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Lancashire Witch
Ship: 1386 tons
Captain: A S Mollison
Surgeon Superintendent: Assistant Surgeon Burkitt (74th Regiment)
Sailed London April 4th 1856 - arrived Wellington July 20th 1856 (via Hobart Town & Sydney)
                           Auckland August 1st 1856

Arrival of the Lancashire Witch

Name Age Details
Peebles Captain 11th Regiment
       Servant to above
Burkitt Assistant Surgeon
Surgeon for the voyage
74th Regiment
Leonard Ensign 65th Regiment
Lewis Ensign 65th Regiment
Pennefather Ensign 65th Regiment
247 men of the 65th Regiment
31 women belonging to the 65th Regiment (Wellington Independent says 30)
32 children belonging to the 65th Regiment (Wellington Independent says 31)


Soldiers of 65th Regiment who arrived by the Lancashire Witch taken from "Discharged in New Zealand"
by Hugh & Lyn Hughes. This list includes 125 soldiers of the 149 mentioned above.
Name Rank County
Bell Thomas Private Down
Bird Felix Private Somersetshire
Brown Charles Private Dorsetshire
Brown John Private Down
Brown William Private Down
Burke Joseph Private Meath
Burns Edward Private Down
Burns John Private Down
Cain John Private Meath
Carmody John Private
Carr Charles Private
Clareburt John Private Dorsetshire
Clear James Private Queens County
Cleary John Private Somersetshire
Cokeran Thomas Private
Collard John Private Wiltshire
Conway James Private Kerry
Conway John Private Kerry
Conway Patrick Private Mayo
Cook Joseph Private Somersetshire
Cottam John Private Lancashire
Crimmins John Drummer Limerick
Crocker Thomas Private Dorsetshire
Crozier Graham Private Down
Cunningham Patrick Private Limerick
Daniels John Private Tipperary
Davison Robert Private Down
Dawson George Private Lancashire
Day Martin Private
Deadman Newton Private Sussex
Dean James Private Yorkshire
Doran John Private Down
Dowling Thomas Private Dublin
Dwyer Martin Private Tipperary
Edwards Joseph Sergeant Flint
England William C Corporal Lancashire
Farmer John Private Somersetshire
Flynn Thomas Private Cork
Freeman Thomas Private Lincolnshire
Garvey Thomas Private Longford
Geary George Private Down
Gilligan Peter Private Roscommon
Goodman Daniel Private Down
Gordon John Sergeant Belfast
Graham William John Corporal Down
Grant William Private Down
Gray John Private Down
Green George Henry Private Dorchestershire
Greenaway James Private Armagh
Greves William Drummer Staffordshire
Gurley William Private Down
Hagan Patrick Private Yorkshire
Hammond William Private Londonderry
Hanlin James Private
Harrison William G Corporal Tyrone
Heald George Private Yorkshire
Healy William Private Lancashire
Heanon Charles Private Down
Heffernan William Private Tipperary
Hollier Samuel Private Chester
Hollinsworth Thomas Private London
Hull James Private Down
Hunt Richard Private
Huntley James Private Somersetshire
Hutchison Daniel Private Kildare
Jones Edward Private Louth
Kavanagh Patrick Private Galway
Kitchen John Private Armagh
Knight John Sergeant Somersetshire
Lawler William Private
Layther James Private Yorkshire
Lockerby Thomas Private Dumfries
McAllister William Private Down
McAtee John Private Down
McCormick Hugh Private
McCracken James Private Down
McDonald Michael Private
McGivern Mark Private Down
McGrath James Private
McKensey James Private
McKeown Patrick Private Down
McKeown William John Private Down
Malley Edward Private
Malley Patrick Private Galway
Mancan John Sergeant
Mera Thomas Private
Miller Caled Drummer
Miller William Private
Moffitt Robert Sergeant Down
Mullican Richard Private
Nesbitt William Private
O'Flaherty Thomas Private
O'Neill Thomas Private
O'Rourke Patrick Private Down
Osmond Robert Sergeant Dorchestershire
Osmond William Private Dorsetshire
Pellican Thomas Private Kelly
Pickup James Private
Reid James Corporal Dorchestershire
Robinson John Private Lancashire
Robinson Joseph Private Down
Sanford John Private Dorsetshire
Sandles William Private Sussex
Scanlon Michael Private Limerick
Shlenker Albert Private Glamorgan
Skelton Benjamin Private Surrey
Skelton Henry Corporal Surrey
Smith Edward Private Lancastershire
Smith James Private
Smith John Private
Smith Walter Private Lancashire
Snelling William Private
Stack James Private Kerry
Stevenson James Private Down
Thompson Christopher Private
Thornton Edward Private
Tier Robert Private Down
Vallily Patrick Private
Walker George Private
Walsh Michael Private Limerick
Whiteside John Private Down
Williams Peter Private Lancashire
Williams Richard Private Somersetshire
Wilson James Private Down
Wright William John Private Down
Other passengers by the Lancashire Witch
Butler Miss
Murphy Mr
Winter Mr
Te Hipango Wiremu (William)
2 children

Copyright Denise & Peter 2002

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