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Ship: 997 tons
Captain: Guthrie
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London29 March 1875 - arrived Lyttelton July 24 1875

This fine iron ship, commanded by Captain Guthrie Jnr., chartered by the New Zealand Shipping Company, was signalled on Friday. The wind was too light to make the heads and it was only on Saturday morning that her number was shown. Shortly after 11 a.m. the Health Officer, Agents and reporters proceeded down to the ship, some two miles outside the heads. It was found that all on board were well, and the captain deciding to be towed, the steamer was made fast. Of the vessel there is little to say except she had an excellent commodious poop and good cabins. Her decks are lumbered up considerably with stock-houses for on her departure she had eight bulls on board. These are destined for Auckland. Among the passengers are two families names Lilley and Hunt, the men in which are engineers, who were sent out by Sir Julius Vogel. The voyage, although long, has been a very pleasant one, as will be seen. The ship brings few immigrant (eleven). She has a large cargo and came consigned to the New Zealand Shipping Co.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

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Name Comments
Addinell Mr
Buller Mr
Cameron Mr A T
Second Cabin
Hampton Mr
Jackson Mr E L
Lett Mr G
Wrigley Mr T
Mr E
Ballie Mrs
Ballie W.
Cook Mr C
Mr W
Gilchrist Mr
2 children
Hamilton Mr J E
Hodgson Mr
Hunt Mr
Lilley Mr
3 adult children
Robert Mr D
Thomson Mr H

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Lyttelton Times July 26, 1875

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