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John Temperley
Sailed London March 10th 1866 - arrived Lyttelton June 21st 1866

The John Temperley sailed from Auckland for London on October 25th, 1865, taking Colonel Wyatt and the second half of   the 65th Regiment - about 267 rank and file. The ship also took Home 68,000 worth of gold. The following year the John Temperley came out to Lyttelton, leaving London on March 13th and arriving at Lyttelton on June 21, a passage of 100 days. The ship had another rough experience when in the Southern Ocean. She encountered a terrific gale, which carried away many sails. Heavy seas swept the decks, carrying away a large portion of her bulwarks, smashing up two boats and doing other damage.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Commissioners Report for John Temperley

Name Age County Occupation
Families & Children
Beach Milson 28 Gloucestershire Carpenter
Lucy Ann 27
Bryant Joseph 36 Essex Farm Labourer
Camilla 34
Byrne Patrick 31 Wicklow Farm Labourer
Julia 26
Mary 1
Cole Henry William 25 Middlesex Shoemaker
Ann 23
Fowler John J 33 Hertfordshire Carpenter
Emily 34
Fraser James 32 Aberdeen Cartwright
Sophia 21
William Infant
John 24 TF to s/m
Grigg Abraham 21 Down Farm Labourer
Martha 19
McHenery John 28 Limerick Labourer
Margaret 26
Shanahan Mary 14 TF to s/w Travelled with McHenery family
Shields John 20 Cavan Baker
Martha 24
Joseph 17 TF to s/m
Veigh Daniel 47 Antrim Farm Labourer
Rose 45
Catherine 22 TF to s/w
Elizabeth 19 TF to s/w
Sarah 17 TF to s/w
Daniel 16 TF to s/m
James 11
McGill Bernard 28 TF to s/m Travelled with Veigh family
Withell Reuben 28 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Mary 28
Charles 7
Olive 2
Railston 6 months
Single Men
Bird James Joseph 27 Middlesex Printer
Calder Alexander 21 Banff Farm Labourer
Condell Robert 48 Wicklow Domestic Servant
Dalzell Robert 20 Down Labourer
Fay Teddy 22 Clare Labourer
Fraser John 24 Banff Farm Labourer
Grant James 27 Armagh Labourer
Leatham Joseph 24 Down Baker
Mauson William 25 Ross Sawyer
McGill Bernard 28 Antrim Ploughman
McMahon Thomas 18 Clare Farm Labourer
McVeigh Daniel 16 Antrim Carpenter
Moran Ellen 25 TF to s/w
Munro David 22 Ross Ploughman
Owens John 26 Tipperary Labourer
Shields Joseph 17 Cavan Labourer
Smyth Richard 20 Leitrim Ploughman
Rachel 25 TF to s/w
Ellen 23 TF to s/w
Swindell Joseph 15 Middlesex Watchmaker
Thomas Henry Thomas 24 Somerset Farm Labourer
Single Women
Bateman Jane 27 Cork Housemaid
Bender Julia 26 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Bender Amelia 24 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Buckett Hannah 21 Oxfrordshire Domestic Servant
Cancannon Mary 23 Mayo Domestic Servant
Carr Eliza 27 Yorkshire
Connell Mary 20 Galway Domestic Servant
Cronin Mary 23 Kerry Cook
Donnelly Ann 20 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Fahey Honor 24 Galway Domestic Servant
Falloon Susannah 30 Antrim Domestic Servant
Farr Anne 25 Antrim Domestic Servant
Fiffe Lillias 26 Dumfries Domestic Servant
Fitzgerald Mary 20 Cork Domestic Servant
Francis Margaret 22 Galway Domestic Servant
Fry Ellen 24 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Fuin Catherine 18 Galway Needlewoman
Margaret 18 Galway Needlewoman
Geiner Ellen 22 Antrim Domestic Servant
Janet 19 Antrim Domestic Servant
Gilbert Eliza 19 Antrim Domestic Servant
Gough Ellen 26 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Mary 22 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Goulding Mary Ann 18 Wiltshire Domestic Servant
Gray Jane 22 Aberdeen Domestic Servant
Griffiths Ann 18 Montgomery Domestic Servant
Haughton Mary 20 Galway Dairy Maid
Hennelly Mary 20 Mayo Dairy Maid
Hill Mary Ann 24 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Iuane Mary 20 Limerick Domestic Servant
Ionson Hannah 23 Dublin Domestic Servant
Kane Mary 22 Mayo Dairy Maid
Keogh Rosa 18 Dublin Domestic Servant
Kirkwood Elizabeth 22 Edinburgh Cook
Kinley Eliza 20 Down Domestic Servant
Leddra Hepzibah 24 Devonshire Noted as Sick on passenger list
Madden Bridget 25 Tipperary Domestic Servant
Mahoney Margaret 21 Tipperary Domestic Servant
Malcolm Agnes 30 Lanark
Janet 3 Lanark
McAnulty Catherine 17 Tyrone Domestic Servant
McCance Lizzie 21 Down Domestic Servant
McGill Catherine 21 Antrim Cook
McGrath Catherine 18 Galway Domestic Servant
McRobert Margaret 18 Lanark Domestic Servant
McVeigh Catherine 22 Antrim Domestic Servant
Elizabeth 19 Antrim Domestic Servant
Sarah 17 Antrim Domestic Servant
Moran Margaret 20 Galway Dairy Maid
Moran Ellen 25 Tipperary Dairy Maid
Morris Julia 21 Galway Domestic Servant
Muirson Sophia 16 Aberdeen Domestic Servant
Myon Ellen 20 Berkshire Domestic Servant
Pettitt Mary Ann 18 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Read Bridget 21 Kings County Domestic Servant
Redpath Jane 25 Canada W Domestic Servant
Ryan Honora 28 Tipperary Domestic Servant
Shanahan Mary 14 Limerick
Smyth Elizabeth 19 Antrim Domestic Servant
Smyth Rachel 25 Leitrim Domestic Servant
Ellen 23 Leitrim Dairy Maid
Swindell Emma 18 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Mary Ann 14 Middlesex
Joseph 15 TF to s/m
Alice 11 Middlesex
Tarrant Harriet 24 Berkshire Nurse
Thompson Elizabeth 23 Down Domestic Servant
Tooper Bridget 21 Kings County Domestic Servant
Wade Mary 21 Galway Domestic Servant
Warde Margaret 19 Galway Domestic Servant
Watkins Annie 21 Middlesex Cook
Watts Harriet 20 Wiltshire Domestic Servant
Welch Mary 21 Kerry Domestic Servant
Welchman E
Whitten Elizabeth 21 Armagh Domestic Servant
Wilbee Anna M 33 Wiltshire Nurse
Winterflood Emma 21 Middlesex Domestic Servant

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