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Canterbury Province
West Coast Directory 1865-1866
Greymouth Alaphabetical

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Name Occupation Location Details
Affleck, J Importer & General Merchant Mawhera Quay
Alcorn & Company Merchants Richmond Quay
Allen Sinclair of Kennedy Brothers Richmond Quay
Ashton, Edward Ashton Family Hotel Richmond Quay Proprietor- Edward Ashton
Askew & De Hammett Merchants Mawhera Quay
Bank of New South Wales Mawhera Quay Agent- Gilbert King
Bank of New Zealand Richomnd Quay
Bailley, Nichol & Co Provision Wine & Spirit Merchant Mawhera Quay
Bell, Walter Timber Merchant Tainui St
Blackmore & Kerr Star Hotel Richmond Quay
Blake, Isaac Grocer & Draper Mawhera Quay
Blackmore & Tev Star Hotel Mawhera Quay Proprietor- Blackmore & Tev
Brookman, B Importer Richmond Quay
Brown & Southern Shoemakers Richmond Quay
Buggy, Mary Niagra Hotel Johnston St Proprietress- Mary Buggy
Bulstrode, J Post Office Hotel Mawhera Quay
Bullen, F & G F Outfitters Richmond Quay
Burrell & Methven Otago Hotel Mawhera Quay Proprietor- Burrell & Methven
Butement Brothers Aerated Water Manufacturers Gresson St
Cassius & Cominsky Merchants Richmond Quay
Coates, W J Storekeeper Johnstone St
Coventry, John Tinsmith Boundary St
Cradock, J Bootmaker Richmond Quay
Day & Co British American Hotel Mawhera Quay Proprietor- Day & Co
De Costa & Co Importers & Merchants Mawhera Quay Agents- NZS Company
Donnell, J O Butcher Mawhera Quay
East, Henry Watchmakers Richmond Quay
Edwards, N & Co Merchants Mawhera Quay
Ellis & Co Auctioneers Richmond Quay
Fellowes, G P Blacksmith Gresson St
Fisher, J Aerated Water Manufacturer Richmond Quay
Fitzgerald, J T Dan O'Connell's Hotel Johnstone St
Forsaith & Masters Ironmongers etc Boundary St
Foxcroft, Thomas Tinsmith Richmond Quay
Foxcroft, T & W Tinsmiths Richmond Quay
Gilmer, C H Sweeney's Hotel Mawhera Quay Proprietor- C H Gilmer
Goff & Farlan Victoria Hotel Mawhera Quay Proprietor- Goff & Farlan
Gray, W & G Sir Charles napier Hotel Boundary St
Gray & Hodge Storekeepers Mackay St
Grey River Argus Newspapers & General Printing Office Boundary St Proprietors- Kerr, Keogh & Co
Griffin, P & Co Importers & General Merchants Mawhera Quay
Hall & Co Storekeepers Richmond Quay
Hamilton & Co Empire Hotel Richmond Quay
Hamilton & Flannery Harp of Erin Hotel Mawhera Quay Proprietor- Hamilton & Flannery
Harvey, William Shotover Hotel Mawhera Quay
Isaacs, W & G Ironmongers etc Richmond Quay
Johnston, James Melbourne Hotel Mawhera Quay Proprietor- James Johnston
Keenan, J A Importers & Wholesale Grocers Mawhera Quay
Kenrick, H Magistrates Clerk
Kennedy Bros Wine & Spirit Merchants Richmond Quay
Kerr, Keogh & Co Grey River Argus & General Printing Office Gresson St
Kilgour, Joseph Union Hotel Mawhera Quay
King, William Wakatip Hotel Johnstone St
Kirkpatrick, Hugh & Co Drapers Richmond Quay
Larson, P Jeweller Johnstone St
Latham & Co Bakers Arney St
Laurence, Levy Little Bee Hive Store Richmond Quay
Lynch & Doyle Leinster Hotel Johnstone St Proprietors- Lynch & Doyle
Levian & Co Merchants Mawhera Quay
Luhning, F Tent Maker Mawhera Quay
Lynch, R Montezuma Hotel Mawhera Quay
McFarlan, D Mac's Hotel Richmond Quay
McFarhan & Joyce Wholsale & Retail Wine and Spirit Merchants Richmond Quay
McFarland, A & Co Shipping Agents Albert St
McLean, D Auctioneer Tainui St
McLean, Fisher & Co Auctioneers & General Merchants and Commission Agents Mawhera Quay
Macmichael & Bryant Hay & Corn Dealers Richmond Quay
Maxwell, G F Cosmopolitan Hotel Mawhera Quay
Mills, Margaret Bendigo & Ballarat Hotel Johnston St
Manson, J & Co Drapers Richmond Quay
Morrison, Law & Co Merchants Mawhera Quay
Morton & Torrance Oriental Hotel Richmond Quay
Murison & Miscamble Bakers Richmond Quay
Nathan H E & Co Auctioneers & General Agents Side St off Mawhera Quay
Paul, J E Merchant Richmond Quay
Paul, W Canadian Hotel Richmond Quay
Police & Warden's Office Gresson St
Pope & Shieffele Bakers Richmond Quay
Pritchard, E Blacksmith Side St off Mawhera Quay
Rae & Haworth Timber Merchants Mawhera Quay
Revell - Resident Magistrate
Rochford, T H Mawhera Restaurant Whaite St
Sheldon, John Tinsmith Richmond Quay
Sheedy, Daniel Brian Boru Hotel Mawhera Quay
Skogland, A H Draper & Outfitter Richmond Quay
Smith & McDowell Storekeepers Mawhera Quay
Smyth, P F & Co General Storekeepers Richmond Quay
Sutton, Mrs M Glass & China Warehouse Mawhera Quay
Sweeny & Melody Sweeny's Hotel Richmond Quay
Thomson, J S & Co Merchants Richmond Quay
Tonks & Hughes Albion Hotel Richmond Quay
Toppoly - M. D. Surgeon Albert St
Trist & Bertram Tentmakers Richmond Quay
Union Bank of Australia Mawhera Quay Agent- J P Martin
Wait, Reuben Marlborogh Hotel
Watts, W J & Co Outfitters Richmond Quay
Willats, J G Butcher Mawhera Quay
Williams, H Chemist & Druggist Johnstone St
Williams, J H & Co Merchants Albert St
Williams, J Buller Bakery Mawhera Quay
Wiesenhavern, O Tobacconist Richmond Quay