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The Composition of Passenger Lists

Passenger lists, particularly the early ones, were completed several (up to 5 or 6) times. The first was a list of applicants who had expressed an interest in emigrating to New Zealand. By way of investigation by the immigrant body or, more usually, by the Surgeon Superintendent this list was whittled down as individuals and families were struck off through illness, unsuitable character of the intended immigrant(s) or because they had simply changed their minds. Notations were made on the lists by the Surgeon Superintendent to indicate why this family or that were not going to proceed on the voyage. In some cases memos were included to explain the actions of or taken by the Surgeon Superintendent. The definitive list was the one which was to accompany the ship on its voyage to New Zealand.

The following memo was written by the agents responsible for compiling the list of passengers for the ship John Wickliffe to Otago, New Zealand in 1847. Each item on the list has been ticked as if it has been checked and the necessary changes made.


Memo of discrepancies in lists of fore-cabin & steerage passengers for the ship John Wickliffe.

Name Comment
Aitkin, George Not returned in the Surgeons list
Anderson, Andrews Is a Carpenter - his age is returned by the Surgeon as 30 not 25.
Bradner or Brabner Spelt with a d by the Surgeon and the husband returned as an Agricultural Labourer - the name of the wife is mary not Jane - that of the children Adam and Robert - ages to be inserted in the former list.
Bentley, Charles Is returned as an Agricultural Labourer.
D ~, John Is returned as a Miller not as a labourer as in former list.
Batchelor, Elizabeth Returned as 19 years of age not 17 as in former list.
Blatch His Christian name returned as Henry only, and that of his wife as sarah - the children have also only one name returned by the Surgeon - Mary's age is 5 instead of 4.
Carberry or Harberry Returned by the Surgeon as in former & her age as 58 instead of 45.
Chrystal, Francis Omitted in former list.
Cook John is added to his Christian name by the Surgeon.
Derry, Fanny Her age is returned as 26 not 30 as in former list.
Delatre, Philip Omitted in former list.
Dommett His Christian name is Henry not Phillip as in former list.
Edwards, Annette Omitted in former list.
Finch, John Is not returned by the Surgeon as an Agricultural Labourer - his age is returned as 35 not 34 - that of John Jnr 7 not 6 - that of Samuel 5 not 4 - of Elizabeth 5 months not 4 months - Emmas is omitted altogether in former list.
Gibson, John Scott Is returned as a Farmer, not Farm Servant, as in former list.
Level Only two passengers emigrants of this name returned - Napoleon & Emily - each aged 28 three returned in former list.
McDonald, Alexander Aged 50 - omitted in former list.
Moseley This family consists of five, instead of four as in former list. Christian names and ages are returned.
Pike, Lucy Omitted in former list.
Taylor, Catherine Her age is returned as 24 instead of 23 as in former list.
Sidey, Robert Farmer aged 19 omitted in former list.
Smith His Christian name is returned as John only, not as John Edmund, as in former list and his age as 18 not 20. Occupation not specified by Surgeon.
Watson, G He is returned as a Carpenter not as Smith as in former list.
Wilson, John Painter - aged 28 - omitted in former list.
Wilson, Elizabeth (wife) Aged 25 - omitted in former list.
Wilson, James Returned as a Stonemason - not as a Labourer as in former list.
Wilson, Thomas Is returned as a Mason - occupation not stated in former list.
Wilson, Isabella Children - omitted in former list.
Wilson, John Children - omitted in former list.
Webb His Christian name is Charles and his occupation a Farmer - these not inserted in former list.
Westland or Wesland Returned as first written by the Surgeon, and the Christian names as William (Millwright), Margaret and Margaret (junior) of the respective ages of 30, 22 & 9 instead of 31, 24 & 10 as in the former list.
Westland or Wesland George aged 27 - is omitted in former list.
The Cabin passengers are not
included in the former list.

27th Nov 1847

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Archives New Zealand Reference:
Ships papers NZC 34/3