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Electoral Roll for the year 1865 - 66
City of Dunedin

A - C
To save my poor worn out fingers as there are over 3,000 names on this roll all the place names are Dunedin unless stated different. Should you find a relie and need the additional information don't hesitate to email.
H - Household       L - Leasehold       F - Freehold

Name Place of Abode Qualification
Aarons Joseph Dunedin H
Abbott Charles H
Abbott William H
Abrahams Nathan H
Adam David F
Adam Thomas Ferguson F
Adam Alexander L
Adams David Union Bank H
Adams George H
Adams George F
Adams Thomas F
Adamson Edwin George St H
Ahern William George St H
Aikman John H
Ainsworth James H
Aitken Alexander George St L
Aitken David Great King St L
Aitken John North East Valley L
Aitken Peter H
Aitken Robert H
Aitkenhead George H
Alabaster Daniel H
Alcorn Samuel Wesley Maclaggan St L
Aldrich George Mingay L - 3 properties
Aldrich Alfred L
Alexander Andrew F
Alexander William Henry H
Algie Robert L
Allan Alexander George Green Is F
Allan Alexander L
Allan John Forth St L
Allan John H
Allen Frederick L
Allen James F
Allen John Stafford St H
Allen John H
Allen John Weaver  L
Allen John Wymark Princes St H
Alman Joseph Princes St L
Alves John H
Alston Alfred H
Amies Edward Andrew 1 Joint F, 2 H
Amos Thomas George St H
Amos Thomas L
Anderson Alexandra H
Anderson Andrew Hanover St L
Anderson Andrew F
Anderson Andrew Jnr F
Anderson David L
Anderson George H
Anderson George H
Anderson George Maclaggan St L
Anderson James H
Anderson James Russell H
Anderson John Queens St H
Anderson John H
Anderson John H
Anderson John H
Anderson Joseph H
Anderson Miller H
Anderson Peter Queen St H
Anderson Robert H
Anderson William L
Anderson William H
Andrew George H
Andrew Thomas F
Andrews Benjamin H
Andrews Benjamin H
Andrews Samuel Henry F
Andrews William H
Anquetil John Young St H
Arkle James L
Arlidge Frederick J H - 1, F - 2
Arliss John charles F
Armour John H
Armstrong Charles Clark High St L
Armstrong James L
Armstrong William Edward High St H
Arnfield Thomas H
Arnott John Duncan St H
Arnott William George St H
Arthur John H
Asher Daniel H
Asher David H
Asher Joseph Joint Leasehold
Asher William H
Asherden Edward Jenning H
Atkinson John East Taieri L
Attwood Edward Richmond Hill F
Austin Abraham H
Austin Henry H
Bacon Robert Key H
Badier John H
Bailey Thomas High St L
Bailey George F
Baillie John H
Bain James L
Bain John Macglashan H
Bain Robert H
Baird John McVey Bell Hill L
Baird Thomas H
Baker George F
Baker James Payne Frederick St H
Baker William Stephen L
Balaam John L
Baldy Alfred H
Ball Andrew H
Ball William Oram Stafford St 1 L, 2 F
Ballantyne William York Pl F
Bamberry John F
Bamford Thomas Waldron F
Bannerman Alexander H
Bardsley Moses F
Barker Frederick L
Barker Percival L
Barker Thomas H
Barlow Robert H
Barnes Albert H
Barnes Eli H
Barnes George H
Barnes John F
Barnes John F
Barnes Samuel H
Barnett William H
Barnett William H
Barr James F
Barr James F
Barr James F
Barr James H
Barr John H
Barr John H
Barr John H
Barr John F
Barr John Hadden L
Barrett Henry F
Barren William Joint L
Barton George Elliott H
Basedahl Peter L
Baskett William F
Bassett Frederick H
Bastings Edgar L
Bastings Horace F
Bastings William L
Bateman George H
Bates John Carruthers H
Batley David Walker St L
Battson Francis H
Baxter David L
Baxter John Richard H
Bayley Frederick L
Bayliss Henry Moray Pl L
Beadle James F
Beamish Henry L
Beard James L
Beatton Ebenezer H
Beaver Alexander Battray St L
Beavis Samuel George L
Beck Albert L
Beck Henry F
Beck James Albert F
Beck John L
Beckinsale Henry L
Beeby Charles H
Beeby Charles H
Beecher John H
Begbie Andrew F
Begg Alexander H
Begg Charles Dowling St H
Begg Charles Dowling St L
Beissel Francis Jnr Dowling St Joint L
Beissel Gotteib Rattray St H
Bell Coll H
Bell Francis Dillon Auckland F
Bell Richard L
Bell Richard Grey L
Bell Thomas F
Bell Walter L
Bell William H
Bellamy John Charles F
Bellamy John Thomas H
Bellamy John Thomas H
Bellfield Henry H
Bellinger Thomas H
Bemows John H
Bennett David L
Bennett Guy H
Bennett Joseph Whitehouse H
Bennett Thomas F
Bennett Walter George H
Benson Alexander Henry H
Benson Ambrose L
Benson Thomas H
Bentley Charles H
Bentley William Henry Walker St L
Bentwich Mark H
Bernstein Jacob H
Berrill Samuel H
Berwick Henry Joint L
Berry Daniel H
Besemeres William H
Best William L
Beverley Arthur 1 L, 2 F
Bilson Charles H
Binnie John H
Bing Adolphe F
Birch Thomas L
Bird Charles Edward L
Bird Charles Edward L
Bird Samuel H
Birrel Charles H
Black James L
Black James H
Black James H
Black John F
Black William L
Blackwood Andrew H
Blair William F
Blair William H
Blake Robert L
Blakeley John F
Blakeley John L
Blundell John Dowling St H
Blyth Alexander Blair H
Blyth George L
Boardman William Henry H
Bobart William Statford H
Bocker William L
Bode Christian H
Body Bengerman H
Bolton Thomas L
Bond George L
Bonney Charles H
Bonney Christopher L
Bool Richard H
Booth henry H
Booth John Joint L
Booth Nicoll 1 H, 2 L
Boothly William George St H
Borrie John H
Borrow Thomas F
Borton Joseph Barnes F
Bourchier Francis H
Bower Frederick H
Bowman John H
Boyd James Charles H
Boyd John H
Boyed David H
Boyes Andrew H
Boyle Alexander L
Boyle Andrew H
Bradford Thomas H
Bradley James F
Brady Phillip H
Braid Robert H
Brassill Thomas H
Brebner Alexander F
Brebner Thomas Portobella F
Brebner Thomas Port Chalmers F
Breeze John Jerome L
Breize John H
Bremer Jacob Martin W. H
Bremner Alexander H
Bremner Andrew F
Brenchley Thomas H
Brent Daniel H
Brenton William Francis Church Hill H
Brett Richard L
Brett Stephen L
Brews George H
Bridgeman William Caversham L
Brien William L
Briggs James Robert L
Briggs John F
Briggs Robert H
Bright Charles H
Bright Reginald H
Bringans Alexander H
Bringans Alexander 1H, 2F
Bristow Benjamin F
Britton Alexander H
Broad Isaac F
Broad Samuel H
Broderick John H
Bromley Francis H
Brookman Benjamin H
Brookman John L
Brooks Henry H
Brooks John Russell St H
Brotherston Charles F
Brown Alexander Kaikorai L
Brown Charles Royal Tce H
Brown Edward L
Brown Frederick William H
Brown George Joseph George St H
Brown James Royal Tce H
Brown James J
Brown James H
Brown James F
Brown James F
Brown James F
Brown John F
Brown John F
Brown John F
Brown John Marshall L
Brown Michael King St H
Brown Robert L
Brown Robert H
Brown Robert Forth St F
Brown Thomas L
Brown Thomas Leith St 1 H, 2 F
Brown Thomas George St H
Brown Thomas Lawrence H
Brown William H
Bruce John H
Bruce william H
Bruce Gordon McRae L
Brundell Henry L
Brunton David North East Valley 1 H, 2 L
Bryan William H
Brydone Robert H
Bubb Thomas Rosemount, Wakari F
Buchan James H
Buchanan John H
Bucking William Queen St H
Buckley Thomas Belshaw Cumberland St H
Bucksaith Peter H
Buick John Walker L
Bullen George Francis H
Bullock John H
Bunbury Cornelius Stafford St 1 F, 2 H
Bunning James H
Burdett Henry H
Burge Henry H
Burge Henry Leith St H
Burgess James H
Burke ?oleman F
Burke John H
Burley James H
Burns Arthur John L
Burns Arthur John Mossgiel L
Burns Richard L
Burns Samuel L
Burns Thomas H
Burns William L
Burnside John F
Burt Alexander H
Burt Thomas H
Burton Henry James H
Burton Joshua Queen St H
Bush William H
Buskin William F
Buskin William H
Bust Robert Day H
Butcher Benjamin H
Butement John H
Butement Thomas H
Butler Anthony L
Butler Michael H
Buttars James F
Butters James H
Butterworth John Leach L
Butterworth Robert Leach L
Cahill James L
Cahill James H
Cahill James H
Cairns Adam H
Cairns Francis H
Cairns Peter F
Cairns Peter F
Cairns Robert H
Calcutt Thomas F
Calder Charles H
Calder Charles L
Calder David F
Calder Hugh Caversham F
Caldwell Christopher H
Caldwell William H
Calender Thomas H
Calloghan Charles H
Calvert Mattias H
Cameron Alexander H
Cameron Alexander L
Cameron Alexander H
Cameron John H
Cameron John George St H
Cameron John Eyles L
Campbell Allan Cameron H
Campbell Archibald Thomson L
Campbell Cuthbert H
Campbell Daniel 1 F, 2 F
Campbell Edward F
Campbell Frederick L
Campbell George Hyde Joint L
Campbell James L
Campbell James H
Campbell James Queen St H
Campbell James L
Campbell James H
Campbell James L
Campbell James Callender L
Campbell John F
Campbell John L
Campbell John Norman H
Campbell Peter H
Campbell Robert L
Campbell William F
Campbell William H
Can Robert H
Cane Daniel Henry H
Cann Hugh L
Cann Hugh English Jetty St L
Canning Frank Stephen F
Cannon Samuel L
Cantrell Richard Seaward 1 F, 2 F
Cantwell Patrick Royal Tce H
Carey James Royal Tce H
Cargill Edward Bowes F
Cargill John Green Is F
Cargill William Walter London F
Carn David L
Carnan James H
Carncross Joseph Walker St H
Carpenter William H
Carr Frank H
Carr Thomas H
Carrick Alexander Joint L
Carrington John L
Carrol James H
Carroll Edward H
Carroll John H
Carroll Thomas H
Carroll Thomas L
Carruth John F
Carter Charles H
Carter Charles H
Carter Henry Great King St H
Carter Thomas L
Carver William H
Carveth William L
Casper Edward F
Casper Edward L
Casper George H
Cassel Robert Grainger H
Cassels Andrew Heriot Rd F
Cassels Thomas F
Catomore Alfred Augustus H
Ca ? alier John H
Challis George Charles F
Chalmers ? Edmond H
Chalmer Edward Laings Tce H
Champness Frederick L
Chaplin John Thomas F
Chapman James Manse St H
Chapman Robert Dunnotar F
Chappell Henry H
Chary Thomas L
Chase Francis John F
Chaterton David H
Chattaway Hubert J Great King St H
Chavannes Peter Alexander L
Chavannes Peter Alexander L
Cherry James F
Chesney James L
Chisholm James Union St L
Chisholm John F
Chisholm William H
Christey Frederick H
Christian William H
Christie James N. E. Harbour 1F, 2 F
Christie William F
Christie William H
Christie william Roslyn F
Church John H
Churchill Willaim H
Clapperton Adam L
Clark Adam Sprott H
Clark Edward H
Clark George H
Clark Hugh H
Clark William L
Clark William S H
Clark William F
Clarke Henry L
Clarke James George St L
Clarkson Robert
Clarkson William Pitt St H
Clayton Frederick H
Clayton Peter H
Clayton Samuel H
Clayton William Henry F
Cleaver George H
Clements William L
Cleve Alfred H
Clifford George Paul H
Cllisbey ? Franklin H
Clouston Charles H
Clutterback James B H
Cobe Robert Alexander H
Codyre Martin H
Cohen Hyman L
Cohen Samuel L
Coleman Frederick L
Coleman James Stafford St L
Coleman John H
Coleman Lewis L
Coles William H
Colgan William H
Coll Leander Coss L
Colledge Joshua F
Collie George H
Collins William Goodwin H
Collins Henry H
Collins James Christopher H
Collins John Theophilus L
Collins Robert H
Collins Samuel H
Collind Samuel H
Collons Thomas H
Colls Samuel Blake L
Colquhonn Thomas H
Colson Arthur Union St H
Comnon George H
Conaro Edward H
Condon Thomas H
Connar Daniel L
Connel Henry L
Connel John Aitken F
Connel Richard H
Conner John H
Conner John H
Cook George Pelichet Bay F
Cook James H
Cook James H
Cook James H
Cooke Francis L
Cooke Henry 1 H, 2 L
Cooke John F
Cooke John L
Cooney Edward H
Cooper Alfred L
Cooper Charles H
Cooper Frederick Hellyar H
Cooper Oliver L
Coote John Might H
Cooze William Joseph H
Cope George H
Copeland James Great King St L
Corbett Thomas F
Corden Robert H
Corkin Joshua 1 H, 2 L
Corlett Robert H
Cornish Frederick L
Cornwall John George St L
Cornwall George Rattray St 1 L, 2 H
Corsan David 2 L
Corser Francis Silvester L
Corsie John H
Cotterill William Rattray St L
Cottell George F
Cottell George Duke St F
Cotton James H
Cotton George H
Coubough William H
Couper William H
Cousins Charles H
Cousin William H
Couts Alexander Great King St H
Couzens William Edwards L
Coventry John George St H
Cowan Robert L
Cowie Alexander H
Cowie Robert H
Cowie William H
Coxehead Frederick L
Crafts Samuel L
Craig James H
Craig William F
Cramond George H
Cranefield William H
Cranston James F
Crate John High St H
Crawford James H
Crawford James L
Crawford James Robert L
Crawford John Princes St L
Crawford John 1 L, 2 H
Crawford Robert L
Crawford William H
Crawfurd James H
Crawfurd James H
Crawley John H
Crawshaw Ashworth H
Crawshaw Boaz H
Crawshaw Robert H
Creagh Michael Clyde St H
Creeth Richard H
Creighton William Thornton Tce L
Crickmore Robert H
Crimman Daniel H
Cripps John H
Crong Henry H
Cross Frederick L
Cross Samuel Tring H
Crossley William 1 H, 2 L
Crouch John H
Crow Alexander H
Crowhurst George H
Cruikshanks Joseph F
Cuddeford James Edward Joint L
Cuff Fredercik 1 H, l L
Culen James H
Culling Thomas North Taieri 1 L, 2 L
Cuming Hamilton H
Cumming Alexander H
Cumming Alexander Stafford St L
Cumnock John H
Cunningham Hugh H
Cunningham Peter H
Curle David F
Curle James Joint L
Curle John F
Curran Thomas H
Curties Charles H
Curtis Charles F
Cuthbert George John L
Cuthbertson David Joint L
Cutten William Henry Anderson's Bay F