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1862 Electoral Roll for Canterbury
Persons Claiming to have their names placed on the roll of the district of Timaru on 7 April 1862

Name Place of Abode Qualification
Ackroyd John edward Arowhenua Freehold
Acton Edward Opawa River Freehold
Allen Thomas Rakaia River Household
Ashman George Timaru Freehold
Bambridge Augustus Timaru Freehold
Bains William Timaru Household
Batterbee Jonathan Wai-au-au Household
Bennit William Arowhenua Freehold
Best Arthur Paukapuka Household
Boggis William Arowhenua Freehold
Brittin John Danns Newbury Household
Brown Daniel Waitangi Household
Bruce Thomas Hakataramea
Butcher Henry Waimate Bush Freehold
Buchanan George Willowbridge Freehold
Burgess James Cabbage Tree Creek Household
Butler Henry Wash Dyke Freehold
Carrington Frederick James Arowhenua Household
Champion Richard Waimate Freehold
Chisholm Robert Alexander Timaru Household
Connolly Martin Timaru Freehold
Crosby Henry The Cave Household
Cullmaune Frederick Timaru Freehold
Dark Cornelius South Lake Pukaki Leasehold
Dark Edward South Lake Pukaki Household
Dean John Timaru Freehold
Dean Joseph Arowhenua Freehold
Doig Robert Raincliffe Household
Donn Robert Arowhenua Freehold
Double Robert Timaru Freehold
Double William Timaru Freehold
Downs John Arowhenua Freehold
Dunn Thomas The Stumps, Orari Household
Dunnage Charles John Run 322 Household
Durand Henry Timaru Leasehold
Dyson George Arowhenua Leasehold
Erskin Hugh Henry Hakatatamea Leasehold
Evans JOhn Lake Tekapo Household
Fairley Thomas Timaru Freehold
Finlayson John Rangitata Household
Fisher Nathan Timaru Household
Fitch James Sawyer Pareora Household
Ford Henry Grampian Hills Station Household
Foster George Timaru Freehold
Foster Phillip Timaru Freehold
Fraser Hugh Mackenzie Country Household
Fraser Samuel Mackenzie Country Household
Fraser John Mackenzie Country Household
French Thomas Timaru Freehold
Gay Thomas Pigeon Bay Freehold
Gay James Timaru Freehold
Gibbs George Pleasant Point Household
Gibson Benjamin Arowhenua Station Freehold
Gibson James Timaru Freehold
Giles John Waihao Freehold
Goldsmith Samuel Timaru Freehold
Gordon George Pareora Household
Greaves Issac Timaru Freehold
Griffiths Edwin Hakataramea Household
Grigson William Waimate Freehold
Hall George Williamson Ashburton Leasehold
Hall Thomas Williamson Near Timaru Freehold
Hall John christchurch Leasehold
Hammond Charles Rhodes Township Freehold
Hancock George Timaru Freehold
Harding Thomas Scarness Station Ashburton
Hayhurst John Temuka Freehold
Hayhurst James Temuka Freehold
Hollingdrake Ephraim Timaru Freehold
Hewlings Samuel Geraldine Freehold
Holmes Henry Timaru Freehold
Hornsby Thomas Arowhenua Leasehold
Hough William Waimatemate Household
Hurst Charles Ashburton Household
Johnson James Arowhenua Freehold
Jones Richard Pleasant Point Freehold
Jones William Benjamin Makikihi Household
Kennaway Lawrence James Opawa River Leasehold
Kennaway Walter Opawa River Leasehold
Kirby Michael Arowhenua Household
Knight John Cuthbert Timaru Freehold
Kohn Frederick Timaru Household
Lee Samuel Timaru Freehold
Le Cren Henry John Timaru Freehold
Le Cren Frederic Christchurch Freehold
Listen John Timaru Freehold
Longley Richard Timaru Freehold
Lough Edward Henry Wash Dyke Household
Low George Hay Hakataramea Freehold
Marshall Robert Rangitata Ferry Household
Martin John Arowhenua Freehold
Maude Thomas William Fendall Town Household
Maude Edmund Burke's Pass Household
McIlraith John Hakatatamea Household
McKay Robert Lockhart's Station Freehold
McKenzie Alexander Timaru Leasehold
McKenzie Thomas Timaru Freehold
McKinlay Archibald Arowhenua Freehold
McKune Archibald Lake Ohow Household
McLennan Murdoch Rangitata Household
McLeod Alexander River Hinds Freehold
McLeod Hugh Rangitata Household
McPherson Enaeas McIntosh Orari Household
Melton John Timaru Freehold
Merry John Rocky Point Station Freehold
Meyer Herbert Waitangi Freehold
Meyer Charles The Point, Waitangi Household
Meyer John Arowhenua Freehold
Morris John Timaru Freehold
Morrison Strong Timaru Freehold
Morton Richard May Christchurch Freehold
Mourity James Arowhenua Leasehold
Murray William Timaru Freehold
Nosworthy Stephen Level's Freehold
Oakes John Peter Christchurch Freehold
Olliver Francis Arowhenua Bush Freehold
Park Robert Winchmore St. Household
Parker George Babington Waitangi Freehold
Parker Harry Rainy Waitangi Leasehold
Parr James Timaru Freehold
Paterson Andrew Lakeside Freehold
Paterson Thomas Arowhenua Bush Freehold
Paterson Anthony Hakataramea Household
Percival Spencer Arthur Timaru Freehold
Peters William Timaru Freehold
Pilbrow Edward Arowhenua Bush Household
Pilbrow James Arowhenua Bush Freehold
Poingdestre William Wilson Blue Cliffs Household
Porter William Timaru Household
Pringle John Hakataramea Household
Purnell Aurelius Timaru Freehold
Purnell William Kirk Timaru Leasehold
Putman Royal Arowhenua Household
Rae Simon Rangitata Freehold
Rayner Thomas Ottery Arowhenua Household
Reid John Timaru Freehold
Rennie William Rhodes Town Freehold
Samuel Maurice Timaru Householde
Scarfe William Timaru Freehold
Shaw Charles Reginald Timaru Household
Shrives Saul Waimate Household
Simms William Henry Timaru Household
Smith David Waituna Creek Freehold
Smith Robert Grampian Hills Household
Stericker Edward Glaves Burkes Pass Leasehold
Stranks William Orari Household
Sutherland Alexander Arowhenua Freehold
Swallow Joshua Timaru Freehold
Teschemaker Frederick W. Haldon Station Household
Teschemaker Thomas Haldon Station Household
Thomson Arthur Robert Orari Leasehold
Thomson Andrew Otaio Household
Thomson James Elliot Otaio Household
Thoumine Peter Otaio Freehold
Thomas William Arowhenua Freehold
Tully Robert Elephant Hill Household
Turnbull William Waitangi Household
Tyler James Waitangi Freehold
Walker William Christchurch Freehold
Wallace Lawrence Timaru Freehold
Warn William Arowhenua Freehold
White Thomas Arowhenua Freehold
Wilkin Robert Christchurch Leasehold
Wilson John Cracroft Cashmere Freehold
Wilson John Timaru Freehold
Wilson Francis John Timaru Household
Wilson Henry Waitangi Leasehold
Wilds John Timaru Freehold
Williamson William Timaru Household
Wood William Avery Arowhenua Freehold
Wyatt William Arowhenua Household
Young John Albert Arowhenua Freehold