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Ship: 995 Tons
Captain: Leamon
Sailed London 31th Jan 1867 - arrived Lyttelton 19th June 1867

Sailed from the Downs 2nd February. Owing to heavy gales experienced in the Channel, during which considerable damage was done by heavy seas breaking on board, flooding the 'tween decks with water, the vessel returned to the Downs. The damage being repaired she sailed again on  14th February. After passing the Cape heavy gales were encounted until off Tasmania on 27th April. At this part of her voyage the whole of her best sails were split and many carried away, and the poop ladders washed overboard. The ship was hove-to two occasions during the storms, and it was found necessary to batten down the 75 immigrants on board.
From White Wings: Sir Henry Brett

Commissioners Report

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Collier W H
Gill W
Oliver Henry
Perry Richard
Shepherd Arthur
Tracy Captain
Families and Children
Holland Hugh 45 Londonderry Shoemaker
Mary Ann 39
Jaram Robert 36 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Mary 32
Mullany Michael 25 Roscommon Carpenter
Eliza 26
John 2
Parsons James 25 Cornwall Labourer
Bessie 22
Clara J 1 mth
Thompson George 31 Yorkshire Labourer
Phillippa 29
Harry 3
Mary Ann 2
Emma 9 mths
Single Men
*Baker William Thomas 23 Liecester Farm Labourer
Barkley Samuel 19 Salop Farm Labourer
Collins Charles 25 Surrey Farm Labourer
Forwells Charles 19 Middlesex Labourer
Gaffany Thomas 61 Ireland Labourer
Hatton James 25 Antrim Farmer
Hellas William 25 Banfordshire Mason
Hough William 29 Cheshire Farm Labourer
Kelly John 29 Limerick Labourer
Leggott Fredercik W 23 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Magrath James 25 Kings Labourer
McCafferty Thomas 30 Donegal Farm Labourer
Mobley Richard 19 Oxford Labourer
Moran John 26 Galway Farm Labourer
Ogilvie William 21 Fifeshire Warehouseman
Reid Samuel 21 Down Farm Labourer
Sheehan Thomas 26 Galway Farm Labourer
Speed James 19 Banff Farm Labourer
White William 21 Fermanagh Carpenter
Moses 16 Fermanagh Labourer
Woodham Charles 16 Middlesex Labourer
Wylie Niel 26 Ayrshire Engineer
*This person was accepted on a proposal to pay eight pound ten shillings and accompanied by his sister. The sister was at the last moment prevented from going and the man when he came to the ship said, and apparently truthfully, that he could pay but seven pounds. I was obliged either to recieve that - or refuse to take him, and did the former.
Single Women
Anderson Mary A 26 Monaghan Domestic Servant
Prudential 21 Monaghan Domestic Servant
Arthur Harriet 20 Warwickshire Domestic Servant
Brown Frances I 24 Berkshire Domestic Servant
Buit Maria 20 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Clingan Mary Ann 18 Fermanagh Domestic Servant
Connell Bridget 19 Tipperary Domestic Servant
Cradock Mary 18 Galway House Keeper
Davies Eliza 34 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Louisa 17 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Evans Fanny 25 Tipperary Cook
Fowells Eliza 18 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Miriam 16 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Fulbrook Fanny 24 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Gaffany Ann 25 Derby Dressmaker
Gibbons Rosa 30 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Gillett Dinah 20 Kent Domestic Servant
Graham Isabella 20 Fermanagh Milliner
Jaram Rose 13 Yorkshire
Elizabeth 12 Yorkshire
Holland Margaret 21 Londonderry Domestic Servant
Elizabeth 17 Londonderry Domestic Servant
Kennedy Rebecca 19 Donegal Domestic Servant
Marion Bridget 19 Monaghan Domestic Servant
Mary 19 Monaghan Domestic Servant
Margaret 16 Monaghan Domestic Servant
Bridget 17 Monaghan Domestic Servant
Morecombe Jane 24 Cornwall Domestic Servant
Phillipa 22 Cornwall Domestic Servant
Peach Mercy Domestic Servant
Percival Mary A 17 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Emily 15 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Rabbitts Sarah 22 Dorset Domestic Servant
Ross Agnes 20 Morayshire Domestic Servant
Rowe Elizabeth 19 Middlesex Nurse
Sexton Margaret 28 Clare Cook
Standen Emily 20 Middlesex Cook
Sutherland Christina 28 Caithnesshire Cook
Thresh Louisa 19 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Verner Ellen 27 Down Domestic Servant
Matilda 19 Down Domestic Servant
Walcot Emma 21 West Indies Domestic Servant
Warren Harriett 28 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Webb Martha 15 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Webber Martha B 24 Middlesex Domestic Servant
White Jane 48 Fermangh
Eliza 18 Fermangh Domestic Servant
Wicks Catherine 23 Middlesex Needlewoman
Ellen 27 Middlesex Needlewoman
Woodham Harriett 36 Middlesex
Eliza 11
Edward 5
Mary 3
Elizabeth 3


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