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The duty of the Matron is to maintain order and propriety of conduct among the single women, to see that they clean out their berths thoroughly every day, and that the Queens "Order in Council" and the Regulations of the
Canterbury Government, copies of both which will he supplied to her, are observed in their compartment of the ship.  By the term Single Women as here used is to be understood all those whether single or married who are
birthed in the Single Women's compartment. The single women are entitled to the use of the poop when on deck, or to so much of it as may be let apart for their use, and they are on no account to be permitted to go into any other part of the ship.  The Matron is expected to be on deck with them, and to discourage communication and prevent 'familiarities with the cabin passengers, if there should be any.  With the view of depriving them of any excuse for going to the galley or any part of the forward, Constables will be appointed who will draw their Rations and take them  to the galley when prepared for cooking, and bring them back when they are cooked. All communication with the Officers or the Crew is strictly prohibited.  If in any instance this Rule should be infringed in any particular Matron shall immediately report it to the Surgeon or the Captain. The Matron must not permit any man under any excuse whatever, except one of the ships company on duty under special order of the Captain, to enter the compartment of the Single Women. The Matron is not charged with any active duties in the hospital, but she has the right of going there at all reasonable times.  She will he present when the Surgeon attends any single woman professionally, and when the single women's   compartment of the ship is visited for  purposes of inspection by the Captain and the Surgeon. Under no circumstances is an unmarried female Emigrant to be allowed to act as a Nurse in the hospital, or as Servant or Attendant to the Surgeon, Cabin Passengers, Captain or Officers of the ship. The Matron must see that every woman' is in her before dark every night, 'till' and lock the door, and keep the key of the single women's compartment The door is not to be unlocked, except in case of illness, before 7 o'clock in the morning If the directions of the Matron are disregarded   by the Single Women or if the behaviour of any of them should be such as she disapproves of, she must make a report at once to the Surgeon or the Captain, who will support her authority   and insist in her repressing the misconduct.
In order that the female immigrants may. have some employment a supply of materials for needlework will be put on board.  These are to be distributed from time to time among them and articles made are to be returned to the Matron and delivered to the Government Immigration Commissioners at the end of the voyage. The practice is to give these articles to those by whom they were made, if the Commissioners arc satisfied on the Matrons report, and otherwise, that they are deserved.

The Matron must keep a Diary, in which must be recorded any instances of insubordination   or mis-behaviour, and other occurrences which she might see reason to object to or complain of, with any other observations which she may consider it right to make.  In the Diary must also be entered the particulars of the issues of the sewing
materials already referred to.  The Diary will be' handed to the Government Commissioners at the end of the voyage. If the Matron should neglect her duties the Captain has authority, with the Surgeons concurrence, to remove her from her office, and to appoint somebody else.  The circumstances of such removal, if a case Should unfortunately arise in which it becomes necessary to exercise this authority, will form matter of inquiry by the Government Commissioners at the end of the voyage. The Matron will join the ship on the day on which the Emigrants go on board in London, and her duties will end when the single women are received into the Depot at Canterbury. She will have a separate cabin in the single women' s compartment, and be supplied with food in her cabin from the cuddy table.

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