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List No 5

Roll of Non-commissioned Officers and Men of the 3nd Waikato, who volunteered for service with the Imperial Commissariat Transport Corps, and who were employed and payed by the Imperial Government during the Military Operations in New Zealand, and who are therefor entitled to the New Zealand Medal, 1861 - 1866.

[Note - Names printed in italics are scored through in original list.]

Birchfield William Brown Patrick Clarke William Dowe Anderson
Fenton William Fowler Frederick * Gilmore George Gray Peter
Hany Thomas Hodson James Heaton James Halifax Francis
Lingbia Levin Loveday Lambert Morgan James Molloy Joseph
Moore William McGuire James McMillan Alexander McGillvrey James
O'Neil Patrick O'Brien Lawrence Russell Denis Ruddock Daniel
Reid Cavendish Schofield Samuel Tattersall Stanley Turner Henry
Woodford Henry E. - Des. Wiesbaden William Wigmore Joseph
* Sent Mounted Police force, Liverpoole N. S. W. - 7th Feb. 1871
Alcock John Barrie Robert Burbridge Henry Brett Frederick
Clements Archibald Chitty Charles Campion George Clifford Michael
Davidson Robert Ellis George Elliot Alexander Furlong Andrew
Gibb Thomas R. Goldsmith John Hart Thomas Haskell Hubert
Heaton James Joyce William James Alfred Kelly James
Meikle Alexander McQuarrie Hugh McKenzie John Neynoe Loftus
Price Charles T - Deserted Reilly Cornelius Smith Goff - Deserted Toole R. H.
Taylor George Thomson James Wilson Charles Wainwright Charles
Williamson James
Anderson George Brien Frederick Bruce Robert Ball Richard
Bell Fraser Cornice John Costello William Cox George
Cleak George Elder Robert Evans Benjamin Flanigan John
Fry Arthur Garrett Thomas Gibbons Patrick Gough William
Haslon Charles Henderson David Kean Francis Macartney Samuel
McKaye Donald - Des. McKenzie George McDonald George Peddie Daniel
Quann Michael Roper Thomas Spowart Robert - Deserted Taylor Thomas
Williams John Wall Robert Pickthall Thomas
Adam Thomas Anson James Alley George Acker John
Ansell Thomas Anes John Agnew William - Deserted Andrews William A.
Allen David Anderson James Allen Henry - Deserted Atcheson Timothy
Bretcht Charles - Deserted Bayliss Charles - Deserted Boatel Rennier - Deserted Booker William
Burgess Alexander Bullen Samuel Brown Robert Brown John 1st - Des.
Brien James Bryant George Bartlett Daniel Birch John
Bell George - Deserted Black Charles Broadbent Anthony Bartlett Thomas
Barrack George - Des. Berger Charles Birch James Brown William
Buchanan William Butters Alexander Bowen Henry Bray John
Barrett James Bowe John Bond John Beggs James
Bryant John Barker John Bath Michael Byrne Martin
Brisland James Bruce Donald Bates Samuel Bowen Samuel
Bondfield Patrick Blakeney James Buttell Raynor Busby Abraham
Brown John 2nd Ballantine Alexander Box William Briggs William
Burton Patrick Burke Francis Brown Francis Baggs Thomas
Blackburn William Boye Christopher Bond William Boyle Thomas
Brindle Coosdale Bryan John Brilly Henry Brennan Patrick
Boce Helier Bowes James - Deserted Burton Benjamin Burnes William
Byrne John Bissett William Bulmon Robert Burke Thomas
Bird John Burns Michael - Deserted Clapworthy William Carson James
Clarke Owen Cane John Currell William Collins William
Clinton Charles Cave Thomas - Deserted Corey W. Caddigan John
Cobham William Churchill Beetham - Des Cowley Richard Cuthbert William
Clarke John Graig William Clough John - Deserted Coyle Thomas
Campbell David Carr Thomas Cannon Charles Cox William
Clarke Michael Courtenay John Cane William Crick William
Charteris Luden Churchill Thomas Cahill Edward Charnock George - Des.
Cooke Frederick W. Callaghan Daniel Cahill Patrick Carey Edward
Cramp James Clark Ambrose - Deserted Chapman James Collins John James
Cooper Thomas Cheshill Jacob Campbell Dugald Curley John
Campbell George Conn Edward Cox George Coxhead John
Collins Joseph Cox James Cayle Peter Collins James
Cowie George Colter Peter Cobley William Chapman Francis
Campbell John Crossland John - Deserted Chapman Isaac Calder Andrew
Casey William Coleman James Clelland Archibald Crofts James
Conway Francis - Des. Conway Bartholomew Cave William - Deserted Cornell George - Deserted
Christie John Campbell Laurence Cook John Cummings Henry
Cahill Phillip Coventry Robert Dale William Davidson Robert
Donnelly Thomas Dale John Dangerfield William Downs Joseph
Davis Israel Davie Thomas Douglas H. Denburgh William
Davis Edward Dixon Samuel Dobbins Thomas Drew John
Dryburgh John Duckworth John Donovan Denis Dawe John
Dyer Henry Dillon Daniel Day William Drew James
Dailey Henry Davenport Henry Dillon Joseph Davis Robert
Deans James Digham Henry Day John Dean Mark
Doyle Thomas English Joseph Evans John Evans James
Everett Thomas Elberry John Evans William - Deserted Ellis Edward - Deserted
Eaton Thomas - Deserted Finch George Fitzgerald Michael - Des. Ferdinando Antonio
Fry Lewis Fairbairn Robert Frost William Ferrand Edward
Fleming George Fowlarton Mathew Fry Henry Fitzgerald Armstrong
Foster William Fyfe David Freeman Edward Fennell Patrick
Fitzgerald William Fogherty Thomaas Frank Charles Gilliland Samuel
Gay Archer Grammon Edward Golding John Goymier Edward
Grimley Joseph - Deserted Garrett William Gilbert John Griffith William
Goodall John Goring John Grestock George Gibson James
Gledhill John Gallagher Peter Galloway William Galloway Peter
Gee James Gollen Alexander Goodwin John Herbert Harry
Hoolaghon John Howes James Hendry David - Deserted Henry Thomas
Harvey Anthony - Des. Henry Charles - Deserted Higham George Howes Robert
Hyde Edward Hain John Hadson Joseph - Deserted Hill William - Deserted
Hames George Holland John Hogan John Harris William
Hickey John Humley Patrick Hynes William Howarth George - Des.
Hodgson Henry Hampton Samuel Hodgson James Hayes Robert
Howell Henry Hudson George Hanson Gordon Humphreys William
Howard Charles Howiss Henry Hardings Charles Hayes William
Hutton John Halliday David Halifax Thomas Hannon Joseph
Harris John Harvey John Himmond James Harvey Nathan
Haslam John House Robert Hogan Charles Holland George
Henley John Hughes George Hutchins William - Des. Ives William
Johnstone C. J. Jones Thomas 1st Jones Thomas 2nd Jones William
Joyce James Johnson Peter Jennings Peter Johnson John
Joiner Henry Jonkers Henry Jacks William Jones George
Jeffs William - Deserted Johnson Edward Jones Evan Jess William
Keele Theodore Kirkland James Kerr William Krimble William
King Thomas Kelley James Kemmison William Keeley Patrick
Keefe James Kelly John Kirke Thomas Kennedy Thomas
Kidd William Leo William Lewis John Lloyd James
Lovett John - Deserted Law Thomas Lock John Lamont John
Loney James Lyden Christopher Lake Charles Loombs William
Lyford Abalom Lang Hugh Lewis Mathew Lamb Edward
Lyons Patrick Lee John Luther Moses Lockwood Alfred
Leslie John Laurence James Lane George Leslie Thomas
Lee William Lewis henry Lock Albert Lowes Thomas
Lockie George S. Murphy William Henry Mansfield Mark Morrison William
Murray James Morton George Morris James Moore James
Mead Edwin Myers George Mahon Charles Moore Gustavus
Morgan James Munroe Cattell Moroney Francis Mathews George
Maher Patrick Mander William Major Isaac Moore Walter
Melrose Alexander Mayne John Murphy Denis Mallett Michael
Mulrenan Thomas Marks Hugh Martin James McGready Maxwell
Mcgill Charles McGee James McNeale John McKaye Robert 1st
McKenna Robert McGan Francis McGregor Hugh McCowat William
McMillan Charles McKinnon Alexander McLaughlin Thomas McLaren Thomas
McIvor William McConnell Thomas McLean Lachlan McKenna Daniel
McKaye thomas McDonald William McQuarrie Alexander McCrystal Charles
McCann Lawrence McCleve Francis McKaye Robert 2nd McCann Francis
McDonald James - Des. Newall William - Deserted Neilson John - Deserted Naylor Joseph
Newburn Henry Neill James Naylor William Nash William
Nixon William Nelson Charles Nugent John Newton A.
Naylor John Nichol Hugh O'Donoghue Michael O'Connell Thomas
O'Sullivan John Oakley William O'Brien Daniel O'Grady John - Deserted
O'Rafferty John Petty William Parkhouse Richard Phillips Richard
Peacock John Puck Hans Peacock William Petit Gable
Pelliot Gabriel Paterson Mathew Perkins Charles Preston Joseph 1st
Preston Joseph 2nd Pepper John - Deserted Percival Michael Percival James
Parsons William Peden Joseph Panton Robert Pearson William
Quinlan Andrew Quirke Filman Quin Micheal Quilty Andrew
Quint Henry Quick Edwin Rodda William Robinson James - Des.
Roberts Thomas Rhodes Thomas Robertson Alexander Rose William H.
Robinson Marshall Rigall William Russimar William Rooke John - Deserted
Reilly Thomas Russell James Richardson Henry Ritchie William
Roberts Henry Richmond Thomas Rankin William Russell George
Ryan Michael - Deserted Reilly Charles Richards Thomas Rowe George
Ryan Patrick Rooney James Robinson John Simpson John
Stevens James Sutherland Alexander Sutton Thomas Sevan Patrick
Sullivan James Sims George Somerton Edward - Des. Scott John
Stallard Francis Sweeney James Smith J. B. - Deserted Sugar Lockhart
Sullivan John Scatchard James Scatchard William Sprennett Thomas
Shennan Thomas Scott Thomas Stewart Robert Smith James
Sylvester James Smith William 1st Simpson Gerard Smith Patrick
Spreddon Joseph Spruce James Swakwassar William Smith William 2nd
Sanders Thomas Streeter William Stewart James Shuten John
Stevenson George Sanderson William Secole George - Deserted Smith Robert
Staight Arthur A. Tevistdell James Townsend Robert - Des. Towhill Daniel - Des.
Thomas David Turner Hugh Tisdale James Trestler Thomas
Taggart Andrew Taylor Henry Troye Patrick Thomson Peter
Towhill Samuel Urquhart Douglas Valpey John Veikman Henry
Woods Albert Wilkinson Alfred Ward Daniel White Adair
Ward John Wield John Wall James Wilkinson Samuel
Wooliscroft Henry White Thomas - Deserted Waring Charles Williams Richard - Des.
Wilson Joseph Williams Henry Woodlock John Woolley William
Wall William Wilson James Wilson John Williams Francis
Waters George Wheeler John Waters Thomas Williams John
Wighton Charles Walker J. B. - Deserted Wight Thomas Wells William
Walker Robert Wright John Williams Frederick - Des. Waddington Henry
Walters John Wild Samuel Worthington George Webb Edward
Warner Richard Welsh John - Deserted Wooliscroft Edward Zielestiere Samuel