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Hokitika Alphabetical Directory 1865-66

A - L

Name Occupation Location Detail
Allan, J W Haircutter, Perfumer etc Baths Revell St
Allen, W Bookmaker Revell St
Alman, J Tent & Sailmaker Revell St
Alcorn, S W Draper & Outfitter Revell St
Adams, J I Turner & Ironworker Revell St
Adelphi Hotel Revell St Proprietors - Raphael & Marks
Anderson, James R Merchant Revell St
Anderson & Mowat Store
Anderson & Mowat Provision Merchants Wharf St
Angus, John Wholesale & Retail Grocer, Wine & Spirit Merchant Revell St
Armson. J R Architect Revell St Office - Brackin's Hotel
Back, Thomas Wharf Hotel Gibson's Quay
Baillie, J Glasgow Boot Store Revell St
Baillie & Humphrey Southland Store, General Merchants & Co, Importers etc, also agents Otago Steamship Co Wharf St
Bank of New Zealand Camp Reserve, Revell St Manager - W C Roberts
Bank of New South Wales Revell St Agent - George Penshaw
Barnard - Bootmaker Revell St
Barnard, H Butcher Gibson Quay
Barratt's Hotel Revell St Proprietor - John Barratt
Benjamin, A Old Curiosity Shop Revell St
Benjamin, Isaac Tobacconist Revell St
Bentley, J & Co Merchants Gibson's Quay
Berndt Dr - Consulting Room Camp St
Beswick - MD Residence Sewell St
Betts & Sheppard Butchers Revell St
Biondina, T Jnr Swiss Hotel Revell St
Binzer, W Chemist & Druggist Revell St
Binney, G W & Co Auctioneers, Valuators and General Commission Agents Revell St
Bledier, James Cafe National Revell St Proprietor - James Bledier
Bohan, M Blacksmith Revell St
Boyle, A & Co Produce Merchants Wharf St
Bracken, H W Queenstown Hotel Revell St
Braun & Glover Hokitika Brewery Sale St
Brocks, Charles Sportsmans Arms Hotel Revell St
Brocklehurst, D Fruiterer Revell St
Brook, J C & Co Chemists & Druggists Revell St
Brown, Christopher Draper Revell St
Bryce, J & Co Napoleon Hotel Gibson's Quay Proprietor - J Bryce & Co
Brunetti, H Golden Fleece Hotel Revell St Proprietor - H Brunetti
Bond, Charles Bull and Mouth Hotel Revell St Proprietor - Charles Bond
Bullen, F & G F Clothiers and Outfitters Revell St
Burk, J L & C & Co Importers Otago Brewery Depot, Wharf St Proprietor - Charles Bo
Cameron, Peter British Hotel Tancred St Proprietor - Peter Cameron
Cameron, A Goldsmith Weld St
Campbell & Linton Storekeepers Revell St
Campbell, Henry Elmes Barrister & Solicitor Revell St
Campbell, Milburn & Co The City Company Butchery Revell St
Cary & Gillies Auctioneers & General Commission Agents Wharf St
Carter, Mrs M Steam Packet Hotel Revell St
Casey - Ballarat House Revell St
Casset & Sabot Ovens Hotel Revell St
Cassidy, Hugh Australasian Hotel Revell St
Cassius & Comsky Importers & Storekeepers Revell St
Catholic Chapel cnr Weld St Priest - Father Foy
Cheffings & Witton Diggers Arms Hotel cnr Tancred St & Gibson's Quay
Chesney, James & Co Wine, Spirit & Provision Merchants Beach St
Ching, Churches & Co Merchants Revell St
Clarke, James B Glass, China & General Merchants, 1 and 2 Red House Revell St
Clarke Brothers Produce & Coal Merchants
Gibson's Quay
Colishaw & Plaisted Ironmongers Gibson's Quay
Colls, S B Tattersalls Hotel Revell St
Cooper - Fire Brigade Hotel Revell St
Craig, H Royal Mail Hotel Revell St
Cummings - Old Bank Store Revell St
Curr & Rawlings Butchers Revell St
Davidson & Co Blacksmiths & Horseshoers Beach St
Denise, N Hairdresser etc Revell St
District Engineers Office Revell St
Docherty, John Shotover Hotel Revell St
Drake, D Ironmonger Weld St
Drake & Sellars Ironmongers & General Importers Revell St
Driscoll, Cornelius Harp of Erin Hotel Revell St
Duff, John Provision & Egg Merchant Fitzherbert St
Dunning & Ross Fruiterers Revell St
Ecclesfield Brothers Wine, Spirit & Provision Merchants Revell St
Ecclesby Brothers Store Beach St
Edwards, N & Co Merchants & Shipping Agents etc Sewell St
Edwards & Madder Criterion Hotel Revell St
Elliott, Peter Auctioneer Gibson's Quay
Emerson, A R & Co Wholesale Wine & Spirit & General Merchants Revell St
Evans, James Red Lion Hotel Gibson's Quay
Exchange Hotel Revell St Proprietor - W J Kortegast
Falck, B Tobacconist Revell St
Fane, R Havelock Hotel Revell St
Finlay & Taylor Hokitika Saw Mills Sale St
Fish & Son Decorators, Plumbers etc Revell St
Fisher Brothers Produce Merchants Gibson's Quay
Fitzsimmons, James Commercial Hotel Revell St
Fitzpatrick, Thomas Otago Hotel Revell St
Flint, George Blacksmith North Spit
Forsyth & Masters Ironmongers etc Weld St
Fuerst, B Tobacconist Revell St
Geodfrey, James Carriers Arm Inn Beach St
Gibb, Alexander Sawyers Arm Hotel Sale St
Gibson, Thomas Victoria Hotel Revell St
Gibson, G B White Horse Hotel Revell St
Glynn, William Draper Revell St
Golfar, J Victoria Boot Store Revell St
Goodwin & Turner London Bakery Revell St
Graham, William Importer of Drapery Beach St
Gray, John Timber Merchant Gibson's Quay
Greig, William  & Co Coffee & Spice Merchant Beach St
Gridiron Hotel & Dining Rooms Revell St Proprietor - Charles Williams
Griffin, P Painter & Paperhanger Beach St
Griffiths, H Wholesale Fruiterer & General Produce Merchant Revell St
Hackett, J Tyrone Family Hotel Revell St
Hall, Finlay & Co Merchants Wharf St
Hansen, H J Post Office Hotel Gibson's Quay
Harding, J Commercial Hotel Revell St
Hart & Levy Storekeepers Revell St
Hawkes & Strouts Wholesale & Retail Ironmongers & Wine & Spirit Merchants Gibson's Quay
Haworth R & T Iron Merchants Gibson's Quay
Hay, Angus Bendigo Bakery Revell St
Henderson & Bonar General Shipping & Commission Agents Wharf St
Henry & Skeleen Bootmakers Revell St
Hine, F W Royal George Hotel Revell St
Hirsch, J Fancy Goods and Crockery Store Revell St
Hokitika Chronicle Newspaper & Printing Office Revell St Proprietors - Tyrell & Co
Hokitika Evening Star Office Revell St Proprietors - Brown, Neale & Co
Hokitika Hospital Revell St
Hokitika Theatre Revell St Proprietors - Moon & Bartlett
Holdoway & Co Bakers & Confectioners Revell St
Holmes, J Paperhanging, Oil & Colour Warehouse Tancred St
Homan, T Old Horse & Groom Hotel Revell St
Horn, J H Tinsmith etc Revell St
Houghton, E J Ship & Insurance Brokers Wharf St
Hudson, John Albion Hotel Revell St
Hunter, William Hunters Hotel & Glasgow Restaurant Revell St
Isaacs, S Draper & Outfitter Revell St
Isaacs, S Charles Napier Hotel Revell St
Isaacs, D Auctioneer Revell St
Inchliffe, J Butcher Revell St
Jackson, Thomas Saint Laurence Hotel cnr Wharf & Camp St
Jacobs, Joseph Fancy Dealer Revell St
Jomes & Mee Golden Age Hotel Revell St
Johnstone, & Co Ironmongers & Kerosene Oil Lamp Depot Revell St
Johnston, John A Barrister & Solicitor * Notary Public Gibson's Quay
Jones, McGlashan & Co Stock Salesmen & General Commission Agents Revell St
Keeble, James H London Hotel Revell St
Kelly, M H Hiberian Hotel Revell St Proprietor - M H Kelly
Kennedy, J Robert Burns Hotel Revell St Proprietor - J Kennedy
Kennedy, John Hoah's Ark Stables Beach St
Kennedy, H & Co Club Hotel Revell St Proprietor - H Kennedy & Co
King, J Grocer Gibson's Quay
King, William Builder & Undertaker Gibson's Quay
King, J General Store Gibson's Quay
Klein, J P Tobacconist & Jeweller Revell St
Knapp & Bacon Bootmakers Revell St
Lambton & Co Wharf Carters Gibson's Quay
Land Office Sewell St
Lawrence, Jacob Jockey Club Billiard Room Revell St Lessee - Jacob Lawrence
Lazard, L Provision Merchant Revell St
Leonard, William General Store Gibson's Quay
Lewis, John General Importer Revell St
Little & Smither Mercantile Hotel Gibson's Quay
Lime, J C Emerald Isle Hotel Weld St
Lloyd, Taggart & Co Shipping & Commission Agents & General Merchats - Agents NZSN Company Revell St
Loomes, G C Butcher Revell St
Louisson, A & Co Bonded & Free Store Gibson's Quay
Loutit, Reid & Co Wholesale Storekeepers Wharf St Also at Okarita
Lowrie, J J Mariners' Hotel Gibson's Quay
Luhning, F Merchant Revell St
Luhning, F Tobacconist Gibson's Quay 88