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Ship: 1380 tons
Captain: Luekes
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London June 2nd 1875 - arrived Lyttelton September 27 1875

Although a new ship the Lactura made a long passage of 116 days owing mainly to the numerous gales encoutered. The most severe were those met with after crossing the meridian of Greenwich on 9th August, when troubles began in right earnest. On the 18th August a heavy sea struck the ship, flooding the decks fore and aft, and carrying everything moveable overboard. On the 25th the vessel was hove-to during a heavy gale. A huge sea struck her, coming over the forecastle right aft, smashing the foreward part of the saloon skylight and flooding the saloon. The ship was labouring and rolling very heavily and a portion of the starboard bulwarks were washed away. After sighting Amsterdam Island on 31st August, the vessel was twice hove-to through stress of weather. (Shaw, Savill.)
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Armitage Miss A.
Henderson Mr T. S.
Hull Mr F.
Jouche Mr J. H. S.
Marcroft Miss E.
Marshall Mr
Millington Mr E.
Peel Mr S.
Shearman Rev J
2 children
Tyerman Mr B.
White Mr H. B.
Second Cabin
Allsop Mr J. F.
2 children
Fuze Mr F.
Glozier Mrs
Harborow Mr J. G.
Hughes Mr T
Pipe Mr J. T.
Ranson Messrs C
A. R.
Skipper Mr and Mrs C. P.
Tatham Mr L. S.
Woledge Mr H. E.
Wyclwid Mr A.
Intermediate and Steerage
Armstrong Mr W. and Mr J.
Black Mrs and five children
Dawson Mr A.
Halliburton Mr and Mrs and Miss J.
Hibbs Mr J.
Johnstone Mr
Lightfoot Mr and Mrs and one child
Spooner Mr and Mrs
Stephens Mr J.
Turner Mr J.
Watson Mr G.

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Lyttleton Times September 28 1875

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