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Ship: 1000 tons
Captain: Cow
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London 2nd November 1866 - arrived Lyttelton 10th February 1867

Although a fine large ship of over 1000 tons, the Himalaya made only average passages, but on one occasion she ran from the Lizard to the Snares in 78 days, She made twenty-four voyages to the colony, and brought out many thousand passengers. She was built in 1863, and about 1865 was purchased by the Shaw Savill Co. In 1896 she was sold to the Alaska Packers Co. and renamed the Star of Peru. In 1880 her rig was changed from a ship to a barque. NB A small barque named Himalya, a vessel of 477 tons, arrived at New Plymouth, and then proceeded to Nelson, arriving there on January 10th, 1844 under the command of Captain Burns.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Commissioners Report

Name Age County Occupation
Families and Children
Cochrane John 43 Forfar Farmer
Elizabeth 34
Jane 16 Trans to s/w
James 14 Trans to s/m
John 12 Trans to s/m
Elizabeth 11
Ann 9
David 5
Alexander 1
Dewsbury John S M 33 Armagh Labourer
Mary Ann 29
Selina R. 5
Frederick W. 3
Jamesina 1
Ann J. 4 mths
Hawker Henry 22 Buckinghamshire Gardener
Pricilla 24
Kime Henry 35 Lincolnshire Wheelwright
Eliza 31
Elizabeth N. 6
Kime Joseph 32 Lincolnshire Wheelwright
Elizabeth 31
M. Elizabeth 8
Henry W. 6
Percy 3
George W. 2
Martin John 29 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Ann 22
Smith Hamilton 45 Down Farm Labourer
Ellen 43
Rose Jane 17 Trans to s/w
Isabella 14 Trans to s/w
Hugh 11
Ellen 9
Sarah 7
McJury Jane 16 Trans to s/w Trav. with Smith's
Thorn Joseph 30 Forfar Ploughman
Isabella 38
Mary 11 mths
Trounson John 20 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Emily 20
Warren John 45 Suffolk Farm Labourer
Ann 40
Wills James 24 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Mary A. 22
Single Men
Anderson Thomas 28 Roscommon Shoemaker
Barrett Denis 20 Kerry Farm Labourer
Caldwell Robert 13 Surrey
Cochrane James 14 Forfar
John 12 Forfar
Farmer Alfred 19 Lincolnshire Wheelwright
Godfrey Frederick 18 Staffordshire Labourer
Grealish Martin 24 Galway Farm Labourer
Johnstone Robert 23 Ross Ploughman
Martin Bartly 25 Galway Farm Labourer
Matheson Roderick 26 Ross Ploughman
Moffet Thomas 15 Down Farm Labourer
Moore John 22 Cork Farm Labourer
Mycroft Matthew 23 Derbyshire Labourer
Niven James 25 Dumfries Farm Labourer
Pearson Samuel 29 Yorkshire Ploughman
Reese Alexander 23 Lanark Carpenter
Scannell John 25 Kerry Farm Labourer
Single Women
Anderson Mary 26 Roscommon Domestic Servant
Barrett Mary 17 Kent Domestic Servant
Mary 5
Barrett Jane R. 22 Berkshire Domestic Servant
Brosnahan Johanna 20 Kerry Dairymaid
Margaret 18 Kerry Dairymaid
Burke Judith 20 Galway Domestic Servant
Mary 19 Galway Domestic Servant
Caldwell Sarah 39 Surrey Shopkeeper  Matron
Robert 13 Trans to s/m
Anna 11
Louisa 8
Caldwell Mary 19 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Jane 17 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Cain Johanna 27 Kerry Domestic Servant
Sarah 24 Kerry Dairymaid
Carny Catherine 30 Tipperary
Johanna 7
David 5
Michael 3
Cochrane Jane 16 Forfar Domestic Servant
Connell Johanna 22 Clare Domestic Servant
Catherine 22 Clare Domestic Servant
Connolly Ellen 23 Galway Domestic Servant
Connor Julia 15 Kerry Dairymaid
Deborah 18 Kerry Dairymaid
Mary 20 Kerry Dairymaid
Connors Kate 24 Limerick Domestic Servant
Margaret 22 Limerick Domestic Servant
Cook Jemima 35 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Cummins Mary A. 23 Tipperary Nurse
Cunningham Maria 22 Louth Dairymaid
Dalton Ellen 21 Down Domestic Servant
Deavoll Sarah 17 Staffordshire Domestic Servant
Hannah 16 Staffordshire Domestic Servant
Field Elizabeth 20 Surrey Cook
Maria 17 Surrey Domestic Servant
Fife Sarah M. 25 Middlesex Domestic Servant
French Sarah 18 Roscommon Needle Woman
Gethin Elizabeth 19 Derbyshire Domestic Servant
Godfrey Esther 19 Staffordshire Domestic Servant
Godfrey Emily 18 Glostershire Domestic Servant
Jane 17 Glostershire Domestic Servant
Goodwin Catherine 20 Mayo Domestic Servant
Goodwin Julia 28 Galway Domestic Servant
Gorman Mary 28 Tipperary Domestic Servant
Hiles Elizabeth 20 Antrim Domestic Servant
Hubbard Rose 27 Middlesex Nurse
Johnston Rebecca 22 Tyrone Cook
Sarah E. 25 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Joyce Ellen 20 Galway Domestic Servant
Lilley Jane 17 Glostershire Domestic Servant
Mally Patrick 9
Martin Ann 19 Cornwall Domestic Servant
Matheson Margaret 32 Ross Domestic Servant
McDonnell Winny 20 Galway Domestic Servant
McJury Jane 16 Down Dairymaid
McSweeny Margaret 32 Armagh
Ann 11
Isaiah 9
Sarah 8
John James 6
Robert 4
Samuel 2
Moffet Margaret 18 Down Domestic Servant
Munro Wilhelmina 20 Ross Domestic Servant
Mary 19 Ross Domestic Servant
Mycroft Mary 21 Derbyshire Domestic Servant
Peyman Amy 26 Herts Cook
Ritchie Jessie 18 Aberdeen Domestic Servant
Sargent Jane 21 Cavan Domestic Servant
Elizabeth 18 Cavan Domestic Servant
Amelia 16 Cavan Domestic Servant
Scannell Mary 20 Kerry Dairymaid
Smith Rose Ann 17 Down Dairymaid
Isabella 14 Down
Smith Sibylla 30 Nurse
Sutherland Frances 19 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Sweetman Mary A. 32 Surrey Laundress
Swinburne Sarah 24 Middlesex Cook
Tonacliffe Ellen 19 Roscommon Domestic Servant
Ward Catherine 20 Antrim Domestic Servant
Webb Rosa 21 Middlesex Dressmaker
Young Mary Ann 29 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Travelled out by Matoaka
Peters Janet 23 Forfar Domestic Servant

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Archives New Zealand IMCH4/75
Canterbury Gazette Friday March 1st 1867

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