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Extracted from various New Zealand newspapers
(Sorted by publication date)

PHILLIPS - SMITH. April 8, at Rookwood, by the Venerable the Archdeacon of Akaroa, John Physick, eldest son of Henry Smith, Esq, to Louisa, daughter of Nathaniel Smith, Esq, of Horsham Court, Worcestershire.
The Press 23rd March 1863

ANDERSON - MONTGOMERY. March 27, at the residence of James Speed, Esq., Wanganui, by the Rev., David Hogg, Mr Henry Anderson, late of Glasgow, to Rebecca, second daughter of Mr Hugh Montgomery, of Wanganui.  
CAMERON - MILLER. March 17, at Wellington, by the Rev., John Moir, Allan Cameron, Esq., sheepfarmer, Province of Wellington, to margaret, daughter of William Miller24, at the Star Hotel, Napier, after a lingering illness, Mr R Ferrers, formerly of the New Zealander, Wellington, aged 37 years.
SYMONS. April 7, at his fathers residence, Tory Street, John, only son of Mr John Symons, aged 3 months.
The Press 11th April 1863

ALLINGTON - READING. On the 24th December, by the Rev. W. M. Fell, pastor of the Congregational Church, Mr Henry Allington, to Miss Ellen Reading, both of Karori.
JOHNSTON - BOLTON. On the 18th December, by the Rev J. S. Muir, of St. Andrews Church. Mr William Henry Johnson, to Miss Louisa Bolton, both of Wellington.
LETT - WATSON. On the 29th December, by the Rev J. S. Muir, Mr Charles Lett, to Miss Sarah Jane Watson, both of Wellington.
LEWER - LESSINGTON. By the Rev. John Moir, on the 17th December, Mr Allen Lewer to Miss Emma E. Lessington, both of Karori.
MUDGEWAY - WHITE. On December 29th, 1864, at Christchurch, Taita, by the Rev. J. E. Herring, Curate of the Parish, Mr edmund Mudgeway, to Mary Ann, daughter of Mr Charles White, Lower Hutt.
READING - LEWER. By John Moir, on the 17th December, Mr Alfred Reading, to Miss Sopia Lewer, both of Karori.
RETEMEYER - STANIALL. On the 1st January, by the Rev. J. S. Muir, Mr William Retemeyer, of Rangitikei, to Miss Sarah Jane Stantiall, of Wellington.
The Wellington Independent January 14, 1865

LEYS - O'BURNE. At Wellington, on the 28th December by the Rev. W. M. Fell, of the Congregational Church, John Leys, Esq., of Melbourne, to Kate, third daughter of Mr James O'Burne of Sydney.
The Wellington Independent, January 21, 1865.

KIBBLEWHITE - WINTERINGTON. On April 10th, at the residence of Mr Richard Kibblewhite, Masterton, by the Rev. O. Waters, Mr William Duncan, second son of Mr R. Kibblewhite, to Ellen, eldest daughter of Mr Henry Winteringham of Masterton.
LUXFORD - HALES. On the 3rd April, by the Rev. W. M. Fell of the Congregational Church, George Henry Luxford, Esq., merchant of Wellington, to Mary Hales, eldest daughter of Mr William Trotter, of Wellington.
MCPHUN - BUCKERIDGE. On the 17th April at Ghuznee Street, by the Rev. John Moir, Mr William McPhun to Miss Sarah Buckeridge, both of Wellington.
MATTHEWS - STODDART. On the 3rd May, by the Rev. Isaac Harding, John William, second son of the late Richard Matthews, of Auckland, surgeon, to Christina Isabella, third daughter of the late James Stoddart, of Wellington.
MUIR - CHAPPELL. On the 4th May, by the Rev. John Moir, William McIntosh, eldest son of Mr James Muir, to Louisa, second daughter of Mr Henry Chappell, of Wellington.
PHILIPS - HARRIS. At St Andrews Church, Lambton Quay, April 17th, by the Rev. J. S. Muir, Herbert Thomas Philips to Louisa Harris, both of Wellington.
The Wellington Independent, May 13, 1865

CRIGHTON - MEECH. On the 1st August, at St Paul's Church, Willis Street. Mr John Alfred Crighton, to Clara, daughter of Mr W. G. Meech, Shipwright, of Wellington.
HUSSEY - JONES. On the 12th inst, by special licence, at St Paul's Church, Wanganui, by the Rev. B. Taylor, M.A., John E. W. Hussey, late Lieut H. M. Regiment, to Hannah, second daughter of Mr J. Jones, Wanganui.
LEPPIEN - HELM. On the 9th inst, at St Andrews Church, by the Rev. J. S. Muir, Henry Leppien to Frederica Helm, both of Wellington,
WILLIS - DIXON. On the 22nd July, at St. Peter's Church, Te Aro, by the Rev. A. Stock, B.A., Mr A. Willis of Wanganui, to Mary, third daughter  of Mr Joseph Dixon, of Wellington.
WHYTE - TAYLOR. On the 21st July, at the Primitive Methodist Church, Wellington, by the Rev. C. Waters, Mr Andrew James Whyte, of the Hutt, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of James Taylor, Esq, M.P.C., Porirua.
WELLFORD - McBETH. On the 8th inst, by the Rev. J. S. Muir, at the residence of George Crawford, Esq, Mr William Welford, of Picton, Marlbourgh, to Kate, only daughter of Mr John McBeth, of Dunsinane, Rangitikei.
The Wellington Independent, August 12, 1865

HODGINS - JONES. On December 26, according to the rites of the Holy Cathelic Church, Manners Street, by the Rev. J.J. P. Reilly, V. G., A. M., Mr Thomas Hodgins, to Miss Margaret Jones, both of County Tipperary, Ireland
HART - MCLEAN. On the 10th instant, in St. Andrews Church, by the Rev. J. S. Muir, Robert Hart, Esq, Solicitor, Wellington, to Miss Catherine McLean, sister of Donald McLean, Esq, Superindendent of the Providence of Hawkes Bay
JACKSON - GRACE. On Thursday, December 27, by the Rev. J. E. Herring, at St. James Church, Hutt, Charles Welby, second son of John Jackson, Esq of the Hutt, to Elizabeth, second daughter of John Grace, Esq, Hermitage, Wai-nui-o-mata.
LEDGER - WADE. On October 4, at Orford Church, Suffolk, England, Robert Goulding, second son of John Ledger, Esq, of St. John's, Southwark, and Abbey Wood, Kent, to Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of the Late Rev. Ellis Wade, formerly rector of Blaxhall, Suffolk.
MCINTYRE - DECK. On December 17, at Wellington, Mr Robert McIntyre, of Nelson, merchant, to Margaret Jane, fourth daughter of Mr Deck, Willis street. No cards.
RAWSON - BORLASE. On Tuesday, January 8, at St. Paul's Cathedral, Wellington, by the Rev. P. Hay Maxwell, M. A., Henry Freer Rawson, Esq, to Wilmot Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Charles Bonnythorn Borlase, Esq, Wellington. No cards.
RIDDICK - STRATFORD. On the 12 January, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr Robert Riddick to Miss Ellen Stratford, second daughter of Mr J. Stratford, of Belmont Hill, Hutt. No cards.
STEVENS - SLADDEN. On January 9, at St. Peter's Church, Te Aro, by the Rev. A. Stock. Francis Stevens, Esq, of the Defence Office, Wellington. Son of Francis Stevens, Esq, late of Croydon, Surrey, to Lydia Emma, relict of the late W. Sladen, Esq, of Wellington.
ZILWOOD - UDY. On December 25, at the residence of the brides father, by the Rev. Dan de Bois, Thomas Zilwood, to Miss Sarah Udy, third daughter of Mr H. Udy, Fair Holt Cottage, near Greytown, Wairarapa. Nelson papers please copy.
The Wellington Independent, January 17, 1867

ROBSON - CAIRD. On July 22, at the residence of Captain Jenkins, Garrett Street, by the Rev. John Moir, Me William Robson, of Wairarapa, to Miss Mary Ann Caird, of Wellington.
The Wellington Independent, July 25, 1868

EDMEADES - WHATTON. At the residence of the bride's father, Greytown, on Thurday, January7, by the Rev. A. Knell, William Daniel Edmeades, to Emily, fourth daughter of Mr T. Whatton.
HECTOR - MONRO. On December 30, at Christ Church, Nelson, by the Rev. G, H. Johnston, James Hector, Esq, M.D. F.R.S., to Maria Georgina , eldest daughter of Sir David Monro, Speaker of the House of Representitives.
NELSON - D'ENVIR. On January 9, at St. Mary's Church, Blenheim, by the Rev. Father Seauzau, William M. Nelson, Esq, barrister at law, Blenheim, to Kate, youngest daughter of Robert D'Envir, Esq, Downpatriol, Ireland.
The Wellington Independent, January 16, 1869

NICOLLS - ALLSWORTH. On February 23, at the Presbyterian Church, Turakina, by the father of the bride, George William Nicholls, of Rangitikie, eldest surviving son of the Rev. C. H. S. Nocholls, of Wanganui, to Julia Ann Gill, eldest daughter of the Rev. R. J. Allsworth, of Turakina. No cards.
NAIRN - CHAPMAN. At the residence of the brides family, by the Rev. W. S. McGowan, J. C. Nairn, Esq, Rose Park, Porirua Road, late of Cornton, Whithorn, Wigtonshire, Scotland, to Louisa, eldest daughter of John Chapman, Esq, Hope Farm, Petini, Hutt.
QUIN - KELLARD. On February 18, at Dixon street, Wellington, by the Rev. J. Paterson, Morton, second son of M. Quin Esq, to Margaret, eldest daughter of John Kellard, Esq., Hamilton, Scotland.
The Wellington Indepenent 11 March, 1869

DURIE - KILGOUR. On November 8, by the Rev. James Muir, James William Durie to Elinor Mary Kilgour, eldest daughter of James Kilgour, Esq, M.D. Wanganui and Auckland papers please copy.
McBETH - PERKINS. On October 28, at Trinity Church, Greymouth, Westland, by the Rev. G. P. Beaumont, M.A. John Francis, second son of J. F. McBeth, Esq, of Dunsinane, Rangitikei, Wellington N. Z., to Helen Meyler, third daughter of John Perkins, Esq, of Hobart Town, Tasmania.
DEIGHTON - WAKEFIELD. On November 10, at the Bonnie Glen Church, Western Rangitikei, by the Rev. B. K. Taylor of Wanganui, Francis Morris Deighton, of Marton, to Alice Matilda, daughter of the late William King Wakefield of Taranaki.
WALKER - BONTHORNE On November 22, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Manners Street, by the Rev. W. Kirk, Alex Walker Esq, eldest son of the late Rev. Henry Walker (unreadable 2 words) to Miss A. Bonthorne, WEllington
CAWARD - SMITH. On November 28, at the residence of the bride's father, Mulgrave Street, Wellington, George Smith second son of Samuel Cawood, Esq, Rangitikei, to Ma??? second daughter of James Smith, Esq, late of Wainuioru?, Wairarapa.
WRIGHT - PHILIPS. On Thursday, November ?, at St. Patrick's Cathedral, Auckland, Mr Charles Wright to Margaret, eldest daughter of Mr T. Phillips, Kaiwarrawarra. Both of Wellington.
BODLEY - BLAKER. On November 24, at St. Peter's Church, Te Aro, by the Rev. A. Stock, Edwin James Drew, second son of Mr E. F. Bodley, Hanley, Staffordshire, to Elizabeth Ennerdale, second daughter of Mr G. E. Blaker, Wellington.
The Wellington Independent, November 27, 1869

KLINGST - COMISSIOG. On the 19th October, at Greenfield Statin, by the Rev. G. P. Beaumont, Carl Friederich August Klingst, of Saxony, Germany, to Charlotte Eliza, daughter of J. T. Comissiong Esq., of Ramsgate, England.
CHISOLM - ARKLE. On the 25th October, at Dunedin, by the Rev. D. M. Stuart, Mr William Chisholm, Goodwood, Palmerston to Eliza Arkle, daughter of William Arkle, Lanarkshire, Scotland, sister of James Arkle, Palmerston.
Otago Daily Times 27Oct 1870

WILLIAMS - WRIGG. On 20th May, at St Matthew's, Auckland, by the Rev., J Mitchell, Samuel John Williams, Esq., son of the Rev Samuel Williams, Rector of Brewham-Cum-Hardway, to Francis Elizabeth, eldest daughter or Henry Wrigg, Esq., C E of Auckland
The Evening Post Tuesday 26th May 1874

KIBBLEWHITE - WAKLIN. On June 20, at greytown, by the Rev. Mr. Knell, Mr James Kibblewhite, of Masterton, to Miss Elizabeth Lole Waklin, of Greytown, second daughter of the late Richard Waklin Esq.
KIBBLEWHITE - WINTERINGHAM On June 20, at Masterton, by the Rev. John Ross, Mr Richard Kibblewhite, Jnr. to Miss Emma Winteringham, both of Masterton.
MARCHANT - WRIGHT. On June 10, at St. Peter's Church, Wellington, By the Rev. Arthur Stock, J. W. Allman Marchant, to Maria E. eldest daughter of Mrs Wright and niece to W. B. Rhodes, Esq., J.P. of the "Grange " Highland Park, near Wellington. No cards.
MELVILLE - STEWART On June 6, by the Rev. John Moir, Mr W. Melville to Eliza, relic of the late Mr J. Stewart. No cards.
MESER - CARMONT On June 4, at St. Mary's Catholic Church, Wanganui, by the Rev. Father Lampilla, Henry Meser, Esq. to Catherine Dubbis, youngest daughter of the late Mr John Carmont, of Dumfrieshire, Scotland.
WILLOUGHBY - GRACE On June 6, at St. James Church, Lower Hutt, by the Rev. J. E. Herring, A. G. Bertie Willoughby to Mary Frances, youngest daughter of John Grace, Esq. J. P. of the Hermitage, Wainuiomata. No cards.
WILFORD - MASON On Wednesday, June 26, at St. James, Lower Hutt, by the Rev. J. R. Herring, John George Frederick Wilford, Esq. surgeon, Hutt, to Elizabeth Catherine, eldest daughter of Thomas Mason, Esq. Taita.
The Wellington Independent, July 7, 1886