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Ship: 610 tons
Captain: Benjamin Bruce
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London 11th June 1857 - arrived Lyttelton 3rd October 1857

The ship Glentanner.....had a very rough experience on the voyage out to Lyttelton in 1857. She sailed from Gravesend on June 11th, and experienced fairly good weather until August 20th. The ship then ran into a very heavy gale, and was thrown on her bean ends. The mainmast-head gave way also the mizzen topmast and jibboom, which carried away the foretop gallant mast and foretopsail yard. Nearly all the sails were carried away. When the masts went down the ship righted herself, but it was not until the following day that she could be got before the wind, and then she could only spread her foresail and foretop mast staysail. By this accident one of the seamen was killed. The Glentanner brought 163 passengers...
White Wings Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Families and Children
Boag William 50 Scotland Farm Labourer
Jane 49
Rollo Janet 21 Wife of James Rollo Servant - Came with Boag
Boag Ann 19 Scotland Servant
John 16 Scotland Farm Servant
Peter 10 Boy at School
Rollo James 25 Scotland - Son In Law Labourer - Came with Boag
Bradwell Cardine 35 Sheffield Husband a printer in the Colony
Albert 10
Caroline 7
Brooks Henry 30 London Labourer
Elizabeth 28
Hanry 4
John 2
Joseph 14 months
Clement Shadrack 26 Somersetshire Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth 20
William Henry 6
Elizabeth A 4
Edward 2
Craythorne William 39 Leicestershire Farm Labourer
Mary 39
Mary Ann 18
Fanny 14
Charles 11
Emma 7
Day Daniel 34 Bristol Bricklayer
Mary 43
Robert 10
Eliza 8
Doggett William 36 Suffolk Labourer
Matilda 41
Hannah 11
Rebecca 8
Maria 5
John 4
Jucy 1
East Sarah 37 Oxfordshire (Widow) Upholsterer & Milliner
Harry 17 Upholsterer
Frank W 13
Alfred E P 10
Robert E 8
Fielder Henry 31 London Carpenter
Emma 23
Sarah Ann 10
Henry 8
Infant 10 months
Galletly Peter 27 Perthshire Ploughman
Marjory 24
John 3
Infant 7 months
Hardety Benjamin 60 Norfolk Labourer
Elizabeth 27 Daughter of above Servant
Joseph 6
Hodgson John 58 London Bootmaker
Elizabeth 59
Mary 26
Jane 24
Sophia 18
Henry 12
Hodgson John 23 London Carpenter
Sophia 26
Holmes George 45 Allington, Wiltshire Agricultural Labourer
Amelia 44
Harriet 16
Frederick 12
Ivory Aquila 28 London Gardener
Ann 28
Louisa 3
William 11 months
Johnston John 40 Scotland Smith & Implement Maker
Elizabeth 35
Alexander 14
William 12
Elizabeth 10
Helen 9
John 6
James Moir 4
Peter Martin 2
Maber John 23 Guernsey Labourer
Susanna 25 Guernsey Domestic Servant
McLennan Murdo 41 Scotland Shepherd
Abigail 29
Mary 8
John 6
Kenneth 3
Alexander 2
McLeod Alexander 23 Scotland Shepherd
Mary 20
Oliver William 24 London Labourer
Emily 21
Ramscar George 45 London Boatmaker
Ann Mary 47
Robinson Ward 35 Lincolnshire Gardener
Mary 33
Anna 9
Louisa 8
Harriet 6
Elizabeth 5
Ward 3
George 18 months
Selfe Alexander 34 England Carpenter
Wagstaff Henry 47 London Carpenter
Mary Ann 43
Mary Ann 18 Domestic Servant
Charlotte 15
Matilda 12
Caroline 10
Jessie 7
Gredus Selina 19 Came with Wagstaff Domestic Servant
Wearing Selina 24 London (Married) Husband in Colony
George 7
Blanche 2
Single Men
Barton Henry 20 London Carpenter
Bush William 23 Essex Carpenter
Chappell Edwin 16 London Butcher
Dawson Thomas 23 Macclesfield Labourer
Dobbs Joseph Manning 10 Ireland
Elliott Robert 21 Nottinghamshire Blacksmith
Evans William 22 London Porter & Waiter
Forbes William 16 Scotland Domestic Servant
Galletly David 24 Scotland Shepherd
Johnston Alexander 44 Scotland Smith & Implement Maker
Marshall Robert 24 Nottinghamshire Carpenter
McRae George 20 Scotland Shepherd
Merrin James 24 Nottinghamshire Labourer
Oram Matthew Henry 25 London Bootmaker
Oram Charles 23 London Bootmaker
Paddy Henry 22 London Agricultural Labourer & Baker
Parnham Edwin 22 Nottinghamshire Joiner
Potts James 23 London Basket Maker
Rogers James 22 Nottinghamshire Farm Labourer
Rutland Walter George 16 London Carpenter
Rutland Edwin 18 Berkshire Carpenter
Stubbs Abraham 30 Cheshire Labourer
Swale William 39 Manchester Gardener
Taylor John 25 Hampshire Labourer
Ward William John 18 London Carpenter
Williams Thomas 14 Bedfordshire Servant Boy
Wyatt Alfred Ambrose 14 Bristol Labourer
Single Women
Allen Martha 14 London Servant
Didcock Esther 24 Buckinghamshire Servant
Dobbs R M 45 Ireland (Widow) Nurse
Pinner Charlotte 26 London Servant
Rossiter Maria 24 Somersetshire Servant
Snelling Jane 43 Oxfordshire Servant
Topp Mary 49 Cambridgeshire Servant
Williams Mary 38 Bedfordshire Servant


DAY family:
Daniel Day was a bricklayer early in life. He came to New Zealand with his wife Mary in 1857 on the ship Glentanner arriving on October 3rd, 1857. Along with them were their children daughter Eliza (aged 8) and son Robert (aged 10). Daniel farmed at Ladbrooks and then Springston.   On his retirement in 1870, Daniel leased his farm to his son-in-law, Henry Kimber and named his home "Sutton Royal". He died in New Zealand on 30th January, 1904 and is buried at Springston Cemetry, New Zealand. His son Robert, my great grandfather, took his family to Argentina in 1880's and from there to Queensland in 1910 when my mother was born. He certainly lived an interesting life and moved around the world like a lot of others who are our ancestors. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Kevin Rigg.

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