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Queen of The Age
Barque: 757 tons
Captain: Montgomerie
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Martin Payne
Sailed London 16th November 1873 - arrived Auckland 2nd March 1874

The N. Z. Shipping Co chartered the smart barque Queen of The Age for one voyage only to New Zealand. She was built at Sunderland in 1855. She struck heavy weather at the start, followed by light north-east trade winds, crossing the Equator on December 18, 32 days out from Gravesend. The south-east trades, which were fallen in with two days later, were also light, and the meridian of the Cape was not passed until January 12th. The vessel made a good run thence to Tasmania of 29 days. Here she encoutered severe gales from the north-east, which continued for several days, followed by calms and light winds, until sighting the New Zealand coast.
From White Wings: Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of Queen of the Age

Name Age County Occupation
Families and Children
Becker Victor 27 France Plumber
Reine 23
Boivin Elienne 34 France Blacksmith
Celina 33
Bertha J 19 months
Boyle Thomas 30 Tipperary Labourer
Bridget 36
Mary 4
Bryant William 29 Suffolk Porter
Caroline 21
Harriet 2
Coghlan Richard 50 Kings Staff Sergeant
Joseph 11
Susan 1 mth
Cole James 30 Lancashire Labourer
Mary 26
Collins James 25 Lancashire Labourer
Annie 25
Davis James 51 Hereford Farmer
Ann 38
Ephraim 10
Arannah 6
Lavinia 4
Christoper 2
Josephine 8 months
Delamarre Adolph 33 France Bricklayer
Marie 32
Duret Edward 25 France Bootmaker
Celina 24
Francois Cheodore 35 France Engineer
Valentine 23
Froidure Eugene 28 France Blacksmith
Florine 25
Fulton Samuel 42 Down Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 42
Ellen J 8
John 6
Mary 3
Glover Alexander G 28 Herts Painter
Sarah 29
Edwin 2
Greenland George 27 Berkshire Bootmaker
Charlotte 25
Arthur 11 months
Greenland Robert 22 Berks Bootmaker
Jane 21
Hague Thomas 22 Bedfordshire Clicker
Eliza 21
John Sea Infant Born on board
Harrison Tobias 30 Cambridge Bootmaker
Ann 28
Edwin 10
Frank 9
Emily 7
Leonard 2
Alfred 11 months
Hatterns William 26 Northampton Bootmaker
Louisa 26
John 3
William John 1
Hugurs Auguste 25 Belguim Bricklayer
Rose 22
James Peter 27 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Elizabeth A 27
Rhoda 2
Emily M 11 months
Knapmann John James 21 Guernsey Farmer
Sarah J 23
McDonald Thomas 30 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Mary 36
John 9
Mary A 5
Julia 3
Moriarty Thomas 30 Kerry Labourer
Mary 28
Michael 8
Ellen 3
John 6 months
Penny William 44 Lancashire Shoemaker
Died on board - 24/02/1874
Dysentry & general debility
Jane 46
Charles 11
Isabella 9
Pettitt William 42 Kent Plumber
Frances 40
Rhodes Joseph 34 Lancashire Labourer
Ann 30
Samuel 10
Robert 8
Joseph 4
Jane 2
James 11 months
Spain Thomas 40 Kings Labourer
Eliza 30
Henry Thomas 8
Sarah 5
Adelaide 3
Sullivan Thomas 28 Kerry Labourer
Catherine 30
Mary 6
Patrick 9 months
Sykes King David 45 Yorkshire Watchmaker
Elizabeth 40
Joseph 11
Florence 2
Tague Philip 40 Armagh Farm Labourer
Mary A 28
Thomas 4 months
Teague Joseph 34 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Eliza 34
Town William 30 Bucks Bricklayer
Annie 28
Rosetta 7
William 5
Single Men
Augus Alexander 17 Down Farm Labourer
Campbell Michael 20 Lancashire Clerk
Clifford Daniel 21 Kerry Ploughman
Coghlan Richard 19 Kings Iron Moulder
John 16 Kings Printer
James 13
Crago Charles 49 Cornwall Farmer
Philip 7
Crags Charles 21 Cornwall Farm Labourer
William 13
Davis Jabez 17 Hereford Farm Labourer
James 16 Hereford Farm Labourer
Fulton Joseph 17 Down Labourer
Hugh 14 Down
Jones William Henry 44 Middlesex Tailor
Jones Patrick 26 Dublin Engine Driver
Kemp James 21 Cormwall Blacksmith
Laird James B 18 Middlesex Labourer
Le Griffon James E 16 Kent Messenger
McAuliff Timothy 21 Kerry Ploughman
McDonald Thomas 16 Guernsey Butcher
Patrick 14 Guernsey
Andrew 12 Guernsey
Rhodes Edward 17 Lancashire Labourer
Joseph 14
Sykes Walter 18 Yorkshire Mechanic
Vuil Florirrion 24 Belgium Blacksmith
Single Women
Ashton Elizabeth 32 Warwickshire Dressmaker
Browne Mary 25 Cork Servant
Burberry Mary A 32 Sussex Servant
Campbell Ellen 48 Lancashire
Cooper Fanny 21 Hants Cook
Crags Edith 20 Cornwall Servant
Catherine 18 Cornwall Servant
Mary 12
Crags Mary 44 Cornwall Servant
Julia 9
Davis Elizabeth 14 Herefordshire
Sarah 12 Herefordshire
Dwyer Mary 18 Tipperary Servant
Egan Anne 27 Jersey Servant
Elliott Charlotte Ann 15 Guernsey Nurse
Eda (Ada) Eliza 18 Guernsey Nurse
Fulton Agnes 12 Down
Hall Emily 18 Guernsey Servant
Hare Lavinia 34 Middlesex Needlewomen
Hamilton Mary 23 Middlesex Housemaid
Jones Alice 18 Middlesex Servant
King Elizabeth 14 Middlesex
Le Griffon Anna 38 Kent Dairywoman
Henry Constantine 10
Louis Albert 7
Livingstone Jane 27 Renfrewshire Housekeeper
McLornan Catherine 34 Antrim Servant
Moriarty Mary 12 Kerry
Moyle Elizabeth 27 Cornwall Servant
O'Brien Bridget 24 Tipperary Housemaid
Penny Mary 18 Lancashire Dressmaker
Margaret 16 Lancashire Servant
Pettitt Alice 12 Kent
Rhodes Jane 40 Lancashire Servant
Rhodes Mary A 12 Lancashire
Saunders Elizabeth 17 Dublin Servant
Mary 20 Dublin Servant
Serwell Mary 31 Warwickshire Laundress
Anne 10
John 8
Francis 6
Amy 3
Spain Frances L 12 Kings
Sykes Clara 15 Lancashire Teacher
Rhoda 13
Taylor Marion 47 Renfrewshire Servant

HAGUE family:
Elisa became pregnant out of wedlock. Although she and Thomas were married before the child was born, Thomas's family was so appalled at this scandal that they sent the couple to New Zealand in disgrace. Their son, John Sea Hague, was born during the voyage, survived and landed with them on arrival. Sadly, the only other family folklore is that they all perished at some early stage from 'flu or like disease which I believe did for a lot of folk in similar circumstances [influenza ravaged much of the world, including New Zealand, in 1889/1890]. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Charlie Oakley.


BRYANT family:
William 2nd Bryant was originally William Bryenton son of William Bryant/Bryenton and Letitia Aldrich. William 2nd was born on the 14th October 1843 and died 8th July 1912. William married Caroline Frost on the 11th Sept 1873. They immigrated here with Harriet aged 2 at the time but no trace has been found of her here in New Zealand. They went on to have another 7 children before Caroline died on the 22nd February 1890 in childbirth. Children of William & Caroline Bryant were; Harriet Bryant born 1871. William Valentine born 14th February 1875 and died 19th February 1900. Herbert born 8th July 1877 and died February 1941. Edgar Aldrigh  born 8th October 1879 and died 22nd March 1954. Edgar Aldrigh is my Great Grandfather and he married Madeleine Clayton in 1902. Letitia born 1880-82 and married Richard Clemens. Robert Arthur born 2nd April 1882 and married Kathleen Cuttle. Alfred John born 1887 and married Hilda Thompson. Caroline Jessie born 22nd February 1890 and died 28th February 1890. William then married for a 2nd time to a Sarah Ann Young. They had 2 children named; Isobella Emma born 1899 and married to a Chapman. Benjamin - but no other details are known. If you have any connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Judy Smith.

Both Charlotte Ann and her sister Ada Eliza (pronounced Eda by the family) changed their ages on this passenger list. Charlotte turned 13 just after arriving in NZ & Ada was 21 when they arrived. We  believed they left home as they didn't "get on" with their step-father. Their brother Albert visited them in NZ but returned to Guernsey. We don't know much about Ada. We think she lived in Gisborne & was married to a Mr Hollywood but had no children. Charlotte married George Hill in Hunua Auckland on 23 January 1878. They had 12 children. George died of measles complications before the youngest one was born. Charlotte raised the family on her own, as well as caring for her mother in law Agnes Hill until she died in 1912. Charlotte died in Pukekohe Auckland on 15 May 1932. This information has been provided by Jenny, an ancestor of these two young ladies. Should you see a connection and wish to get in touch with her please e-mail


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