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Ship: 1012 tons
Captain: Adams
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr J Forsythe Wilson

Sailed London September 23rd 1876 - arrived Wellington February 18th 1877

The Hurunui, one of five ships built in 1875 by Palmers and Co. for the New Zealand Shipping Company's flag, was an unfortunate craft. She had a narrow escape when bound for Otago by colliding in the English Channel with another of the company's ships, the Waitara, bound for Wellington, and, after sailing the seas for forty years, was sunk on the 4th May, 1915, off St. Catherine's Point, Isle of White, by a German submarine.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

The Hurunui sailed from Gravesend on 23 Sep 1876. Encountered a gale off the Isle of Wight in which the foretopsail yard and jib were carried away. She put into Portland Roads where some passengers landed because of disease.  On 5 Oct she was towed from Portland Roads and arrived in Plymouth on 6 Oct where the ship was fumigated. On 10 Nov she sailed from Plymouth but ran down and sank a Greek ship. She returned to Plymouth for repairs having water in the fore compartment. On 20 Nov she sailed again and arrived in Wellington on 18 Feb.
Comber Index (Many thanks to Hazel Shaw)

Name Age County Occupation
Families & Children
Allison Joseph 22 Lincolnshire Farm Labourer
Family landed at Plymouth sick
Sarah 20
Balderson William 31 Northamptonshire Agricultural Labourer
Family landed at Plymouth sick
Ann 31
Ellen 7
Fred 5
Sarah 3
Emma Infant
Bates John 39 Surrey Gardener
Family landed at Plymouth sick
Johanna 34
Catherine 7
John 6
Edward 4
Thomas 2
Betty William 38
Mary 38
Mary 15
William 13
Sarah 11
Richard 9
Chapman Jabez 48 Middlesex Sawyer
Family landed at Plymouth sick
Emma 45 Dress Maker
Samuel 21 Carter
Eliza 18 Servant
Joseph 17 Shop boy
John 13
Mary 11
Albert 8
Charles 3
Colvin Gavin 30 Limerick Carpenter
Refused to proceed in the ship
Janet 24
Doughty John 43 Lincolnshire Shepherd
Rebecca 43
William 16
Lucy 14
Hubert 3
Arthur 1
Fallows Richard 34 Shropshire Joiner
Mary 27
Female child Born on board 23/01/1877
Flux Alfred 30 Hamptonshire Blacksmith's Labourer
Alice 32 Portsmouth
Emma 11 Devonshire
Martha 9 Portsmouth
William 7 Portsmouth
France George 39 Shropshire Joiner
Sarah 34
Eliza 14
Henry 12
Alfred 10
Ernest 8
Frederick 6
Georgeson James 45 Shetland Tailor
Elizabeth 45 Cork
John 18 House Carpenter
George 16 Tailor
Charles 12 Tailor
Peter 10 Tailor
Green Alfred 24
Sarah 22
Hall John 43 Lincolnshire Agricultural Labourer
Family landed at Plymouth sick
Ann 43
Henry 18
Ann 17
William 15
James 12
Thomas 5
Hills James 21 Ramsgate Butcher
Refused to proceed in the ship
Mary 21
Hurley Patrick 21
Margaret 18
Jacksbourtz Janet 26 Hamburg
Rose 10
Selia 5
Annie 3
Gearalla 1
Jackson David 22 Yorkshire Agricultural Labourer
Sarah 18
John 8 months
Leet George 29 Devonshire Farm Labourer
Jane 29
John 9
Mary 4
Jane 2
Male child Born on board 07/12/1876
McMahon John 34 Monaghan Ploughman
Catherine 24
Morton Richard 34 Middlesex Plumber
Refused to proceed in the ship
Marian 27
Mudge Abraham 29 Devonshire Agricultural Labourer
Thurza 30
George 6
Alice 2
Nash Richard 28 Middlesex Painter
Ellen 28
O'Donnell Michael 40 Kent Labourer
Anne 39
Catherine 12
Parry James 33 Cheshire Joiner
Refused to proceed in the ship
Mary 32
Emily 14
James 11
Rallison William 31 Norfolk Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 26
Roe William 38 Bath Blacksmith
Elizabeth 33
Rooks William 29 Devonshire Farm Labourer
Anne 21
Female child Born on board 21/01/1877
Rutter Stephen 37 Somersetshire Labourer - Schoolmaster on board
Eliza 38
Joshua 14
Mary 14
Ada 12
Shaw Thomas 20 South Lincolnshire Agricultural Labourer
Family landed at Weymouth sick
Sarah 21
Simpson George 29 Yorkshire Shoe Maker
Family landed at Plymouth sick
Mary 26
Eva 4
Elizabeth 2
William 4 months
Smith William 31 Kent Miner
Ellen 31 Agricultural Labourer
Ellen H 6
William 5
Ernest 3
Edmond 2
Emily 6 months
Smith William 46 Kent Farm labourer
Margaret 45
James 16
Sparks Fred 22 Surrey Painter
Alion 20
Towler Walter 33 Suffolk Sawyer
Elizabeth 28
Walter Alfred 5 months
William Forsyth Wilson Born on board 27/01/1877
Watson Charles 30 Kent Boot Maker
Sarah 20
Wright Thomas 22 Refused to proceed in the ship
Anna 20
Families & Children introduced by the Emigrants & Colonists Aid Corporation Limited
Anderson Archibald 35 Kirkudbright Foreman in mill
Refused to proceed in the ship
Louisa 35
Louisa B 8
Jessie 6
Archibald 5
Ivy 2
Balls Fred 31 Bromley Gardener
Louisa 34
John 6
Coventry Henry 18 Essex Labourer
Fred 19 Essex Labourer
Dallard George 25 Gloucestershire Groom
Refused to proceed in the ship
Sarah 25
Frances 2
Head Allan 37 Southampton Sawyer
Refused to proceed in the ship
Elizabeth 36
Helen 12
Agnes 10
Margaret 8
William 6
Thomas 4
Henry 3 months
Keam Samuel 21 Cornwall Labourer
Phillipa 29
Linton Thomas 37 Forfar Cabinet Maker
Family landed at Weymouth sick
Annie E 38
Carrie 7
Lizzie 2
Annie 6 months
Whitton John H 46 Lancashire Farmer
Family landed at Weymouth sick
Annie 38
John H 13
Frank 12
Annie 10
Edith 9
Walter 4
Wills James 31 Cornwall Labourer
Kezia 31
Mary 5
Richard 4
Amelia 3 Died on board ship in Portland Roads and buried at Weymouth.
Frank 4 months Frank is crossed out on the passenger list
Wills Richard 28 Cornwall Labourer
Elizabeth 27
Elizabeth J
Richard 5
William 4
Grace 4 months
Wills Frank 26 Cornwall Labourer
Ellen 23
Wills Mary 53 T/F to single women Mother of Frank Wills
Woodhead Amos 39 Nottinghamshire Engine Fitter
Susan 32
Amberley 8
Mary 3
Florence 2 months
Single Men
Austen James 29 Devonshire Bricklayer
Refused to proceed in the ship
Boulden Joshua 27 Devonshire Painter
Bird Robert 30 Oxfordshire Gardener
Breen John 24 Cork Labourer
Boyde James 20 Donegal Farm Labourer
Curtes Edgar 16 Kent Farm Labourer
Cotton Edward 35 Middlesex Shoe Maker
Coffey James 20 Kerry Farm Labourer
Cooper John 22 Kent Farm Labourer
Dinhey John 20 Cork Farm Labourer
Ford William 23 Lincolnshire Farm Labourer
Franklin Henry 25 Middlesex Grocers Assistant
Landed at Plymouth sick
Gell Nathan 20 Yorkshire Sawyer
Glen Thomas 25 Lincolnshire Farm Labourer
Gray Nicholas 36 Middlesex Painter
Henry James 16 Shetland House Carpenter
Landed at Plymouth sick
Hogan Thomas 24
Hogg John 22 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Thomas 13 11 Tyrone Farm Labourer - Age crossed out & re-stated as 11 years.
Keefe John 20 Cork Agricultural Labourer
Kutzner Julius 22 Berlin Smith
Landed at Plymouth sick
McCarthy Daniel 23 Cork Farm Labourer
Mongahan Colin 21 Kerry Farm Labourer
O'Neill John 29 Mayo Cabinet Maker
Peppler Richard 34 Narwood Gardener
Quintan Thomas 19 Limerick Labourer
Reid Mitchell 19 Shetland Shoe Maker
Landed at Plymouth sick
Reidy John 19 Kent Labourer
Rochester John 26 Surrey Coach Builder
Rooks George 18 Kent Timekeeper
Shergold George 18 Middlesex Milkman
Refused to proceed in the ship
Sullivan Jeremiah 23 Cork Carpenter
Sullivan Patrick 22 Cork Farm Labourer
Swatt Daniel 23 Shetland Shepherd
Walker Thomas 22 Guernsey Cabinet Maker
Walsh John 23 Kerry General Labourer
Weir Alexander 33 Argyle Joiner
Wheatley Henry 24
Words William 19 Middlesex Carpenter
Refused to proceed in the ship
Single Men introduced by the Emigrants & Colonists Aid Corporation Limited
King William 25 Cornwall Labourer
Maria 27 Maria crossed out on the list and William's listing changed from married to single
Smith George 19 London Railway Porter
Simpson Alfred 16
Single Women
Bruce Sarah 20 Donegal Domestic Servant
Bruce Barbara 22
Buckley Sarah 26
Kate 3
Burmeister Catherine 24
Mary 1 Died in hospital at Plymouth
Carroll Sarah 27 Middlesex Servant
Curnane Mary 20
Embleton Jane 34 Sunderland Domestic Servant
Godfrey Margaret 21 Cork Servant
Elizabeth 19 Cork Servant
Goldstone Laura 19 Essex Domestic Servant
Harre Helen 37 Alexandria Nurse
Head Sarah 38 Hamptonshire Cook
Landed at Plymouth sick
Hurley Mary 21 Cork Domestic Servant
Margaret 18
Jamieson Agnes 23 Shetland Domestic Servant
Refused to proceed in the ship
Larcomb Bessie 17 Hamptonshire Housemaid
Martha 19 Hamptonshire Nurse
Lloyd Charlotte 27 Middlesex Cook
McKenzie Priscilla 12 Dumbarton Nurse
Travelled with Harre
Mary A 7 Dumbarton Travelled with Harre
Moriarty Kate 18
Mulholland Elizabeth 30 Dublin Nurse
O'Donnell Catherine 25 Donegal Servant
Landed at Plymouth sick
Reynolds Mary 30 Cavan Cook
Robertson Annie 26 Shetland Cook
Landed at Plymouth sick
Shaw Elizabeth 21 Lincolnshire Servant
Landed at Plymouth from Huranui to proceed with brother in Loch Dee.
Simpson James 21
Mary 18
Alfred 16 T/F to single men
Verdon Catherine 20 Roscommon Teacher on board
Elizabeth 18 Roscommon Servant
Single Women introduced by the Emigrants & Colonists Aid Corporation Limited
Wills Mary 53 Mother of Frank Wills


WILLS family:
Mary Ann Wills, formerly Mary Ann Sarah, came to New Zealand with her  adult children and their families. They lived for a short time at Halcombe, Fielding, where Mary Ann married William King, also on Hurunui passenger list. From there they came to the West Coast, Mary Ann, William and the KEAM family staying in Brunnerton, and the rest of the family moving on to Reefton.  James, Richard and Frank were all miners, later on James becoming a storekeeper there. If anyone would like further information on these families please contact Bev.


Catharina and Maria BURMEISTER:
Catharina was sister to my g-grandfather Jørgen Voss, who arrived in New Zealand in 1875. Catharina married Jachim Heinrich Burmeister at Aabenraa  (Apenrade), Schleswig, in September 1874.  Joachim came to New Zealand on the Friedeburg out of Hamburg in late 1874-early '75. Catharina followed on the Hurunui voyage as listed (actually her voyage from London started in September but the ship put back to London after 8 days following a collision with a ship).  Mary, her daughter, contracted scarlet fever and died in a London hospital in October 1876. If you are connected with this family or would like to know more please contact David Voss.


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