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Captain: Bockwoldt
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Augustus Evers
Sailed Hamburg December 18th 1875 - arrived Wellington March 23rd 1876

Arrival of Gutenburg

Name Age Country Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Briesman Heinrich 25 Prussia Farmer
Families and Children
Alves Carl 27 Prussia Farm Labourer
Maria 20
Anna 1
Antico Carlo 32 Italy Labourer
Nicolina 34
Baidasini Salvatore 26 Italy Farm Labourer
Maria 22
Berthold Wilhelm 49 Prussia Farm Labourer
Wilhelmine 49
Emil 14
Bianchini Antonio 36 Italy Labourer
Louisa 26
Odovardo 4
Biedow Rudolph 38 Prussia Farm Labourer
Marie 44
Reinhold 15
Anna 13
Bini Guiseppe 36 Italy Labourer
Marianne 36
Calamai Egisto 34 Italy Labourer
Alsunta 36
Ermer Franz 40 Prussia Farm Labourer
Pauline 38
Fieinus Carl 28 Prussia Farm Labourer
Bertha 28
Male child Born on board 12/02/1876
Forkildsen Laurtz P 44 Norway Labourer
Anna 33
Rudolf 8
Torkild 6
Helene 3
Hans 6 months
Fosello Marco 30 Italy Labourer
Otavia 20
Frandi Aristodome 34 Italy Farm Labourer
Anunciate 35
Franzisea 9
Italia 6
Aslo 1
Frei Melchior 21 Switzerland Labourer
Carl 23 Switzerland Labourer
Haase Wilhelm 38 Prussia Labourer
Franzisea 32 Prussia
Haber Gottleib 27 Switzerland Labourer
Elise 26
Rosinia 6 months
Jacobsen Jacob L 26 Norway Labourer
Theoline 25 Norway
Kleeman Auguste 43 Prussia Farm Labourer
Emilie 43
Kohler Ewald 38 Prussia Farm Labourer
Auguste 35
Waldmar 11
Hedwig 7
Lenz Wilhelm 22 Prussia Farm Labourer
Alma 27
Mallgraff Johann 40 Prussia Farm Labourer
Johanna 49
Clara 15
Auguste 11
Manz Fredrich 47 Prussia Farm Labourer
Pauline 45
Bertha 18
Otto 15
Auguste 11
Emma 9
Minna 3
Maul Fredrich 34 Prussia Farm Labourer
Wilhelmine 35
Fredrich 9
Wilhelmine 7
Mudrack Robert 24 Prussia Farm Labourer
Auguste 23
Martha 9 months
Nielsen Ane Margaret 45 Denmark
Marie 9
Niels 3
Pirleoni Rafallo 36 Italy Labourer
Julia 22
Ida 3
Stenberg Amalie 23 Norway Servant
Mathildr 11 Norway
Turehi Carlo 45 Italy Labourer
Zantina 35
Maria 17
Carola 13
Erico 9
Louisa 8
Emma 5
Catharine 3
Franzisco 6 months
Wallat Fredrich 26 Prussia Farm Labourer
Caroline 25
Otto 1
Schirnack Carl 42 Prussia Farm Labourer
Wilhelmine 38
Franzisea 18
Emil 17
Schormann Heinrich 33 Prussia Farm Labourer
Dorothea 27
Friedrich 6
Marie 1
Tofauore Benoenuto 26 Italy Labourer
Albina 30
Feresina 2
Single Men
Barehert Gustav 24 Prussia Farm Labourer
Bay Harold 19 Norway Labourer
Berger Hermann 29 Saxony Labourer
Bini Alexandra 22 Italy Labourer
Corrado Pietro 22 Italy Labourer
Dinsen Johan Fr 27 Denmark Labourer
Federli Giovanni 35 Italy Labourer
Frei Melchior 21 Switzerland Labourer
Frei Carl 23 Switzerland Labourer
Frikker Clemens 43 Switzerland Labourer
Gamanasi Dante 25 Italy Labourer
Georg Christensen 45 Prussia Farm Labourer
Germano Ginseppe 31 Italy Labourer
Ghizzane Pilade 21 Italy Farm Labourer
Gilasio Landi 20 Italy Labourer
Hansen Christen E 31 Norway Labourer
Hansen Simon 20 Denmark Labourer
Hoffman Heinrich 35 Prussia Farm Labourer
Ianssan Johna 21 Sweden Labourer
Jensen Christopher Hauss 23 Denmark Labourer
Johansen Jens Christopher 22 Denmark Labourer
Liegut August 32 Prussia Farm Labourer
Lyngby Jacob W 25 Denmark Labourer
Maschini Alfonso 30 Italy Labourer
Mausueto Cesare 28 Italy Labourer
Meyer August 34 Saxony Labourer
Moradei Auguste 23 Italy Labourer
Muller Johannes 23 Switzerland Labourer
Nielsen Anders 23 Denmark Labourer
Nissen Georg 28 Prussia Farm Labourer
Paaske Jorgen 17 Schleswig Labourer
Pedersen Niels 25 Denmark Labourer
Polit Iulins 28 Prussia Labourer
Preness Gottfried 40 Prussia Farm Labourer
Rasmussen Rasmus 26 Denmark Labourer
Renner Julius 36 Hanover Machinist
Rudolphe Paroli 29 Italy Labourer
Rusterholz Ferdinand 26 Italy Labourer
Schipper August 16 Austria Labourer
Schmied Johann 30 Switzerland Labourer
Schulze Heinrich 29 Prussia Labourer
Smith Harlod 30 Norway Labourer
Sommer Heinrich 34 Prussia Farm Labourer
Stenberg Axel 16 Norway Labourer
Stenberg Johna E 19 Norway Labourer
Suruy Victor 27 Prussia
Volti Cesare 20 Italy Labourer
Weisse Paul Julius 23 Prussia Servant
Widmaeir Georg 41 Prussia Farm Labourer
Single Women
Garazza Lucia 32 Italy Servant
Hansen Oline 35 Norway Servant
Hausen Camilla 18 Denmark Servant
Hendriksen Johanne 22 Norway Servant
Jensen Ane Margaret 25 Denmark Servant
Meyer Johanne D 24 Denmark Servant
Petersen Christina C 19 Norway Servant
Schoples Emerensia 20 Switzerland Servant
Simian Essira 16 Italy Labourer
Smidt Zulma 22 Denmark Servant
Weiss Pauline 45 Prussia Servant
MAUL family:
Carl Fredrich Leopold Maul along with his wife Wilhelmine Maul (formerly Rademacher) and two children, Frederick Alfred Otto and Wilhelmine Frederica, arrived in Wellington from Germany onboard the Guttenberg in 1876. Making the final part of their journey from Foxton to Palmerston North by way of the wooden tramline to join the early settlers of the Manawatu district. Where Carl or (Fritz) Maul became one of the first 361 property owners to pay Palmerston North’s rates when they were levied in 1878. Maggie McEwen also joined the Maul family at the age of six, after the death of her mother, and was formally adopted by Wilhelmine snr in Jan 1885. Wilhelmine Frederica Maul married John Denson in 1890, and later that same year Frederick Alfred Otto Maul married his Norwegian bride, Petra Malia Larsen at the Maul family home in Fergusson Street. Carl snr a Dairyman, died in 1903 and his wife Wilhelmine five years later, they are both buried in the Terrace End Cemetery at Palmerston North. Frederick Alfred Otto with his wife Petra and their children, Agnes, Henry, Wilhelmina (Minna), Douglas and Rita became a successful dairy farming family in the Ashhurst area. Frederick having resided in the Manawatu area for 57 years before his death in 1930, and Petra who survived her husband by thirty years are both buried at the Ashhurst cemetery. To share any further information, please contact John Hamilton.

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