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Nominal Return of Officers and Men of the colonial Forces who have made application for the New Zealand War Medal for services performed prior to the 31st December 1866, and those whose claims are admitted by the Commissioners.

Name Rank Corp
Neill Samuel Quartermaster-Sergeant Wanganui Militia
Nelly M. Lewis Sergeant-Major 2nd Waikato Reg.
Newall Steuart Sub-Inspector Armed Constabulary
Newland John Private Taranaki Volunteers
Newland Henry Sergeant Taranaki Volunteers
Nicholson John C. Corporal Wanganui Yeomenry Cavalry
Nixon John Major Wanganui Militia
Nodder John Sergeant Taranaki Volunteers
Nolan John Private Forest Rangers
Nolan martin Private Forest Rangers
Northe W. H. Private Napier Militia
O'Brien Martin Sergeant Armed Constabulary
O'Callaghan William J. P. Leiutenant Taranaki Military Settlers
O'Carroll P. Joseph Assistant-Sergeon 3rd Waikato Reg.
O'Connor John Private Taranaki Bushrangers
O'Donnell Charles Private Napier Militia
O'Halloran G. S. Sub-Inspector Armed Constabulary
O'Meara Edward Private Auckland Volunteers
Olliver Frank Trooper Auckland Defence Force
Oliver Charles Corporal Taranaki Volunteers
Olson Edward Trooper Taranaki Cavalry Volunteers
Ormond F. F. Assistant-Sergeon Napier Military Settlers
Osborne James Private Forest Rangers
Oxenham John Trooper Taranaki Cavalry volunteers
Page A. M. A. Captain Taranaki Milirary Settlers
Pain John Trooper Wellington Colonial Defence Force
Palethorpe Thomas Colour-Sergeant 1st Waikato Reg.
Palmer Charles Private Auckland Volunteers
Pearn Alfred Private Taranaki Volunteers
Percy John A. Captain Wanganui Yeomanry Cavalry
Perry Francis T. Corporal Taranaki Military Settlers
Perry Cranley L. Ensign 2nd Waikato Reg.
Philips John Private Taranaki Militia
Philips Charles P. Sergeant Auckland Volunteers
Pierse O. Trooper Wanganui Cavalry Volunteers
Pilbrow John Private Poverty Bay Volunteers
Pilmer A. A. Gordon Leiutenant Forest Rangers
Pohlen Heinrich Private Forest Rangers
Porter Thomas W. Sub-Inspector Armed Constabulary
Preece George Captain New Zealand Militia
Prosser Henry Private 1st Waikato Reg.
Pulford Edward Private Napier Militia
Quain Richard Sergeant 2nd Waikato Reg.
Rawson F. Goerge Private Taranaki Volunteers
Reed William Private Napier volunteers
Rees George Lance-Sergeant Taranaki Military Settlers
Reid David Private Napier Military Settlers
Reilly John T. Private Taranaki Military Settlers
Revell F. Henry Sergeant-Major Colonial Defence Force
Reynolds Henry H. Colour-Sergeant 2nd Waikato Reg.
Richards William Private Taranaki Militia
Riches Alexander Private Taranaki Military Settlers
Roberts William H. Private Taranaki Militia
Robinson William R. Sergeant Napier Volunteers
Robson T. John Private Napier Military Settlers
Roche Parker Private Taranaki Military Settlers
Roche Thomas Private Taranaki Military Settlers
Rodriguez Antonio Trooper Taranaki Cavalry Volunteers
Ross Alfred Captain Wanganui Militia
Routledge William Ensign Napier Volunteers
Rudman Henry Private Napier Volunteers
Rushton J. Richard Ensign Opotiki Rangers
Russell Albert H. Trooper Defence Force, Auckland
Russell W. Fairweather Sergeant Wanganui Volunteers
Rye Lewes Lieutenant Commissariat Tramsport Corp
Sandes T. Goodman Sergeant Auckland Engineer Volunteers
Scanlan Michael Private Napier Militia
Scantling Richard Private taranaki Militia
Scott W. H. Trumpeter Wanganui Volunteer Cavalry
Scotter William Private Auckland Volunteers
Shanaghan James Constable Armed Constabulary
Sheehy Patrick Sergeant Taranaki Military Settlers
Sheppard George Private Auckland Volunteers
Sheppee J. Wray Private Taranaki Volunteers
Sherret A. Stephen Lieutenant Forest Rangers
Shirley Thomas Private Napier Volunteers
Simpson Leonard Captain 2nd Waikato Reg.
Skinner W. Henry Private Taranaki Volunteers
Slater Francis Colour-Sergeant Napier Militia
Slater William Private Napier Militia
Smith A. Randolph Private Taranaki Militia
Smith Alfred Private 1st Waikato Reg.
Smith James Trooper Wellington Defence Force
Smith Robert Lance-Sergeant Napier Military Settlers
Smith William Private Napier Militia
Smyth James Hanna Sergeant-Major Napier Military Settlers
Spiller Harvey Sub-Inspector Armed Constabulary
Spurdle William A. Sergeant Taranaki volunteers
Stack William Griffin Captain 1st Waikato Reg.
Standish Frank Lieutenant Taranaki Militia
Stapp Charles Bevet Major New Zealand Militia
Stevens Henry Private Napier Militia
Stevens Francis Sergeant Taranaki Volunteers
Stewart Thomas Trooper Auckland Colonial Defence Force
Stewart William Corporal Napier Military Settlers
Stewart W. Charles Private 1st Waikato Reg.
St. John John Henry Herbert Lieut-Colonel New Zealand Militia
Stratford John Hugh Ensign 3rd Waikato Reg.
Strong Howard Trooper Wanganui Yeomanry Cavalry
Sturmer Edward Constable Armed Constabulary
Sutton Edmund Private Napier Militia
Swainson H. Gabriel Private Hutt Company Wellington Militia
Swainson William John Assistant Interpreter to Forces
Styak William Ensign Commissariat Transport Corp
Tatton William George Private taranaki Volunteers
Tatton William Snr. Private Taranaki Militia
Teir Robert Private Napier Militia
Temple Charles Private Forest Rangers
Thierry Charles F. de Interpreter to Forces
Thompson Robert Private 1st Waikato Reg.
Todd Alexander Private Napier Militia
Torre John James Sergeant Napier Volunteers
Townley John Private Napier Volunteers
Tuke Arthur Inspector Armed Constabulary
Tuke Edmund Lieutenant Napier Military Settlers
Tuffin George Private Wanganui Rangers
Turner A. C. Captain Auckland Militia
Uren Thomas Sergeant 3rd Waikato Reg.
Upjohn James thomas Sergeant Taranaki Militia
Vining James Private Napier Militia
Vragizan Peter Private Auckland Militia
Wallis Henry Private Taranaki Volunteers
Walker Samuel Assistant-Sergeon New Zealand Militia
Walker G. P. Captain 1st Waikato Reg.
Walker Daniel Private 2nd Waikato Reg.
Ward Patrick Sergeant Taranaki Military Settlers
Ward George Private Forest Rangers
Ward John Private Taranaki volunteers
Walter James Sergeant Forest Rangers
Webster William Dawson Private Taranaki Volunteers
Webster F. Lewis Captain Taranaki volunteers
Weston Warwick Corporal Taranaki Volunteers
Wheeler Allen Private Mauku Volunteers
White W. Bertram Ensign Wellington Militia
Whiteside Samuel Private 2nd Waikato Reg.
Whitson Thomas Private Auckland Volunteers
Wilkes J. Collins Private Auckland Volunteers
Wilksinson George Thomas Private Volunteer Engineers
Wilcocks E. Smyth Bugler Taranaki Volunteers
Williams Isaac Private Napier Militia
Williams James Sergeant Forest Rangers
Williams Richard Private Napier Militia
Wills thomas Private Taranaki Volunteers
Wilson Thomas Private Taranaki Military Settlers
Wilson John Captain Napier Militia
Wilson Charles James Sub-Inspector Colonial Defence Force
Wilson P. G. Captain Taranaki Volunteers
Winchcombe Walter Sergeant Taranaki Military Settlers
Wood James M. Sergeant Napier Militia
Wood Reader G. Lieutenant Auckland Militia
Woolfield Thomas R. Trooper Auckland Cavalry Volunteers
Worgan George Interpreter
Wright Edward Private Taranaki volunteers
Wreford Charles R. Sergeant Napier Defence Force
Wrigg Harry C. W. Private Auckland Militia
Wyatt Edward Private 2nd Waikato Reg.
Yeates George William Captain 2nd Waikato Reg.