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Ship: 842 tons
Captain: Thomas Bishop
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Bulmer
Sailed London May 31st 1871 (Deal June 1st) - arrived Wellington August 24th 1871

The Halcione, one of the first iron full-rigged ships built for the Shaw Savill Company, in 1869, completed twenty- six voyages to Auckland, Wellington, Lyttelton, Nelson, Bluff, and Napier; and after making a good run of 89 days to Wellington Heads, on her eighteenth passage out, was totally wrecked. The Halcione was never a flyer, but she made more than average runs. In 1886 she made the Bluff in 87 days, under Captain Parker. She also ran to Wellington, under Captain Bishop on three occasions in 87 days. The ship was built specially for the New Zealand trade by Steele, of Greenock; her tonnage being 843. In 1888 the vessel's rig was changed to that of a barque.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of the Halcione

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Bulmer Dr
Jacob Mr
Steerage Passengers
Ashley Mr
Deal Mr C
Drake Mr T
Haggart Mr
2 children
Holmes Mr
2 sons
Hunter Mr
Gawith Mr
Overton Mr
Reynolds Ellen
Smith Miss
Wilson Mr

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The Evening Post August 25th 1871
The Evening Post August 26th 1871

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