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Ship: 1313 tons
Captain: Ellis
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed Woolich November 3rd 1863 - arrived Auckland February 19th 1864

The Empress, a beautiful ship of 1313 tons, of the Houlder Brothers Line, made three successful voyages to Auckland. On her first appearance there (this voyage) she sailed up Rangitoto Channel with a fresh north-east wind, on a dark night, and came to an anchor off the Queen Street wharf without a Pilot. The Empress sailed from Woolich on November 3, 1863, in command of Capt., Ellis, arriving in port on February 20, 1864. She brought out on this occasion 305 non-commissioned officers and men of the 4th Battalion Military Train, and the following officers, several of whom were wounded or lost their lives in the Waikato war: Colonel O'Brien, Major and Mrs Gray, Captain and Mrs Green, Captain Witchell, Captain Stone, Surgeon and Mrs Menzies, Lieutenants Lovell, Shaw, Creagh, St Aubyn, Webb, David, Leer, Shakleton, Clayton and Assistant- Surgeon Watson. The Empress also landed 105 tons of powder and 500 tons of military stores. The passage occupied 109 days. The Empress came to Auckland again in 1865 under the same commander.....
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name County Occupation
4th Battalion Military Train
Appleton Veterinary Surgeon
Creagh Lieutenant
Davis Lieutenant
Gray Major
Green Captain
Lambert Quartermaster
6 children
Lovell Lieutenant
Leer Lieutenant
Menzies Surgeon
O'Brien Colonel
Reeve Captain Paymaster
Shakleton Lieutenant & Ajutant
3 children
Shaw Lieutenant
St Aubyn Lieutenant
Stone Captain
Watson Assistant-Surgeon
Webb Lieutenant
Witchell Captain
288 non-commissioned officers and men
38 women
64 children
Army Hospital Corps
Clayton Lieutenant 68th Regiment
Garland Ensign 43rd Regiment
1 Private 43rd Regiment
14 non-commissioned officers and men
6 women
12 children

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The New Zealander February 23rd 1864