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Lyttelton Times
January 8th 1877

Arrived-- January 6, Cardigan Castle, ship, 1199 tons, Lewis Davies, from London, with 320 immigrants. N.Z. Shipping Co., agents.

This fine ship, with a large number of Government immigrants on board, arrived in harbour about 1 a.m. on Saturday. The report of the vessels was to the effect that agreat deal of illness had prevailed during the passage, resulting in some twelve deaths, and that there were then two serious cases of illness on board. The vessel was therefore ordered into quarantine at once by the health officer (Dr Donald). The immigration officer (Mr J. E. March) arrived in port early on Saturday, and with the health officer proceeded to make arrangements for landing the immigrants at the quarantine station, the barracks at the two stations having been previously inspected to see that everything was ready for the reception of the immigrants. The work of landing was accomplished by the ship's own boats, the steam launch Lyttelton towing the boats over to the island. The married people and single girls, with their bedding, were all landed at Ripa Island, and the single men at Quail Island. The following particulars as to the cause of the deaths on board during the voyage and the names of those who died were furnished by Mr March. It appears that two deaths resulted from pneumonia, two from diphtheria, one from apoplexy, two from tabes mesenterica, one from enteric fever, two from atrophy from birth, one from inanition, and one from softening of the brain. Eight cases of enteric fever and two of diphtheria occurred during the voyage, the last death being on December 20. When the ship arrived in harbour there were two cases of serious illness under treatment, one being enteric fever and the other a sever case of tonsillitis. The last case proved fatal, and resulted in the death of a child four years old. In addition to the above list, another of the immigrants was lost on the passage, and, as it was some sixteen or seventeen hours from the time he was last seen up to the time he was missed, it is conjectured that the poor fellow must have fallen overboard. His name was Cornelius Harrigan, aged 30, a native of County Cork.

The surgeon-superintendent of the ship is Dr Jeremiah Walsh and the matron Mrs Harriet Stoddart. The Cardigan Castle is still under the command of Captain N. Davies, and has made the passage in ninety-five days.