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Ship: 958 tons
Captain: Wrankmore
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London August 18th 1867 - arrived Lyttleton November 14th 1867

Described by the Lyttelton newspapers as "a model ship throughout, with excellent accommodation for passengers", Glenmark was an Aberdeen clipper of 958 tons. As a new ship she departed on her first voyage to New Zealand on October 30th 1864 and arrived at Lyttelton on January 21st 1865. In all Glenmark made eight voyages to New Zealand, all of them to Lyttelton. After loading 80,000 in gold at London in early 1872 and having on board 50 passengers and crew, Glenmark sailed into oblivion. She was never seen again and there was no evidence as to what happened to her, her passengers or the gold.

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Barnard Mrs Died on board - 24/10/1876
Brown Mrs
Miss M E
Davis Mr R H
Hutchinson Mr W
Jones Mr E
Miss L M
Miss A
Lloyd Mr F H
Martin Mr F S
Moore Mr J H
Skillcorn Miss
Stack Mr A
Stoddart Mr M P 45 Forfar Farm Labourer & Carpenter
3 children
Thompson Mrs C
Assisted Immigrants
Families & Children
Craigie James 45 Forfar Farm Labourer & Carpenter
Agnes 45
Susan 19 T/F to single women
James 17 T/F to single men
Elizabeth 9
Margaret 7
Bradley George L 28 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Esther 29
Frederick 3 months
Hart William 27 Essex Farm Labourer
Mary 29
William 3 months
McLeod John 46 Sutherland Shepherd
Margaret 45
Augustine 19 T/F to single women
Barbara 16 T/F to single women
Thomas 14 T/F to single men
Robina 11
McLeod William 27 Sutherland Shepherd
Barbara 21
Sparks William A 38 Middlesex Carpenter
Rebecca 37
William 15 T/F to single men
Rebecca 14 T/F to single women
Frederick 10
Emily 7
Mary Ann Infant
Taylor John 54 Yorkshire Labourer
Sarah 52
Sarah Ann 19 T/F to single women
James Edward 17 T/F to single men
France Elizabeth 22 T/F to single women Travelled with Taylor
Wilson Kenneth 24 Sutherland Shepherd
Jane 18
Wright Thomas 38 Staffordshire Waggoner
Emma 31
Kate 5
Welsman Mary 21 T/F to single women Travelled with Wright
Urquhart James 24 Ross Farm Labourer
Jessie 24
Single Men
Brown James 22 Tyrone Ploughman
Brownett William 19 Gloucestershire Whitesmith
Mary A T/F to single women
Carter William 19 Salop Farm Labourer
Craigie James 17 Forfar Farm Labourer
Donohue Peter 26 Carlow Ploughman
Ferguson Henry 51 Cavan Shoemaker
Findlay David 30 Sutherland Farm Labourer
Frisby Arthur 21 Leicestershire Labourer
Haskett Joseph 20 Tipperary Harness Maker
Maxwell James 21 Tipperary Blacksmith
Eliza 17 T/F to single women
McLeod Thomas 14 Sutherland
Ross James 23 Caithness Ploughman
Sparks William 15 Middlesex Labourer
Taylor James Edward 17 Yorkshire Labourer
Treacy Thomas 24 Tipperary Labourer
Single Women
Barnes Catherine A 16 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Barrett Charlotte 18 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Berriman Sarah 30 Cornwall Dressmaker
Blake Matilda 30 Buckinghamshire Needlewoman
Blair Mary 22 Londonderry Domestic Servant
Boyd Diana 25 Kent Domestic Servant
Boyd Margaret 30 Antrim Domestic Servant
Brown Suasn 27 Lanark Domestic Servant
Brownett Mary A 28 Gloucestershire Domestic Servant
Burton Louisa 45 Middlesex Laundress
Eliza 17 Middlesex Laundress
Carroll Helen 20 Galway Dairymaid
Ann 17 Galway Laundress
Coleman Julia 19 Cork Domestic Servant
Connor Annie 19 Antrim Domestic Servant
Cooper Emma 16 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Cooper Elizabeth 20 Essex Domestic Servant
Corkery Ellen 18 Kerry Domestic Servant
Ellen 15 Kerry Domestic Servant
Craigie Susan 19 Forfar Domestic Servant
Crawford Mary 31 Stirlingshire Domestic Servant
Cuffin Ann 20 Essex Domestic Servant
Cutler Eliza 19 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Deidrick Augusta 28 Sweden Nurserymaid
Dixon Margaret 19 Down Domestic Servant
Duberson Rosina 29 Kent Cook
Everest Charlotte 19 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Fallon Mary 23 Monaghan Domestic Servant
Finlay Jane 25 Ayr Dairymaid
Fleming Emily 23 Armagh Dairymaid
Caroline 18 Armagh Dairymaid
Flin Mary 21 Galway Dairymaid
France Elizabeth 22 Yorkshire Domestic Servant
Gorvett Elizabeth 21 Devonshire Cook
Griffiths Agnes G 27 Wales Governess
Griggs Elizabeth 19 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Hamilton Elizabeth 27 Somersetshire Domestic Servant
Harmer Sarah 20 Surrey Domestic Servant
Harris Fanny 18 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Harrison Jane 26 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Hedges Louisa M 20 Middlesex Waitress
Hember Sarah 21 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Herrigan Elizabeth Galway Governess
Hewison Mary A 25 Surrey Domestic Servant
Hogan Ellen 22 Galway Dairymaid
Johnson Margaret 30 Ireland Domestic Servant
Lackey Mary A 16 Somersetshire Domestic Servant
Leah Mary Ann 19 Dorset Domestic Servant
Keily Mary 18 Cork Domestic Servant
Ellen 15 Cork Domestic Servant
Kenealy Eliza 19 Cork Domestic Servant
Lawrence Lucy 21 Lancashire Domestic Servant
Lighton Elizabeth 17 Berkshire Domestic Servant
Lyle Mary 23 Stirlingshire Domestic Servant
Mackay Jane 34 Salop Domestic Servant
Maloney Ellen 18 Galway Dairymaid
Mannix Mary A 18 Kerry Domestic Servant
Marchant Phillis 19 Kent Domestic Servant
Marshall Mary 16 Kerry Domestic Servant
Maxwell Eliza 17 Tipperary Domestic Servant
McAuliff Elizabeth 33 Cork Domestic Servant
McDonald Kate 24 Middlesex Domestic Servant
McLeod Augustina 19 Sutherland Domestic Servant
Barbara 16 Sutherland Domestic Servant
O'Connor Margaret 33 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Reid Sarah 21 London Domestic Servant
Rickard Martha 21 Cambridgeshire Domestic Servant
Alice 17 Cambridgeshire Domestic Servant
Shead Charlotte 18 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Sparks Rebecca 14 Middlesex
Stepney Jane 21 Kent Domestic Servant
Stewart Sarah 18 Domestic Servant
Taylor Mary MATRON
Taylor Sarah 19 Yorkshire Domestic Servant
Temper Susan 30 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Terry Eliza 20 Hamtponshire Domestic Servant
Thompson Lucy 24 Leicestershire Domestic Servant
Thompson 25 Domestic Servant
Servant to Mr Stoddart - Cabin passenger
Ward Margaret 26 Antrim Domestic Servant
Ward Catherine 25 Galway Domestic Servant
Warren Louisa 27 Warwickshire Cook
Watts Martha 24 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Caroline 19 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Welsman Mary 21 Staffordshire Domestic Servant
Wheeler Louisa 22 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Wildish Elizabeth 26 Kent Domestic Servant
Willament Amelia 22 Norfolk Domestic Servant
Wilson Mary 18 Aberdeen Domestic Servant
Wilson Jane 20 Longford Domestic Servant
Kate 17 Longford Domestic Servant
Woodfine Mary A 20 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Woods Ann 25 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Margaret 19 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Wright Elizabeth 28 Surrey Cook
Mary Ann 24 Surrey Cook
Young Mary 27 Lanark Domestic Servant
Single Men listed on the Glenmark but travelling by the Melita
Kimpton Joseph 24 Middlesex Painter

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Archives New Zealand IMCH4/80
The Press November 15th 1867

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