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Ship: 2092 tons
Captain: Babot
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Alexander Fox
Sailed London July 3rd 1869 - arrived Lyttleton September 30th 1869

The Hydaspes was a powerful ship of 2092 tons, built at the same time and in the same yards as the Lady Jocelyn. She made two trips to Auckland in 1874 and 1874, three to Lyttelton in 1868, 1869 and 1878 and one to Dunedin in 1872. During all of these voyages she was under the command Captain Babot. She met her end when returning to England after this voyage in 1878. Beating up the Channel she collided with another vessel and was sunk.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of the Hydaspes

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Barton Mr
Behrens Mr B
Mr P
Bridger Mr
Fox Dr Alexander Surgeon Superintendent
Fox Mr
Grose Mr
Irving Mr
Jackson Mr
Lasenby Mr
Lewis David
Lewis Charles
Riddiford Mr
Stavely Mr
Tancred Mr
Taylor Reverend R
Watkins Reverend G
Families and Children
Brinkinann Edward 35 Germany Farm Labourer
Sophia 34
Regina 6
Josephine 4
Norma 1
Dunbar Alexander 53 Nairn Farmer
Agnes 47
Margaret 19 T/F to single women
Alexander 17 T/F to single men
William 15 T/F to single men
Jane 13 T/F to single women
James 11
Mary 9
Thomas 7
Ellen 5
David 2
Beveridge John 28 Fife Farm Labourer
Travelled with Dunbar
Isabella 24
Hannant Joshua 25 Norfolk Ploughman
Isabella 23
James D 1
Kilpin Joseph 41 Buckinghamshire Farm Labourer
Frances 36
Thomas 9
Emma 6
Andrew J 1
Lewis William 41 Cornwall Labourer
Elizabeth 40
Eliza 14 General Servant
O'Donnell John 30 Donegal Ploughman
Fanny 20
John 1
James Infant
Sweeny Mary 6 Travelled with O'Donnell
Simmons James 26 Farm Labourer
Emma E 21
Ann E 6 months
Theakston William 52 Middlesex Coachmaker
Emma 43
William 16 T/F to single men
Ellen 13 T/F to single women
Single Men
Boyd Thomas 20 Donegal Ploughman
Brooks Joseph 23 Sussex Ploughman
Burton William 21 Wiltshire Farm Labourer
Childs Henry 18 Dorsetshire Ploughman
Clarkson William B 16 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Cochrane Thomas 18 Ayr Shepherd
Coker Alfred 21 Buckinghamshire Gardener
Connors James 23 Clare Ploughman
Dunbar Alexander 17 Nairn Farm Labourer
Dunbar William 15 Bute Farm Labourer
Fotheringham John 21 Orkney Farm Labourer
Foulston Thomas 22 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
George 18 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Gallagher James 30 Donegal Ploughman
Patrick 24 Donegal Ploughman
Gibbs Thomas 23 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Gilmore Robert 12 Lanark Shepherd
Grice John 23 Leicestershire Shepherd
Hepburn Robert 21 Ayr Ploughman
Hobbs Thomas 22 Buckinghamshire Gardener
John 20 Buckinghamshire Gardener
Johnston James 20 Tyrone Ploughman
McCausland William 20 Tyrone Ploughman
McLean John 29 Ross Shepherd
Miller Joseph 24 Caithness Ploughman
Mullin Henry 18 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Michael 17 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Mundie William 31 Aberdeen Labourer
Oliver Hugh 33 Cornwall Labourer
Ottaway Henry W 17 Kent Labourer
Pirie Robert 22 Banff Farm Labourer
Rainbow Joseph 18 Northamptonshire Farm Labourer
Roberts William James 21 Somersetshire Farm Labourer
Theakston William 16 Middlesex Labourer
Wray Walter 19 Kent Farm Labourer
Single Women
Baker Mary Ann 20 Somersetshire General Servant
Balls Martha 31 Suffolk Cook
Barkley Elizabeth 20 Norfolk Cook
Billings Harriet 16 Kent General Servant
Bradley Martha 22 Lincolnshire General Servant
Brien Isabella Roscommon General Servant
Burke Ellen Galway General Servant
Caldwell Letitia Tyrone General Servant
Margaret Tyrone General Servant
Campbell Grace Middlesex Housemaid
Child Fanny Shropshire Housemaid
Corbett Winifred Galway General Servant
Cuthbert Philadelphia Kent Cook
Davidson Margaret Elgin General Servant
Davis Annie L Middlesex General Servant
Donnelly Mary Tyrone General Servant
Down Elizabeth Ann Middlesex Cook
Draffin Jane Lanarkshire General Servant
Duggan Ellen Galway General Servant
Maria Galway General Servant
Dunbar Margaret Bute Machinist
Dunbar Jane Nairn General Servant
Francis Honor Galway General Servant
Gallagher Catherine Donegal General Servant
Gilmore Christina Renfrew Dairywoman
Margaret Renfrew Dairywoman
Glustin Wilhelmina Germany General Servant
Goold Susanna Down General Servant
Gordon Mary E Staffordshire General Servant
Griffiths Geraldine Nottinghamshire General Servant
Hackett Ann Middlesex General Servant
Helliwell Hannah Yorkshire Machinist
Fanny Yorkshire Machinist
Hodder Emma Middlesex Machinist
Husband Margaret Waterford General Servant
Ann Waterford Laundress
Mary J Waterford Nurse
Kelly Mary Galway General Servant
Kilvington Mary Surrey General Servant
Lamb Mary Ann Middlesex General Servant
Lewis Eliza Roscommon General Servant
Mackenzie Margaret Prince Edward Island General Servant
Mason Anne Yorkshire Machinist
Mason Phoebe ? MATRON
Mason Jessie Tyrone General Servant
McSurgan Mary Tyrone General Servant
Miller Margaret Caithness General Servant
Moore Elizabeth Devonshire General Servant
Mullin Bridget Tyrone General Servant
Mary Ann Tyrone General Servant
Mullin Bridget Tyrone Machinist
Mulroyan Mary Galway General Servant
Quane Margaret 15 Limerick General Servant
Roberts Jane Staffordshire General Servant
Sittason Maude Middlesex Nurse
Slattery Johannah Cork General Servant
Stephens Eliza India General Servant
Theakston Ellen Middlesex Machinist
Toomy Mary Tipperary General Servant
Wells Emma Middlesex General Servant
Wells Margaret Middlesex Cook
Wilson Elizabeth Armagh General Servant
Margaret Quane
Margaret Quane sailed on the Hydaspes 3 July 1869 arriving Lyttleton 30 Sept 1869, aged 15 from Limerick, occupation general servant. She married John Fahey in Christchurch 27/11/1872. They settled in Loburn as farmers with a family of 15 children. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Brian Fahey.


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Archives New Zealand IMCH4/87
Lyttelton Times September 30th 1869

Lyttelton Times October 1st 1869

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