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Ship: 683 tons
Captain: James Lees
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London June 8th 1869 - arrived Auckland September 9th 1869

A vessel I have had a good many inquiries about was the ship Excelsior, 683 tons, which made five passages to Auckland. Originally a fast China tea clipper, she was chartered in 1859 by Shaw Savill and Company for the New Zealand trade. Excelsior made five voyages to Auckland and two to Wellington.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Bell Mr Ti?
Mrs F H
Buckhurst Mr W
Burman Miss
Caragnariell Mrs
Davis Mr C L
Dawson Captain
3 children
Hornidge Mr R A
Reid Mr C H
Thath Mr H
Second Cabin Passengers
Barker Mr T C
Buckley Arthur C
Lodge Mr H C
Steerage Passengers
Barminger Robert
Benteim C F
Burton Henry
Collins Eliza
Dord J F
Garland Benjamin
Greenwood J
Hart Jacob
Henry Jane
Hinckley James
Holand Peter
Kelly James
Knight F
Lockett D
Luce Alfred
Mathews Ann
Matthews Charles
McKelrie U J
McLeod V
Pollard Thomas
Purdey Elizabeth
Ramsey James
Taylor Fanny
2 children
Thompson Andrew
Veness G H
White Thomas


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New Zealand Herald September 10th 1869

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