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Ship: 1238 tons
Captain: Daniel Jones
Surgeon Superintendent:
                  Sailed London March 19th 1875 - arrived Auckland July 17th 1875

The Forfarshire, a fine large well-appointed ship of 1238 tons, made frequent visits to New Zealand and Australia. She was built in 1867, and eight years later, sailing under the Shaw Savill flag, arrived at Auckland with immigrants. She did not run continuously to the colony, having made only six voyages from 1875 until 1900. Nothing eventful occurred on any of the passages to New Zealand, out or home. She experienced some heavy gales in the Southern Ocean occasionally, and in 1894, when bound for Wellington, had her starboard bulwarks carried away by heavy seas breaking on board, besides sustaining other severe damage.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of the Forfarshire

Name Age County Occupation
Families & Children
Boreham Charles J 27 Middlesex Printer
Jessie 29
Phoebe R 4
Henry 2
Alice M Infant
Buttler James 36 Antrim Miner
Elizabeth 36
Clements Robert 39
Elizabeth 39
Elizabeth 4
Robert E 2
Sarah Anne 6 months Died on board April 24th 1875
Teething & convulsions
Crowley James 28 Waterford Farm Labourer
Ellen 24
Mary 8
Davis Elijah 36 Shropshire Sawyer
Anne 25
Albert 6
Robert 4
Caroline 2
Daughter Born on board June 2nd 1875
Doorley Walter 30 Dublin Farmer
Mary A 26
Fitzgerald James 39
Ellen 38
Mary 19 T/F to single women
Honora 17 T/F to single women
Maurice 15 T/F to single men
Bridget 13 T/F to single women
Margaret 8
Ellen 5
Catherine 6 months
Gleeson Daniel 24 Cork Farm Labourer
Ellen 24
Griffiths Joseph 51 Lancashire Farm Labourer
Margaret 47
Thomas 21 T/F to single men
Joseph 19 T/F to single men
Sarah A 17 T/F to single women
Margeret 14 T/F to single women
David R 11
Mary A 8
Jones William 28 Staffordshire General Labourer
Mary 26
William 2
Prudence 6 months
Keane William 30 Waterford General Labourer
Mary 35
Patrick 7
Thomas 5
Keefe Edward 35 Cork Cooper
Mary 35
Mary 16 T/F to single women
Elizabeth 15 T/F to single women
William 13 T/F to single men
Patrick 8
Michael 6
Margaret 4
Kennedy Thomas 26 Down Miner
Elizabeth 26
Thomas 5
John 3
Ann 11 months
Kidd Joseph 27 Antrim Farm Labourer
Mary A 26
Alice 18 months Died on board May 11th 1875
Debility & convulsions
Kyley Maurice 24 Wakeford General Labourer
Margaret 22
Mary 9 months
Lampard Thomas 25 Surrey Gardener
Emma 28
Ada 3
Sydney 7
Mcara John 36 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Harriet 30
Margaret 10
James 8
Sarah 5
Daniel 2
McManus Joseph 29 Mayo Farm Labourer
Anne 22
Anne 14 months
McManus William 35 Antrim Platelayer
Died on board May 21st 1875
Margaret 30
William John 13 T/F to single men
Annie Maria 4
Charles 2 Died on board June 28th 1875
Teething & convulsions
Theresa 3 months Died on board April 14th 1875
Mills James 26 Perth Miner
Isabella 26
Edward 7
Morgan William 24 Pembrokshire General Labourer - School Teacher on board
Mary 21
Morrisey Thomas 24 Waterford Ploughman
Catherine 22
Son Born on board March 28th 1875
Quin Richard 32 Kilkenny Ploughman
Margaret 31
John 14 T/F to single men
Margaret 5
Richard 6 months
Rylance William 32
Eliza J 30
William John 6
Isabella J 2
Daughter Born on board April 1st 1875
Sharpe Charles C 23 America Shoemaker
Maria 20
Sharpe William 27 Lanark Miner
Margaret 25
George 12
Hugh 8
John 4
William 2
Daughter Born on board May 2nd 1875
Skivington John 22 Tyrone Miner
Mary 20
Syme William 37 Clackmannon Mason
Agnes 31
Jane 12 T/F to single women
Annie 10
William 8
Amelia 7
Jessie 5
Thomas 3
James 1
Weston John 28 Cork Navvy
Ellen 28
Catherine 8
Wright Charles 28 Essex Labourer
Margaret 30
Edith 2
Thake Ellen 9 Travelled with Wright
Single Men
Aldred Francis 28 Suffolk Ploughman
Alkings William 25 Tipperary Ploughman
Auld William 30 Northumberland Miner
Bagg William 24 Somersetshire Farm Labourer
Beaumont John 25 Middlesex Plumber
Boden William 21 Derry Farm Labourer
Bourke James 27 Tipperary Ploughman
Cock James 20 Cornwall Carpenter
Thomas Cornwall Farm Labourer
Colclough Timothy 27 Cork Ploughman
Connell Patrick 32 Cork Ploughman
Connors John 26 Tipperary General Farm Labourer
Cornfort Edward 22 Kilkenny Farm Labourer
Croley John 19 Cork Ploughman
Cunningham Patrick 20 Waterford Mason
Daley Daniel 22 Cork Farm Labourer
Davies Thomas 20 Hereford Labourer
Dickson James 19 Down Collier
Dolan Patrick 25 Cavan Collier
Donovan Timothy 21 Tipperary Ploughman
Denis 20 Tipperary Ploughman
Enright Thomas 22 Kerry Labourer
Fitzgerald Maurice 15 Waterford Bricklayer
Fitzgerald William 25 Cork Ploughman
James 23 Cork Ploughman
Fountain Robert 26 Lincolnshire Shoemaker
Glendinning James 19 Meath Labourer
Griffiths Thomas 21 Lancashire Smith
Joseph 19 Lancashire Smith
Hackett Albert 20 Kings County Gardener
Healey Patrick 28 Lancashire Farm Labourer
Helps William 21 Somersetshire Farm Labourer
Hennessy Edward 21 Cork Farm Labourer
Heron Patrick 25 Waterford Wheelwright
Hickey Kerin 23 Kilkenny Ploughman
Hindmarsh John 25 Durham Miner
Hogan William 28 Limerick Farm Labourer
David 25 Limerick Farm Labourer
Howe Robert 30 Kent Farm Labourer
Hutchinson William R 24 Durham Miner
Jenkins Samuel 19 Cornwall Carpenter
Jones Robert 21 Ayr Collier
Keefe Michael 21 Cork Farm Labourer
William 13 Cork
Kelly Cornelius 23 Cork Farm Labourer
Keneally Maurice 20 Cork Farm Labourer Travelled together
Mulcahy Michael 20 Cork Farm Labourer
Keys John J 39 Essex Carpenter
Kingham Thomas 26 Down Labourer
Low James P 21 Devon Carpenter
McCord James 21 Derry Farm Labourer
McCullum William 22 Renfrew Joiner
McManus William John 13 Antrim
Mercer John 32 Armagh Labourer
Moreland Samuel 19 Devon Collier
Moriarty Edmond 20 Kerry Labourer
Mullins Kevin 24 Kilkenny Ploughman
Mullins Thomas 26 Waterford Ploughman
Murray Samuel 17 Ayr Miner
O'Brien William 22 Waterford Ploughman
Thomas 20 Waterford Farm Labourer
O'Shea Cornelius 24 Cork Farm Labourer
Pinkerton Francis 20 Lanark Miner
Quin John 14 Kilkenny
Sharpe George 12 Lanark Miner
Skerritt Edward 32 Galway Tailor
Smith William 26 Hertfordshire Ploughman
Stockley Henry 22 Dorsetshire Labourer
Sullivan John 24 Cork Ploughman
Sweeney John 21 Cork Ploughman
Thomson Alfred W 19 Derry Farm Labourer
Thornton William 34 Northumberland Miner
Tills Charles 25 Norfolkshire Miller Travelled together
Surrey William 21 Durham Labourer
Waddell William 20 Lanark Miner
Walsh Thomas 23 Waterford Ploughman
West William 21 Kent Boilermaker
Williams James 22 Monmouth Stoker
Wisley John 26 Lancashire General Labourer
Colonial Nominated Single Men
Spratt James 14 Fermanagh
Single Women
Barnett Mary A 19 Hamptonshire Nurse
Bryning Eleanor 16 Norfolk Housemaid
Collins Kate 21 Cork Servant
Daley Ellen 17 Cork Servant
Daniel 22 T/F to single men Farm Labourer
Fitzgerald Mary 19 Waterford Servant
Honora 17 Waterford Servant
Bridget 13 Waterford
Foley Mary 24 Kerry
Glamorgan Note
General Servant
French Sarah 30 Suffolk Cook
Goggins Mary 18 Glamorgan General Servant
Gowan Agnes 24 Lanark General Servant
Griffin Julia 28 Kerry General Servant
Griffiths Sarah A 17 Lancashire Servant
Margaret 14
Hunter Jane 19 Antrim Servant
Keefe Mary 16 Cork Housemaid
Elizabeth 15 Cork Housemaid
Kealey Sarah A 24 Middlesex
Elizabeth 5
Edith 2
Jessie 10 months
McCarthy Mary A 20 Middlesex General Servant
McLaughlin Jane 25 Antrim Servant
Morgan Margaret 19 Glamorgan General Servant
Parker Catherine 19 Cork Servant
Pinkerton Jane 18 Lanark General Servant
Rosa Eleanor 35 Devonshire Dressmaker - Matron on board
Sliney Catherine 19 Waterford General Servant
Syme Jane 12 Clackmannon
Vine Fanny M 23 Hamptonshire Servant
Emily 19 Hamptonshire Servant
Colonial Nominated Single Women
Lavender Mary 45 Sussex Cork
Maguire Ann 26 Limerick Dairymaid
Monks Mary 20 Kings County Servant
Elizabeth 17 Kings County Servant
Spratt Ellen 40 Fermanagh Servant
Ann 17 Fermanagh Servant
James 14 T/F to single men

McMANUS family:
William McManus and Margaret Cassandra were married in Ireland where they were both born. They were living in England when they left their home with their children William 13yrs, Annie Maria 5yrs, Charles 2yrs and baby Theresa. They left London on the "Forfarshire" in  March 1875 but unfortunately the voyage was to be a very tragic one for Margaret. The family were at sea for barely a month when little Theresa was struck down by Apoplexy on April 14th. Approximately one month later, on May 21st, William snr died of consumption. He had had Pneumonia and his Doctor had recommended a sea voyage, and to go and live in a warmer climate, so New Zealand was chosen. Margaret, who must have been heartbroken by this time and wondering why they had left England, was left with a teenage son and two young children to continue the journey. This was not the end of anguish for the family as on June 28th, just over 2 weeks before their journey was to end, young Charles, who was having teething and convulsion problems, also died, so two babes from the one family were consigned to the deep. On the same journey were a William Morgan and wife Mary, and as Margaret was later to marry a man of the same surname maybe they took her under their wing. Perhaps they were connected to her future husband. Widow Margaret married Captain Samuel Morgan in 1882 in Auckland, New Zealand. Oral acounts say he was a kindly man. They had one son Francis in 1884. William McManus jnr became a Captain and worked around New Zealand on the "Kapanui" and various coasters no doubt influenced by his kindly stepfather. In 1888 William married into my family with his marriage to Rose Bassett. They lived in Morningside, Auckland for most of their married life and were apparently a devoted couple but had no children. Bill in later years had a stroke and was nursed until he died in 1936 by his wife Rose. For reasons as yet unknown Rose went to Oamaru after his death and is buried there. The only remaining McManus child from the voyage was Annie Maria, and whether from stress or dislike, Annie had a very difficult time getting along with her mother, who not only had lost so many of her family, but also had the money from the sale of her house in London stolen by an unscrupulous agent. Her stepfather often slipped Annie a sovereign after her mother had been especially nasty. She was fortunate to be able to attend a Private girls school in Anzac Ave, Auckland until she was about 13yrs old when it was decided to move the family to Gisborne for fresher air. Captain Morgan died in 1894 and is buried in Makaraka Cemetary, Gisborne. Margaret died in 1926, I'm not sure where. Annie married Albert Lewis in 1894 and she and her husband lived for some of their marriage in Te Karaka. They had three daughters and two sons. This is a summary of the lives of a family who left London with such great expectations, and found their lives to change in a way that was unimaginable. If you have a connection with this family or woud like to know more please contact Doreen Pennell.


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The Daily Southern Cross July 8th 1875
Archives New Zealand IM15/205


Note: The reference to "Glamorgan" and "General Servant" was accidentally transcribed from Mary Goggins whose name follows Mary Foley on the original passenger list. Both errors were crossed out.

Apoplexy: Also known as a stroke, apoplexy happens when an artery or blood vessel in the brain is blocked or broken, severely reducing blood supply that carries oxygen and nutrients to the brain.