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Roll A

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Nominal Return of Officers and Men of the colonial Forces who have made application for the New Zealand War Medal for services performed prior to the 31st December 1866, and those whose claims are admitted by the Commissioners.

Name Rank Corps
Alexander F. Maundrell Lieutenant Waiuku Volunteers
Allen John Sergeant Taranaki Militia
Allen W. S. Private Taranaki Volunteers
Anderson James Captain Napier Militia
Andrews John Private Taranaki Volunteers
Andrews Henry F. Ensign Auckland Volunteers
Armstrong John H. Private Commissariat Transport Corps
Atcherly H. M. Langton Colour-Sergeant 1st Waikato Militia
Atkyns Mensdorff W. Surveyor
Austin Samuel Quartermaster-Sergeant Wanganui Native Contingent
Babington William H. Private Forest Rangers
Baker Robert Snr. Private Taranaki Volunteers
Baker Robert Jnr. Private Taranaki Volunteers
Baker Thomas F. Assistant Surgeon Napier Military Settlers
Ball George Private 1st Waikato Reg.
Barrett Richard Private 2nd Waikato Reg.
Barriball William Private Taranaki Volunteers
Barton Samuel Private Auckland Volunteers
Bayley R. Private Taranaki Volunteers
Bayly Percy F. Walker Private Taranaki Volunteers
Beagley William Private Napier Volunteers
Bear Johnathan Sergeant-Major Taranaki Military Settlers
Beetham Wellesley Trooper Colonial Defence Force
Bentley George Colour-Sergeant Taranaki Military Settlers
Berridge William Sergeant Taranaki Volunteers
Biddle Edward Private Taranaki Military Settlers
Billiald Thomas Private Taranaki Volunteers
Binnie Alexander Private Taranaki Millitary Settlers
Bishop Daniel Private Taranaki Bushrangers
Black William Lieutenant Taranaki Volunteers
Black John Sergeant Taranaki Volunteers
Blackstock George Private Napier Volunteers
Blake A. H. Private Napier Militia
Blake Richard T. Captain Patea Militia
Bland John Constable Armed Constabulary
Birmingham Robert Private 2nd Waikato Reg.
Bond William Sergeant Forest Rangers
Bond Philip Private Forest Rangers
Brassey Willoughby Major Taranaki Military Settlers
Brewer John Private Napier Volunteers
Brigham John Trooper Colonial Defence Force
Brigham Thomas Private Napier Militia
Brook A. Robert Private 1st Waikato Reg.
Brown Henry Private Taranaki Volunteers
Brown W. Assistant-Surgeon Armed Constabularly
Brown Cartwright Lieutenant Napier Militia
Brown William Sergeant Taranaki Militia
Browne Charles Major Taranaki Militia
Buchanan John Captain Napier Volunteers
Bullot Charles A. Sergeant Taranaki Militia
Bullot Frederic Constable Armed Constabulary
Burgess Alexander Private Taranaki Militia
Burrett Thomas Trooper Wellington Defence Force
Burrow John constable Armed Constabulary
Burtton John Sergeant Napier Milita
Butter Alexander Sergeant Forest Rangers
Bygum Hans Private Forest Rangers
Cadell Thomas Superintendent River Transport
Callaghan Daniel Private 3rd Wailkato Reg.
Cann J. George William Sergeant 1st Waikato Reg.
Capper Samuel Corporal 1st Waikato Reg.
Carey John Assistant-Surgeon Auckland Militia
Carey Matthew Private Taranaki Military Settlers
Carnie David Private 3rd Waikato Reg.
Carr Henry Hyde Constable Armed Constabulary
Carrington Wellington Captain Taranaki Militia
Carthew Edward Captain Taranaki Military Settlers
Carven edward Private Wanganui Rangers
Casey P. Private 2nd Waikato
Caulton Stapylton Cotton Private Napier Colonial Defence Forces
Chapman H. Parker Lieutenant Taranaki Military Settlers
Charles Isaac Sergeant Auckland Colonial Defence Force
Cherry George Thomas Private Taranaki Volunteers
Chicken John Private Napier Militia
Chitty Charles Sergeant Commissariat Transport Corps
Churton A. H. Private Auckland Volunteers
Churton John Frederick Sergeant Auckland Militia
Clare William Major Auckland Militia
Clarke H. Tacy Staff Interpreter
Clery H. Alan Ensign Taranaki Military Settlers
Clifton Theodore Lance- Sergeant 2nd Waikato Reg.
Clifton W. F. Private Auckland Volunteers
Clinton Patrick John Private Forest Rangers
Clode George Sergeant 2nd Waikato Reg.
Clotworthy George Private Forest Rangers
Codd George Private 2nd Waikato Reg.
Coffey Martin F. Sergeant Taranaki Military Settlers
Colsen Thomas Private Taranaki Militia
Colthart John Corporal Wanganui Rangers
Comrie James Private Pukekohe Volunteers
Cooper George Private Mauku Volunteers
Corbett George Private Taranaki Volunteers
Corbett James Private Taranaki Militia
Corbett John Glasfurd Captain Taranaki Military Settlers
Corry John Private Napier Militia
Cosgrove Patrick Private Napier Militia
Cossey James Thomas Private Auckland Militia
Crispe Heywood Sergeant Forest Rangers
Crosby Henry Private Taranaki Military Settlers
Cullen J. Crowhurst Private Napier Militia
Currie William Private Napier Volunteers
Dalziel William Corporal Wanganui Yeomanry Cavalry
Danvers D. B. Ensign Napier Militia
Davidson Alexander Private Forest Rangers
Davis Henry Inman Trooper Wanganui Volunteer Calvary
Davy Henry Corporal Taranaki volunteers
Deane Horace E. Lance-Sergeant Wellington Colonial Defence Force
Dempster Alexander Private 2nd Waikato Reg.
Denholme William Private Napier Militia
Dent William Private Auckland Volunteers
Dette Charles Private 1st Waikato Reg.
Devoy Henry Bugler 3rd Waikato Reg.
Dillon Michael Private 2nd Waikato Reg.
Dingeldey H. John Private Taranaki Military Settlers
Dinwiddle Peter Private Napier Volunteers
Dixon Manley Private Taranaki Volunteers
Donnelly James Trooper Wellington Colonial Defence Force
Dunfry Charles Private Napier Volunteers
Durie David Stark Inspector Armed Police, South Division
Earl R. A. N. Corporal Taranaki Militia
Easton George Corporal Pukekohe Volunteers
Easton James Private Pukekohe Volunteers
Edwards Edward R. Sergeant Commissariat transport Corps
Ellaby C. H. Trooper Wanganui Yeomanry Cavalry
Elliott John Private Taranaki Volunteers
Elliotte Robert Henry Trooper Wellington Colonial Defence Force
Esther Patrick Private Taranaki Volunteers
Everett Charles Sergeant Taranaki Militia
Fallon Joseph Corporal Forest Rangers
Featherston I. E. Superintendent of Wellington
Featon Edward Henry Private Onehunga Naval Volunteers
Featon John Private Onehunga Naval Volunteers
Feehan Thomas Private 4th Waikato Reg.
Ferris Charles W. Trooper Napier Colonial Defence Force
Fielder J. Beckett Private Napier Volunteers
Finney John Private 1st Waikato reg.
Flanagan Edward Private 3rd Waikato Reg.
Flavell William Sergeant Waiuku Volunteers
Fitzgerald Michael Captain Napier Militia
Fitzgerald Lionel C. Captain Staff Officer Colonial Forces
Fitzgibbon G. C. Private Auckland Volunteers
Flint George B. Constable Armed Constabulary
Fookes A. Cracroft Lieutenant Taranaki Military Settlers
Foot Cecil John Trooper Wanganui Yeoemanry Cavalry
Ford William Alexander Lance-Sergeant 2nd Waikato Reg.
Francis W. D. Bugler Taranaki Militia
Fraser William Captain 1st Waikato Reg.
Fraser James Lieutenant-Colonel New Zealand Militia
Frazer John Lance-Sergeant Armed Police, South Division
Furlong John Trooper Taranaki Cavalry Volunteers
Furnival G. Private Taranaki Volunteers
Gallagher John Trooper Wellington Colonial Defence Force
Garner Frank W. Private Napier Volunteers
Gascogine F. W. Sub-Inspector Armed Constabulary
Gay M. James Private Auckland Volunteers
George F. Nelson Brevet-Major 3rd Waikato Reg.
Gibbons Charles R. Private Taranaki Military Settlers
Gibbons Martin C. Trooper Armed Constabulary
Gibson Thomas Sergeant Colonial Defence Force
Giddy W. Private Taranaki Volunteers
Gillander John Private Forest Rangers
Goldsmith Henry Captain 1st Waikato Reg.
Good thomas Captain Native Contingent
Goring Forster Y. Sub-Inspector Armed Constabulary
Grant William Sergeant Commissariat Transport Corps
Grayling Irwin William Private Taranaki Volunteers
Green J. H. Corporal 1st Waikato Reg.
Greenwell George S. Private Napier Volunteers
Greenwell S. Thomas Private Napier Volunteers
Greewood Robert Cornet Taranaki Volunteers
Greenwood R. William Private Taranaki Militia
Griffiths Jabez Josiah Private Taranaki Military Settlers
Grindell James Private Napier volunteers
Gudgeon W. E. Sub-Inspector Armed Constabulary
Gundrey William S. Sub-Inspector Armed Constabulary
Hague John Private Napier Militia
Halbert Charles J. Private Napier Defence Force
Haldane Richard Private 4th Waikato Reg.
Hall Alfred C. Sergeant-Major Wanganui Yeomanry Calvry
Hall J. W. Corporal Taranaki Volunteers
Hamilton James B. Private 2nd Waikato Reg.
Hamilton J. Douglas Trooper Napier Mounted Volunteers
Hamlin F. E. Interpereter to Force
Hammerton R. E. Lieutenant Taranaki Volunteers
Hammerton T. E. Trumpeter Taranaki Cavalry volunteers
Hammond Edwin Private Taranaki Volunteers
Hannay John Private Forest Rangers
Hardy Adolphus F. Private Forest Rangers
Harper George Private 2nd Waikato Reg.
Harris Benjamin Lieutenant Royal Cavlry Volunteers, Otahuhu
Harris Joseph Donald Colour-Sergeant 3rd Waikato Reg.
Harrison Henry Shafto Captain Alevandra Cavalry Volunteers
Haultain T. M. Colonel 2nd Waikato Reg.
Hawes Robert Norgate Corporal Taranaki Military Settlers
Hay William Trooper Taranaki Cavlry Volunteers
Hay William M. Ensign Forest Rangers
Heaphy Charles Lieutenant Auckland Volunteers
Hempton Thomas Private Taranaki Volunteers
Hendry James R. Private Mauku Volunteers
Hendry C. F. Henry Private Forest Rangers
Hill Roger Ensign Auckland Militia
Hill Henry Wilson Lieutenant Forest Rifles
Hill Walter James Private Auckland Volunteers
Hill George Private Forest Rangers
Hillier William Private Taranaki Militia
Hinds J. Worrell Lance-Corporal Napier Military Settlers
Hirst James Sergeant Taranaki Military Settlers
Hiscox Andrew Sergeant Taranaki Military Settlers
Hodge William Corporal Pukekohe Volunteers
Hodgen John Private Mauku Volunteers
Hogarth Hugh Private Auckland Volunteers
Holland John L. Private Auckland Volunteers
Holmes Alfred Private 1st Waikato Reg.
Hope Edwin Lewis Private 2nd Waikato Reg.
Hoskin Richard Private Taranaki Volunteers
Howard William Private Napier Military Settlers
Howell Simeon Private Taranaki Volunteers
Humphries Edward Corporal Taranaki Volunteers
Humphries William Corporal Taranaki Volunteers
Humphries Thomas Ensign Taranaki Volunteers
Huntley R. H. Private Auckland Militia
Hussey John E. W. Sergeant-Major Wanganui Yeomanry Cavalry
Hursthouse C. Wilson Lieutenant Taranaki Militia
Hutcheson David Sub-Inspector Auckland Colonial Defence Force
Hutton Howard Captain Auckland Cavalry Volunteers
Inch Paul Private Taranaki Volunteers
Inch Thomas Private Taranaki Volunteers
Inglis James Corporal Mauku Volunteers
Irvine James Lieutenant Napier Volunteers
Irwin Owen O. Ensign 4th Waikato Reg.
Irwin Daniel Sergeant 1st Waikato Reg.
Jack James Privte Taranaki Military Settlers
Jackson William Major Forest Rangers
Jeffs Charles K. Ensign 1st Waikato Reg.
Jennings James Private Forest Rangers
Jonas M. Captain Taranaki Volunteers
Jones M. Jenkins Sergeant Taranaki Volunteers
Jones Timothy Private Taranaki Military Settlers
Jordan Israel Private Taranaki Military Settlers
Joyce William George Private Mauku Volunteers
Johnston James Private Mauku Volunteers
Johnstone Thomas Private Napier Militia
Johnstone Peter Private Napier Militia
Johnstone John Private Napier Militia
Johnstone William Ensign Wairoa Volunteers
Johnson W. Ensign Taranaki Calavry Volunteers
Keefe Mathew Sergeant 1st Waikato Reg.
Keleher Jeremiah Private Waiku Volunteers
Kelsey John Private 2nd Waikato Reg.
Kempthorne Arthur Trooper Poverty Bay Cavalry Volunteers
Kenah John W. Private Taranaki Volunteers
Kennedy Alexander Captain Napier Militia
Kenrick Richard Sergeant-Major Colonial Defence Force
Kershaw Philip Constable Armed Constabulary
King Robert Lance-Corporal 1st Waikato Reg.
King John Private 1st Waikato Reg.
King William Private Wanganui Rangers
Kirkpatrick Duncan Private Napier Volunteers
Kirwin William Thomas Private 1st Waikato Reg.
Lambert C. Lieutenant-Colonel New Zealand Militia
Lamont J. Hannay Corporal Napier Militia
Lane James Constable Armed Constabulary
Langley John Private Napier Militia
Langman Richard Jnr. Private Taranaki Volunteers
Large J. S. Corporal Napier Volunteers
Landers Charles Private Taranaki Volunteers
Lawrence B. Charles Sergeant Taranaki Volunteers
Lawson John R. Ensign Taranaki Militia
Leslie David Private Napier Militia
Le Quesne Joseph Colour-Sergeant Napier Militia
Lloyd Frank Private 1st Waikato Reg.
Locke Samuel Commanding Native F. East Coast
Lockie G. S. Quartermaster-Serg. Commissariat Transport Corp
Lodder William Engineer Colonial s. s. "Sturt"
Long Joseph Private 1st Waikato Reg.
Luff Joseph Private Napier Militia
Luke William Private Taranaki Military Settlers
Lusk D. H. Major Mauku Volunteers
Lydon George Constable Armed Constabulary
Lynch Thomas O. S. Private Auckland Volunteers
Lyon William Charles Lieut-Colonel Auckland Militia
McAuliff James Private 2nd Waikato Reg.
Macbeth Francis Private 2nd Waikato Reg.
McCann Lawrence Private Commissariat Transport Corps
McCarthy Patrick Private Mauku Volunteers
McConchie John Private Napier Militia
McConnell John Private Auckland Volunteers
McConnell alexander Private Auckland Volunteers
McCormick Thomas J. Trooper Colonial Defence Force
McDonald John K. Private Taranaki Volunteers
McDonald D. B. Private Taranaki Volunteers
McDonnell C. Sub-Inspector Armed Constabulary
McDonnell Thomas Lieut-Colonel New Zealand Militia
McDonnell William Captain Native Contingent
McDonnell George Sub-Inspector Armed Constabulary
McGahey C. Sergeant-Major Taranaki Militia
McGuire Henry Private Mauku Volunteers
McGuirk James Corporal Forest Rangers
McIntyre William Private Mauku Volunteers
McKellar A. A. M. Lieutenant Taranaki Militia
McKellar James S. Captain Taranaki Militia
McKenzie Daniel Private 2nd Waikato Reg.
McRae Farquhar Private 2nd Waikato Reg.
Madigan Patrick Private Forest Rangers
Mahoney Daniel Private 1st Waikato Reg.
Mair William Gilbert Major Auckland Militia
Manley G.Kent Sergeant Mauku Volunteers
Mann Richard Private Auckland Volunteers
Mann Thomas Private Auckland Volunteers
Mainwaring R. C. Interpreter to Force
Marks Hannibal Bugler Auckland Volunteers
Marsh H. Thomas Corporal Napier Volunteers
Martin John Private Napier Volunteers
Master James S. Sergeant Armed Constabulary
Maxfield Harry Private Auckland Volunteers
Meara James Private Taranaki Bushrangers
Mellsop Charles W. Private Mauku Volunteers
Mellsop John T. Lieutenant Mauku Cavalry Volunteers
Mellsop James Ensign Forest Rangers
Meredith Edward C. Colour-Sergeant Native Contingent
Messenger William B. Captain Taranaki Militia
Messenger Charles J. Lieutenant Taranaki Volunteers
Messenger William Private Taranaki Volunteers
Menzies James Private Auckland Volunteers
Miller William Colour-Sergeant Napier Militia
Moginie John C. Private Auckland Volunteers
Mogridge Charles Sergeant Napier Militia
Moir William Captain 1st Waikato Reg.
Moody Thomas V. Sergeant 2nd Waikato Reg.
Moore Philip C. Private Taranaki Militia
Morrison Walter J. Captain Taranaki Militia
Morrison Thomas Private Napier Militia
Morrow Richard Private Auckland Volunteers
Morrow Arthur Private Auckland Volunteers