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Ship: 1326 tons
Captain: Rose
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London 6th October 1868 - arrived Lyttelton 8th January 1869

Built in Nova Scotia in 1853, Mermaid was originally chartered by the White Star Line to run to Australian ports as a mail packet. During this trade she had a remarkable race with Red Jacket which eventually managed to beat her by 5 days. In 1859 she was applied to the New Zealand trade, making 10 voyages. Three of these were to Auckland and the balance to Lyttelton. She never managed to make any "cracking" voyages.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Our sincere thanks to Russell Thorne and Helen Turner for helping us with this passenger list.

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Allen Mr
Bishop Mr
Brown Mr
Milton Mr
Pilgrim Miss
Wilkin Mr R
James David
John Robert
Second Cabin Passengers
Condell Mr
Drummond Mr
Goldsmith Mr
May Mr
Ogilvie Mr
Patchett Mr
9 children
Patchett Mr
Preston Mrs
Government Assisted Immigrants
Families and Children
Banwell Charles J Somersetshire Farm Labourer
Caddy Thomas Cornwall Farm Labourer
Clarke Samuel Tyrone Farm Labourer
Cole John P Cambridge Farm Labourer
Dally Caleb Cornwall Farm Labourer
Dench Thomas Surrey Farm Labourer
Kay George Peter Schoolmaster on board
2 children
King Charles Surrey Farm Labourer
Lockhart Charles Down Farm Labourer
Moore John Essex Farm Labourer
Prime William Hertfordshire Farm Labourer
Rutter Henry Lincolnshire Farm Labourer
Stanley Thomas Cornwall Farm Labourer
Single Men
Beckett Henry Buckinghamshire Farm Labourer
Connor Bryan Kerry Farm Labourer
Corkery Michael Kerry Labourer
Cowens John Northumberland Ploughman
Curtin James Waterford Shepherd
Hastie Robert Antrim Ploughman
Helford George Northamptonshire Farm Labourer
Henderson James Caithness Farm Labourer
Henry Robert Tyrone Farm Labourer
Holland James Down Farm Labourer
Lewis Edward Shropshire Labourer
McGuire Thomas Fermanagh Farm Labourer
Phillips John Antrim Farm Labourer
Shea Michael Kerry Farm Labourer
Shepherd James M Norfolk Labourer
Spicer Edwin Berkshire Shepherd
Steele James Londonderry Ploughman
Thomas William Montgomery Ploughman
Triggs James Kent Labourer
Wallace Robert Tyrone Farm Labourer
White Robert Dumfries Ploughman
Williams John Montgomery Ploughman
Single Women
Allen Elizabeth Middlesex Domestic Servant
Andrews Florence Lancashire Domestic Servant
Banks Elizabeth S Middlesex Domestic Servant
Burnes Charlotte Surrey Domestic Servant
Cherry Mary Down Domestic Servant
Childs Charlotte Dorsetshire Domestic Servant
Clarke Catherine Tyrone Domestic Servant
Martha Tyrone Domestic Servant
Margaret A Tyrone Domestic Servant
Cowens Catherine Northumberland Domestic Servant
Cross Hannah Northamptonshire Cook
Curtin Bridget Waterford Dairy Woman
Daly Mary Clare Domestic Servant
Dallow Mary A Shropshire Domestic Servant
Doherty Isabella Donegal Domestic Servant
Finlayson Margaret Rosshire Domestic Servant
Fitzgerald Mary Kerry Dairy Woman
Hamilton Mary J Down Domestic Servant
Henry Hester Tyrone Domestic Servant
Humphreys Mary Montgonery Domestic Servant
Hyland Susan Down Domestic Servant
Johnston Mary Antrim Domestic Servant
Kay Charlotte E Down Domestic Servant
Louisa E Down Domestic Servant
Kelly Honora Limerick Domestic Servant
Mary Limerick Domestic Servant
Bridget Limerick Dairy Woman
Kirkley Mary Hanover Domestic Servant
Lee Lucy Surrey Domestic Servant
Lee Eliza Middlesex Nurse
Loney Mary Armagh Domestic Servant
McCarter Isabella Tyrone Dairy Woman
McDermott Elizabeth Donegal Domestic Servant
McDougall Anna Antrim Domestic Servant
McElroy Jane Tyrone Domestic Servant
Margaret Tyrone Domestic Servant
McKay Jessie Sutherland Laundress
McMahon Mariann Fermanagh Domestic Servant
Jane Fermanagh Cook
Menhinick Catherine Surrey Domestic Servant
Meyer Louisa Hanover Domestic Servant
Mullin Eliza J Tyrone Domestic Servant
Neill Dorothea Antrim Domestic Servant
Outram Caroline Leicestershire Domestic Servant
Packer Margaret Donegal Domestic Servant
Padwick Frances MATRON on board
Payne Sarah Middlesex Domestic Servant
Pogson Caroline Surrey Nurse
Pratt Clara Middlesex Domestic Servant
Eliza Ann Middlesex Nurse
Ramsay Jane Antrim Domestic Servant
Rogers Jane E Surrey Nurse
Russell Catherine Cardigan Domestic Servant
Emma M Middlesex Domestic Servant
Savill Emily Middlesex Domestic Servant
Sellars Dinah Cornwall Domestic Servant
Sharland Mary A Somerset Domestic Servant
Sharpe Eliza Yorkshire Cook
Smellie Fanny Middlesex Domestic Servant
Spicer Sarah A Berkshire Domestic Servant
Spurling Anna Suffolk Domestic Servant
Thompson Catherine Kent Laundress
Tomler Dora Hanover Domestic Servant
Treemar Mary Pembrokeshire Domestic Servant
Triggs Charlotte Kent Laundress
5 children
Tyler Sarah Essex Domestic Servant
Walker Jane B Forfar Domestic Servant
Wallace Mary J Tyrone Domestic Servant
Isabella Tyrone Domestic Servant
Wilkins Louisa Surrey Domestic Servant
Wilson Mary J Leicestershire Dairy Woman
Wise Sarah Surrey Domestic Servant
Eliza Caroline Surrey Cook
Martha Surrey Cook
Woods Mary J Tyrone Domestic Servant
Woodward Amy Kent Domestic Servant

Edwin was born in Berkshire, England in 1844, to Henry and Ann (nee POWELL), the third of four children. His occupation was shepherd when he arrived at Lyttleton, but he became a carpenter and later a gardener. He was  married in Christchurch in 1872 to Jane McMAHON from Fermanagh Ireland, who was also on this ship. Their   children were: Arthur Henry (born 1873), Edwin (born 1874 - my Grandfather), Albert Edward (born 1880), and twins Mary Ann and Catherina (born 1885). Other children, who all died in infancy, were: Sarah Ann (born 1876), Joseph Victor (born 1878), Aloysius Joseph (born 1879), John William (born 1882) and Willie John (born 1886). Edwin died 1924 and is buried in Linwood cemetery Christchurch, with Jane, who died in 1914. Further information on this family is available from Helen Turner.


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Lyttelton Times January 9th 1869