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Steamer: 12,351 tons
Captain: A E Jackson
Surgeon: J C Brennon
(Chief Engineer: A C Kinning and Purser: E N Kettle)

Sailed Southampton May 20th 1927 - Arrived Wellington (via Panama Canal) June 29th 1927
                                           Lyttleton June 30th 1927

Ionic arrived in Wellington 29th June 1927. The ship was in Wellington for the day, disembarking North Island passengers, sailing for Lyttleton that evening. South Island passengers were disembarked at that port the following day. Comments on the passenger list are from Mrs Georgina Rodger (nee Evers) born Bathgate, West Lothian in 1905.

Name Age Occupation County and Comments Bound for
First Class Passengers
Brown Miss E Embarking at Colony Sydney
Gardener Mr B Auckland
Jonas Mr R Wellington
MacGregor Miss C Wellington
MacKinlay Captain J Sydney
Renwick Mrs M Wellington
Reyne Mrs G Wellington
Miss R
Miss B
Miss P
Master R
Seth-Smith Miss C Auckland
Miss M Auckland
Smith Mr J Royal Navy Auckland
Waters Dr J Wellington
Second Class Passengers
Buchan Mr A Oamaru
Collinge Mrs F Sydney
Farnworth Mr W Lyttleton
Houghton Miss E Wellington
Hunt Mr T Auckland
Miss R
Irwin Mr W Wellington
Jarvis Miss W Auckland
Kelly Mr E Otago
Kelson Mr M Embarking at Colony
Master E
Kidd Mr E Auckland
Little Mr G Wellington
Marsden Mr J
Martin Mrs M Wellington
O'Donnell Mr J Wellington
Rolleston Mr O Wellington
Mrs Wellington
Rowlands Miss M Lyttleton
Ruby Mr H Wellington
Steele Mrs A Auckland
Miss N
Miss M
Sturrock Miss A Wellington
Tendall Miss M Wellington
Thompson Miss L Wellington
Tweedale Mrs F Wellington
Wheeler Mr W
Third Class Passengers
Allan Mr J Wellington
Mr W
Anderson Mr A Lyttleton
Anderson Miss J Auckland
Baker Miss L Lyttleton
Beattie Mr C Wellington
Biggs Mr J Otago
Miss M
Boffey Miss M Wellington
Bourne Mr D Wellington
Braiden Miss E Wellington
Brannen Mrs M Auckland
Miss M
Master E
Master J
Master N
Master V
Briggs Mr J Napier
Mr A
Master N
Master R
Byast Miss M Auckland
Cairnduff Mr J Otago
Cairns Mr J Gisborne
Casey Mrs D Wellington
Miss J
Catterson Miss K Auckland
Cheney Mr N Auckland
Clarke Mr D Wellington
Coombs Mr P Auckland
Miss L
Miss R
Miss N
Miss E
Miss M
Miss B
Miss D
Cooper Mr R Wellington
Crawford Miss M Wellington
Cummings Mr T Otago
Miss A
Master W
Master T
Miss D
Master H
Dale Miss A Lyttleton
Davies Miss J Wellington
Emerson Mr J Australia
England Mr G Wellington
Miss M
Miss K
Evers Miss Georgina Born Bathgate, West Lothian 1905. Went to Dunedin then Wellington Otago
Feltham Mr F Wellington
Ferris Mr J Australia
Ford Mrs H Wellington
Miss J
Master J
Master W
Freeth Miss F Auckland
Funston Miss M Lyttleton
Gallagher Miss E Wellington
Gilkes Mr S Wellington
Graham Mr D Auckland
Miss C
Master A
Miss M
Grant Mr J Auckland
Green Miss E Oamaru
Haig Miss E Auckland
Hampton Mr W Australia
Hanks Master J Auckland
Harman Mr W Wellington
Mrs K
Master A
Hendry Mr W Wellington
Master A
Miss E
Higgins Miss E Wellington
Miss M
Holloway Miss M Wellington
Miss D
Hudson Mr H Wellington
Jack Mr C Auckland
Jackson Miss D Wellington
Killen Miss I Auckland
Laidlaw Miss M Wellington
Laing Mr A Otago
Lane Mr A Wellington
Langley Mr J Wellington
Langton Miss E Oamaru
Law Mr R Wellington
Lawton Mr William (Bill) From north of England Auckland
Layfield Mr G Auckland
Master C
Miss B
Liggett Mr K Napier
Lowry Miss M Wellington
McAllister Miss Fanny From Harthill, Lanark, Scotland Auckland
Miss M From Harthill, Lanark, Scotland (went to Australia)
McAnallen Mrs M Auckland
McCaughan Mr D Napier
McClean Mr H Auckland
McDonald Mr G Otago
McKnight Mr F Wellington
McLearie Miss S Wellington
McCluskey Miss B Auckland
Miss M
McGhie Miss Isobel From Shotts, Lanark, Scotland Auckland
Miss Margaret From Shotts, Lanark, Scotland
Miss Annie From Shotts, Lanark, Scotland
McVeigh Mr G Australia
Milligan Miss R Wellington
Miller Mr D Otago
Moore Mr J Lyttleton
Morris Mr A Wellington
Mulligan Mr J Auckland
Mr H
Neillands Mrs Annie From Scotland. To Christchurch Lyttleton
O'Donohue Mr P Lyttleton
Parsons Mr D Auckland
Petrie Miss J Otago
Pirie Mr J Auckland
Proctor Mr W Lyttleton
Rees Mr D Wellington
Rod Mr A Wellington
Rodger Mr John Born Glassford, Lanarkshire 1903.
From Dunedin to Wellington.
Rutherford Miss B From Scotland. To Little River, Canterbury Lyttleton
Rycroft Mrs B Auckland
Miss M
Salmond Miss C From Scotland Auckland
Miss J From Scotland
Shann Mrs M Gisborne
Sloane Mr G Wellington
Smith Mr E Auckland
Smith Mr T Wellington
Miss E
Master R
Tanner Mrs S Auckland
Miss M
Thomas Mr W Auckland
Timlin Mr W Lyttleton
Timlin Mr J
Tweedie Mr Geordie Born Scotland Otago
Volkman Miss C Australia
Miss A Australia
Walker Mr A Auckland
Walker Miss B Wellington
Watson Mr G Wellington
Watson Miss B Timaru
Whyte Mr P Born Scotland.
Had a dairy near Octogon, Dunedin.
Miss A
Yule Miss A Wellington

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