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List of Persons qualified to serve as Jurors for the District of Port Nicholson for 1849:-


Name Address Occupation
Quin Michael Dixon St Smith
Rafflin William Wellington Tce Smith
Raine John Robert Wellington Tce Clerk
Ralph James Waiwetu River Sawyer
Read Henry Lambton Quay Tinman
Reading John Brown Karori Carpenter
Reed James Te Aro Flat Carpenter
Reid David River Hutt Labourer
Reid Thomas river Hutt Labourer
Reid John Ohiro Rd Labourer
Relley James Lambton Quay Shoemaker
Remington John Thorndon Flat Painter
Renall Alfred Waiwetu River Carpenter
Rennie Alexander Lambton Quay Settler
Retter Samuel Wade's Town Carter
Rey Thomas Willis St Carter
Rhodes William Barnard Te Aro Merchant
Richards James Lambton quay Plasterer
Richardson Thomas Willis St Bricklayer
Richardson Thomas Jnr Willis St Bricklayer
Richardson George Willis St bricklayer
Richmond Robert Berhampore Farm Settler
Ridler William River Hutt Farmer
Riley Edward River Hutt Labourer
Roach John River Hutt Labourer
Roberts George Wellington Tce Carpenter
Robertson James River Hutt Settler
Robertson George Murphy St Settler
Robertson David Dixon St Cooper
Robinson Samuel Willis St Draper
Robinson Thomas River Hutt Seaman
Robinson John Porirua Rd Schoolmaster
Robinson Robert Karori Tailor
Robinson Richard Karori Sawyer
Roe Edward Lambton Quay Stationer
Roe Edward Jnr Lambton Quay Stationer
Roots John Lambton Quay Ginger beer maker
Rose Robert Luton row Shopkeeper
Rose Richard Wellington Wheelwright
Row Samuel River Hutt Labourer
Rowe William River Hutt labourer
Rowlands William Lambton Quay Storekeeper
Rudman Charles Luton Row Painter
Rumble James River Hutt Labourer
Rush John River Hutt Labourer
Russell John River Hutt Labourer
Russell Henry River Hutt Labourer
Russell Edward River Hutt Labourer
Salt William Bates Manners St Carter
Saargent Henry Murphy St Labourer
Samuel Kaufman Lambton Quay Storekeeper
Sanson Robert Waiwetu River Labourer
Saunders William Porirua Rd Gardener
Sawkins Daniel Te Aro Flat Carter
Saxby William 3rd River Labourer
Sayer Burgess Wellington Tce Butcher
Saywell George River Hutt Carpenter
Schultze Charles William Kai Warra Merchant
Scott Walter Douglas Kai Warra Shipwright
Scott George Thorndon Quay Carpenter
Scott George Mulgrave St Storekeeper
Scott David Lambton Quay Settler
Scott William River Hutt Labourer
Sealey Henry Bowman Golders Hill Printer
Seed John Thorndon Flat Carpenter
Seed Richard Porirua Rd Shoemaker
Sellers John River Hutt Labourer
Sellar James Te Aro Dairyman
Sennox William River Hutt Labourer
Sexton James Wellington Tce Labourer
Sharp George Lambton Quay Cabinet maker
Shillton William Willis St Tailor
Shepherd William Park Vale Shingler
Shirley Thomas River Hutt Farmer
Shirley Matthew River Hutt Sawyer
Short James Ohiro Labourer
Signal William Karori Labourer
Signal Samuel Tinakori Rd Labourer
Silver Joseph River Hutt Labourer
Simm James Porirua Rd Carpenter
Simson Thomas Richie River Hutt Storekeeper
Sinclair John River Hutt Labourer
Sinclair Hugh Lowry Bay Labourer
Snow Edwin Lambton Quay Tailor
slarks John Nairn St Labourer
Smith John Bolton St Seaman
Smith James Te Aro Labourer
Smith James Jnr Te Aro Labourer
Smith Abraham Lambton quay Carpenter
Smith James Boulcott St Merchant
Smith Frederick River Hutt Bricklayer
Smith Thomas River Hutt Bricklayer
Smith William Willis St Bricklayer
Smith James Otari Labourer
Smith William Kai Warra Shipwright
Smith John Lambton Quay Carter
Smith John Sidney Hawkstone St Dealer
Southee John River Hutt Millwright
Sparks William Willis St Labourer
Spackman George River Hutt Labourer
Speedy William Thorndon Quay Carter
Speedy David River Hutt Farmer
Spinks William Dixon St Storekeeper
Squibb Charles Henry Herbert St Bellman
Stacks Thomas Wellington Tce Shoemaker
Stafford Edward Lambton Quay Tailor
Startup Robert Willis St labourer
Stent Charles Tinakori rd Carter
Stephens Charles Te Aro engineer
Stevens William River Hutt Labourer
Stevens John Thorndon Flat Settler
Stevens James Lambton quay Boatman
Stewart Richard Tinakori Rd Labourer
Stewart William Kai Warra Labourer
Stilling Henry River Hutt Agriculturist
Stockbridge Stephen Ohiro Gardener
Stoddart James Dixon St Storekeeper
Stokes Robert Woolcombe St Printer
Storah James River Hutt Sawyer
Stratford John River Hutt labourer
Stratford George Te Aro Flat Labourer
Strode Wilbraham Chetham Ohariu Rd Settler
Strong Henry Stephen Wellington Tce Servant
Stutfield Charles Te Aro Flat Boatman
Suisted Charles Lambton Quay Hotel keeper
Sutherland Alexander Lyall's Bay Dairyman
Sutherland Daniel Thorndon flat Settler
Sutherland John Thorndon Flat Carpenter
Sutherland Nathaniel Manners St Printer
Stafford William River Hutt Labourer
Swainson William River Hutt Esquire J.P.
Swainson William Jnr River Hutt Settler
Swan Stephen Waiwetu River Labourer
Swinburn James Lambton Quay Shoemaker
Symons James Ohiro Farmer
Symons John Ohiro Labourer
Sykes William Waiwetu River Farmer
Sykes George Te Aro Carter
Taine James Wellington Tce Store keeper
Tandy William River Hutt Labourer
Tankersley Thomas William Ohiro Farmer
Tannahill William River Hutt Sawyer
Tavener James River Hutt Farmer
Taylor John Matthew Te Aro Flat Custom house agent
Taylor William Wellington Tce Carpenter
Taylor William Waring Herbert St Store keeper
Taylor William Porirua Rd Labourer
Taylor William Jnr Thorndon Quay Shoemaker
Taylor Samuel River Hutt Labourer
Thaw Alexander Thorndon Flat Shipwright
Thirsk George Thorndon Flat Labourer
Thomas William River Hutt Labourer
Thomas William Willis St Carpenter
Thompkins John Park Vale Bricklayer
Thompkins William Park Vale Bricklayer
Thompson William River Hutt Labourer
Thompson George River Hutt Labourer
Thomson James near Okiwi Labourer
Thorby Ezekiel Karori Carpenter
Ticehurst Edwin Thorndon Flat Carpenter
Tolhurst Samuel Nairn St Labourer
Tonks William Lambton Quay Brickmaker
Tony John Porirua Rd Labourer
Torr Joseph Lambton quay Storekeeper
Townsend Chauncey Henry Tinakori Rd Settler
Trotter William River Hutt Gardener
Trotter Peter River Hutt Gardener
Troy Micheal Lowry Bay Labourer
Tucker Joshua River Hutt Sawyer
Tucker Josiah River Hutt Farmer
Turner John River Hutt Tailor
Turner John Willis St Shoemaker
Tutchen Peter Ohiro Labourer
Tutchen Simon Ohiro Labourer
Udy Hart River Hutt Carpenter
Underdown William Porirua Rd labourer
Valler William Porirua Rd Labourer
Varnham John Willis St Merchant
Vaughan James Lambton Quay Plumber
Vennell Samuel Lambton Quay Warehouseman
Vennell George River Hutt Settler
Vincent William Edward Ghuznee St Printer
Vincent Charles Willis St Shoemaker
Villers William Luton row Carpenter
Voller Abraham Willis St Labourer
Waitt Robert Hobson St Auctioneer
Walden John Lambton Quay Seaman
Walker Robert Lambton Quay Shoemaker
Walker James Murphy St Carpenter
Wall Anthony Porirua rd Publican
Wallace James River Hutt sawyer
Wallace John Boulcott St Settler
Wallace John Howard Boulcott St Merchant
Wallace William Ellerslie Sydney St Settler
Wallace Robert Douglas Boulcott St Clerk
Wallace George Paxton Lambton quay Storekeeper
Warburton Thomas Kemis Lambton Quay Storekeeper
Ward James Ohiro Labourer
Waters George Dixon St Storekeeper
Waters Thomas Lambton Quay Storekeeper
Waters Thomas Hill St Merchant
Watterson John River Hutt Carpenter
Watts William Thorndon Flat Gardener
Watts Edward Manners St Baker
Watson John Mount Victoria Printer
Webb Charles Frederick Guildford Tce Bricklayer
Webb George Lambton Quay Butcher
Webber John Karori Sawyer
Webster John Karori Farmer
Webster George Thorndon Flat Sawyer
Welch William river Hutt Publican
Wells William Te Aro Labourer
Western John Octavius River Hutt Surveyor
Weston Samuel River Hutt Labourer
Whebby Thomas Willis St Milkman
Wheeler Isaac Te Aro Labourer
White Charles River Hutt Labourer
White Joseph River Hutt bootmaker
Whitehouse John Porirua Rd Labourer
Whiteman Francis River Hutt Sawyer
Whitewood William Matson Kai Warra Publican
Wilcock William Waiwetu River Shipwright
Wiley Hamilton J. 3rd River Sawyer
Wilkins John Karori Labourer
Wilkins Matthew Karori Labourer
Wilkinson David Thorndon Flat Gardener
Wilkinson James Willis St Cabinet Maker
Wilkinson Charles Porirua rd Labourer
Williams James River Hutt Farmer
Williams William River Hutt Labourer
Williams Richard River Hutt Sawyer
Williamson Thomas River Hutt Labourer
Williamson Charles River Hutt Labourer
Williamson David River Hutt Farmer
Williamson Francis Luton row Gardener
Wilmshurst John Willis St Labourer
Wilson James Willis St Builder
Wilton Robert Thorndon Flat Plasterer
Wilton Elijah Thorndon Flat Butcher
Winteringham Henry Manners St Stablekeeper
Witt Henry Wellington Tce Labourer
Wood Thomas Willis St Smith
Wood Augustus Wellington Tce Boatman
Woodman Thomas Porirua Rd Labourer
Woodward Samuel Wade's Town Carpenter
Woouldom Henry Dixon St Gardener
Worsley Thomas River Hutt Carter
Wrigley Thomas River Hutt Carpenter
Wyeth Robert Lambton Quay Eating house keeper
Yates John Tinakori Rd Carpenter
York Thomas Wellington Tce Butcher
Young George Lambton quay Publican
Young Charles River Hutt Labourer
Yule Alexander River Hutt Sawyer

Resident Magistrates Court
Wellington 8th February 1849.

I hereby give notice that all objection to the above list will be heard and determined by me on the 17th day of February instant at this court.