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Hamburg the 19th November 1875

Dear Parents Sisters and Brothers – God’s Peace Be With You! Now I must let you know how it has been with me at this beginning of my journey. It has gone well! P Nilson   (a sailor from Ostra Karup whom Manson was acquainted with) has been very faithful to me. 

As soon as we came to Copenhagen, there came many who wanted to carry our belongings to the Customs Office and to the hotel. They wanted to earn money but we carried our own things to a hotel where we stayed two days.  We soon met Calle Christiansson. He also was a very fine young man. We walked around and saw many streets and the castle. P. Nilson is as well acquainted with Copenhagen and Hamburg as you all are in Bastad and Laholm. 

We went on board November 12 afternoon and later took a train from Lybeck Germany to Hamburg by train. We ate soup with bacon and meat, also rice pudding. In the evening we had coffee, three thin loaves of white bread and received two sheets, tin cup, a knife, a bowl, a spoon and a fork. 

We stayed in a seven story house, where we were forty eight in one room, and we were several hundred who ate in one room. We were only five Swedish, but many were from Copenhagen. There were several families, one man with wife and seven children. 

There was a widow, at least fifty years old: that she is travelling to New Zealand, you may think is a little strange. 

In Copenhagen we were given a card we had to go to a doctor. He was to write on the card if we were in good health. We three boys were fine and had good lungs. We had to furnish our own meals until we came to Hamburg, but the trip is free. I was sea sick when we sailed to Copenhagen, after that, not, but maybe I will when we get out on the long voyage. 

Well I have no more to write except everyone has been kind and most considerate of me. I have begun to learn a little English. You can know the Captain speaks Danish, English, German and Dutch so he gets along fine. 

                  Heartiest greetings from your dear son N.P. Mansson 

I don’t know if I will write you again or ever see you, but I trust the Lord is with me on this journey. If it should so be that my grave is in the mighty ocean, then I hope that we may meet in Heaven, the “Heaven where our Lord and Saviour is” Psalm 486”

Transcribed by Ellen Munson Neitz of Illinois, USA in 1951. She was a  niece of Nils Peter Manson