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Barque: 637 tons
Captain: Andrews
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London November 17th 1869 - arrived Auckland March 7th 1870

On 26 November the Captain put into Portland Roads and the crew were imprisoned for 3 months with hard labour and half rations for refusing to work. The ship resailed on 1 December with a new crew.

The Mallard, a barque of 637 tons, built in 1857, was chartered by the Shaw Savill Company for four voyages to New Zealand. Although only comparitively only a small vessel, she brought out a good number of our early settlers. was to Auckland, in 1870. On this occasion she was under Captain Andrews, and sailed from Gravesend on November 17th, 1869. Ten days afterwards the whole of the crew suddenly refused duty, which necessitated Captain Andrews putting into Weymouth, where the men were taken ashore and each sentenced to three months' imprisonment with hard labour. A few days later, on the 1st December, the barque took her final departure from Portland Roads. On January 1st a passenger fell overboard from the port gangway, and was drowned. The barque arrived at Auckland on March 7th, 1870, completing a good passage from Portland Roads in 95 days.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Our sincere thanks to Bruce Goodman for this passenger list.

Name Age County Occupation
First Class Passengers
Andrews Mrs Wife of Captain
Armytage F L
Lod*n Robert
Reid B
Will Captain
Steerage Passengers
Badstock E G
Brock R
Brown T
Davis Alice J
Davis Eleanor
Davis R H
Graham T
Graham H
Graham Margaret
Gwynn J
Haggot R
Hookley J R
Kelly G
Martin N
Regan Margaret
Sererin A
Sererin Ida
Sinclair W
Stone William Drowned 01/01/1870

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The Daily Southern Cross April 8th 1870