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The Officers and Crew of the Elingamite

The sinking of the SS Elingamite

Name Age Occupation on Board


Atwood Ernest Bacot 39 Captain Survived
Burkitt Leonard J 29 First Officer Survived
Renaut Francis 28 Second Officer Survived
Watson W B 25 Third Officer Perished
Fraser R 45 Chief Engineer Perished
Arkins Henry 25 Second Engineer Survived
Scott William R 26 Third Engineer Survived
Morrison James N 29 Fourth Engineer Survived
Chambers Frederick 23 Purser Survived
McColgan Thomas 48 Carpenter Survived
Coonan J 46 Lampman Survived
Dyer W 40 A B Survived
Danielson Theodore F 40 A B Survived
Seymour W 25 A B Perished
Jones J 29 A B Perished
McInnes A 24 A B Perished
Kroth F C 37 A B Survived
Tarrin H 39 A B Survived
Peterson Francis 50 A B Survived
Young A 21 A B Survived
Tanner Thomas 30 A B Survived
Allen Edward 42 Donkeyman Survived
Forster W 29 Fireman Survived
Mulcahy Edward 21 Fireman Survived
Morton R 23 Fireman Survived
Sullivan W 24 Fireman Survived
Renwick J P 35 Trimmer Survived
Hughes Peter 42 Trimmer Survived
Mallin Thomas 24 Trimmer Perished
Parker W 21 Trimmer Perished
Mulcahy E 29 Trimmer Survived
McCulloch D 37 Trimmer Unknown
Green J 26 Trimmer Survived
McGee G 31 Trimmer Perished
Raman F 26 Trimmer Survived
Dobson H 31 Trimmer Unknown
Vine William 30 Chief Steward Survived
Ellis H 24 Second Steward Perished
Bonamy Mrs M 44 Stewardess Survived
McGuirk Alice 30 Second Stewardess Perished
Aiken W 36 Pantryman Perished
Ditchfield A 34 Second Pantryman Survived
Gawler G 43 Bedroom Steward Perished
Pratt S 34 Bedroom Steward Survived
Morley J 21 Steward Survived
Lynch R 17 Steward Survived
Morrigan L 22 Steward Survived
Beer T 39 Steward Unknown
Campbell Alexander 28 Fore-Cabin Steward Survived
Springall S J 24 Steward Unknown
Rogers H 18 Steward Survived
Simpson W 15 Boy Survived
Greig Alfred 28 Butcher Survived
Hallens E 36 Chief Cook Survived
Jennings F 32 Second Cook Survived
Regges Thomas 43 Third Cook Perished
Lennox William 19 Brass Boy Survived