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Governor Hobson's instructions to magistrates Murphey and Robinson

The magistrates referred to, Messrs Murphy and Robinson, were destined for Port Nicholson, with the reservation that the Akaroa question had to be dealt with on the way. Mr Murphy was the senior of the two, and to him Hobson addressed his instructions, which were sealed, and remained in possession of captain Stanley until Akaroa was reached. The following is the text of the original letter:-
Memo of instructions to be attended to by Mr Murphy, P M -
You will at every port that H M sloop Britomart touches at act in your magisterial capacity and, as it is requisite that the civil authority should be strictly exercised, should no case be brought under your notice you will adjourn from day to day, and a careful record of your proceedings must be made, a copy of which you will transmit to me. Under any circumstances that Captain Stanley may call upon you for assistance you will, of course, render it, and co-operate generally with him in the advancement of any measures he may think it expedient to adopt.
                                      Dated at Russell 21st July , 1840.