetshire Wheelwright
Holmes John 19 Lanark Stone Mason
Hutchison Thomas 24 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Jermyn Robert 37 Norfolk Ploughman
Kendal William 20 Norfolk Ploughman
Kerr James 24 Donegal Farm Labourer
Leahy Thomas 22 Kerry Labourer
Lee William 20 Monmouthshire Labourer
Caleb 15 Monmouthshire Labourer
Henry 12
McCallum Malcolm 23 Renfrew Ploughman
McCausland Robert 22 Tyrone Ploughman
McKay John 21 Donegal Farm Labourer
Moorhead William John 20 Down Farm Labourer
William 22 Down Farm Labourer
Mullan James 38 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Myhill Robert 26 Norfolk Farm Labourer
Thomas 24 Norfolk Farm Labourer
Robson Thomas 19 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Scott George 19 Derbyshire Pattern Maker
Stark James 31 Forfar Ploughman
Sweeny Hugh 21 Donegal Ploughman
Dominick 25 Donegal Farm Labourer
Stowell David 20 Essex Dairyman
Swinton Thomas 33 Lancashire Millwright
Thompson John G 26 Durham Farm Labourer
Single Women
Anderson Hannah 55 Yorkshire
Elizabeth 29 Yorkshire General Servant
Sarah Ann 30 Yorkshire General Servant
Caldwall Isabella 25 Donegal General Servant
Carpenter Emma 19 Hertfordshire General Servant
Christian Emily 20 Kent General Servant
Comrie Ann 21 Perthshire Dairy Maid
Conohan Ellen 27 Donegal General Servant
Cross Rachel 23 Yorkshire General Servant
Dean Louisa S 17 Middlesex General Servant
Dillon Catherine 28 Galway General Servant
Donald Margaret 17 Aberdeenshire General Servant
Earl Frances 24 Kent Cook
Edwards Ann 25 Tipperary General Servant
Mary 23 Tipperary General Servant
Finlay Mary 33 Forfarshire Cook
Gadd Elizabeth 18 Hertfordshire General Servant
George Mary Ann 19 Northamptonshire General Servant
Grealish Mary 25 Galway Dairy maid
Grieve Harriet G 19 Fifeshire General Servant
Hemmingway Jane 24 Kent General Servant
Hodgson Ann 16 Cumberland General Servant
Holms Agnes 44 Lanarkshire Needlewoman
Jane 21 Lanarkshire Milliner
Horman Sophia 26 Edinburgh Cook
Keating Fanny 23 Kent Housemaid
Laurie Catherine 26 Middlesex Housemaid
Loveday Elizabeth 43 Kent MATRON
Milligan Ann 26 Dumfries Cook
Mitcherson Ellen 29 Limerick General Servant
Mary 2 Limerick
Monaghan Mary 24 Tyrone General Servant
Mullan Margery 33 Tyrone Dairymaid
Nevin Margaret 38 Tipperary Dairy Woman
Honora 19 Tipperary General Servant
Peck Hannah 23 Yorkshire General Servant
Runnicles Eliza 26 Kent General Servant
Stratton Emma 19 Hertfordshire General Servant
Smith Jane 30 Aberdeenshire General Servant
Small Martha 24 Hertfordshire Cook
Underdown Hannah 20 Sussex General Servant
Vinery Louisa 19 Middlesex Housemaid
Walpole Mary 19 Hertfordshire General Servant
Wann Mary 23 Fifeshire General Servant
Wards Janet 26 Orkney Housemaid
Wilcox Jane 30 Lancashire
Alice M 7 Lancashire
Arthur 5 Lancashire
Clara 3 Lancashire
Witherspoon Agnes 18 Down General Servant
Eliza 16 Down General Servant


SCOTT family:
John Lee Scott (b. 29.3.48) and George Scott (b. 1851) were the two youngest children of John and Mary (nee Yates), who had moved from Dukes Alley, Bolton Le Moors, Lancashire to Derbyshire following John’s trade as a "model maker" in the foundries. John Lee and George Scott apprenticed at the "Atlas" Engineering Works in Derby as pattern makers and engineers. In 1870 together with John Lee’s new wife Elizabeth (nee Sinclair) they emigrated to New Zealand on the Ramsay (sailed 27.3.1870 arrived Lyttelton 16.6.1870). In Christchurch, they built cottages and their own homes and then founded Scott Brothers Ltd. a foundry and later manufacturer of electric ranges which served New Zealanders for almost a century at 65 Manchester Ave. Christchurch, building a wide range of products from railway engines to the "Atlas" electric range. John Lee Scott went on to serve his community by teaching at Canterbury College, he was a Commissioner of Railways, and a City Councillor. Later in 1870, aboard the Zealandia (sailed 23.9.1870 arrived Lyttelton 23.12.1870) Mary (nee Yates), John Lee and George Scott’s mother sailed to join her sons, together with her daughter Alice, and Alice’s husband Thomas Cutler. Should you wish any more information on this family, please contact Lesley Wootton.

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