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Otago Daily Times, April 16th 1862

M - O

Name of Claimant Place of Abode Qualification
Madigan Michael Gabriel's Gully Miner
Madigan Patrick Gabriel's Gully Miner
Maddock Thomas Dunedin Miner
Mahone Robert Waipori Miner
Mains Duncan Port Chalmers Freehold
Mains John Port Chalmers Freehold
Mais Ernest Cleland East Taieri Leasehold
Maitland David Crescent, Molyneux Freehold
Malcolm James Dunedin Freehold
Mannyatt Edward Gabriel's Gully Miner
Mansford William Henning Tokomairiro Freehold
Manson Donald Tuapeka Miner
Marchbank James West Taieri Freehold
Mark Hugh Tuapeka Miner
Marshall Allan Tokomairiro Freehold
Martin Richard Bowden Bellevue Leasehold
Martin William Dunedin Miner
Mason A. T. Dunedin Miner
Mason Thomas Tuapeka Miner
Mathieson Alexander Anderson's Bay Freehold
Matthews James Gabriel's Gully Miner
Maxwell James Green Island Bush Freehold
Maxwell Robert Gabriel's Gully Miner
Mayne Samuel Waipori Miner
Mecking Thomas Henry Kaihiki, Clutha Freehold
Menzies John Dunedin Miner
Mercer Robert Jnr. S. Clutha Freehold
Metcalf George Gabriel's Gully Household
Michael John Waipori Miner
Middap Alfred Gabriel's Gully Miner
Middleton James Wetherston's Flat Miner
Mill William Dunedin Household / Miner
Millar James Wetherston's Miner
Miller Andrew Sawyer's Bay Household
Miller David Gabriel's Gully Miner
Miller Henry Dunedin Freehold
Miller Robert Dunedin Miner
Miller Robert Gabriel's Gully Miner
Miller William Gabriel's Gully Miner
Millholland John Gabriel's Gully Miner
Millholland Neil Gabriel's Gully Miner
Millholland James Gabriel's Gully Miner
Milligan David Packer Warepa Freehold
Mills Thomas Tuapeka Miner
Milne George Dunedin Miner
Milne George Dunedin Miner
Milne James Dunedin Miner
Milner James North Taieri, Longhill Freehold
Mitchell David Dunedin Miner
Mitchell Henry Gabriel's Gully Miner
Mitchell James Gabriel's Gully Miner / Freehold
Mitchell Richard Gabriel's Gully Miner
Mitchell William Dunedin Miner
Mollison Alexander Dunedin Freehold
Molyneux John Gabriel's Gully Miner
Moncur Charles Waipori Miner
Monfries David Gabriel's Gully Miner
Monson John Robert Port Chalmers Freehold
Montgomery James Kennedy Wetherstone's Gully Miner
Mooney James Tuapeka Miner
Morgan Daniel Gabriel's Gully Miner
Morgan James Gabriel's Gully Miner
Morgan Michael Waitahuna Miner
Morrin Thomas Henry Waipori Miner
Morris Arthur William Fairfield, Anderson's Bay Freehold
Morris Edward Sawyer's Bay Freehold
Morris James Howe Dunedin Freehold
Morris Joseph Sawyer's Bay Freehold / Household / Miner
Morris Thomas Upper Harbor Freehold
Morris William Sawyer's Bay Freehold
Morrison Alexander Dunedin Miner
Morrison Donald Gabriel's Gully Miner
Morrison John St. Mungo's, Saddle Hill Freehold
Morrison Robert Tuapeka Miner
Morrison Robert Dunedin Miner
Morrison William Gabriel's Gully Miner
Morton Alexander Gabriel's Gully Miner1
Morton Lewis Waipori Moiner
Moses Israel Henry Clarendon. Waihola Freehold
Moses Israel Henry Wetherston's Flat Household
Mossman Charles Gabriel's Gully Miner
Moulding William Gabriel's Gully Miner
Mowbray William Dunedin Miner
Muir James Waipori Miner
Muirhead John Gabriel's Gully Miner
Mullholland Samuel Gabriel's Gully Miner
Mulholland William James Waipori Miner
Muloiney John Gabriel's Gully Miner
Munro Robert Waitahuna Miner
Munro William West Taieri Household / Freehold
Murie Andrew Gabriel's Gully Miner
Murison David Gabriel's Gully Miner
Murphy Partick Dunedin Miner
Murray George The Grange, East Taieri Freehold
Murray James Waipori Miner
Murray James Hunter Grange, East Taieri Freehold
Murray James McKay Gabriel's Gully Miner
Murray John Waipori Miner
Murray John Gabriel's Gully Miner
Murray Ninian Gabriel's Gully Miner
Murray Thomas Mount Stuart, Tokomairiro Freehold
Murray William Port Chalmers Household / Leasehold
Murtagh Patrick Green Island Household
Myers Charles Henry Gabriel's Gully Miner
McAllister John Garbriel's Gully Miner
Macandrew James Upper Harbor Household
McArthur Duncan Gabriel's Gully Household
McArthur John Waipori Miner
McBride Francis Wetherstone's Miner
McBride Daniel Wetherstone's Miner
McCallum Archibald Gabriel's Gully Leasehold
McCallum Duncan Gabriel's Gully Miner
McCartney George Portobello Household
McCartney James Potobello Household
McCartney John Pine Hill Road, North-east Valley Leasehold
McColl Duncan Dunedin Miner
McColl Ewen Green Island Householder
McColl James Green Island Householder
McCraken William Gabriel's Gully Household
McCrossen Mark Dunedin Miner
McCulloch John Dunedin Miner
McDermid William Wetherstone's Gully Miner
McDiamid Daniel Waipori Miner
McDonald Alexander Dunedin Miner
McDonald Colin Dunedin Miner
McDonald Daniel Dunedin MIner
McDonald Donald Dunedin MIner
McDonald George West Taieri Freehold
McDonald James Dunedin Miner
McDonald John Waitahuna Miner
McDonald John Dunedin Freehold
McDonald John Wetherstone's Gully Household
McDonald John West Taieri Freehold
McDonald John Tokomairiro Freehold
McDonald Michael Gabriel's Gully Miner
McDonald Robert Gabriel's Gully Miner
McDougal John Wetherstone's Miner
McEwan William Dunedin Miner
McFadyen Hugh North-east Valley Freehold
Macfarlane John Dunedin Freehold
McFarlane John Gabriel's Gully Miner
McFarlane Malcolm Garbriel's Gully Miner
McFarlane Robert Gabriel's Gully Miner
McFarlane Robert Gabriel's Gully Miner
McFarlane William Wetherstone's Gully Miner
McFerren Alexander Gabriels Gully Miner
McFie John Waipori Miner
McGillis John Waipori Miner
McGilvary ? Gabriel's Gully Miner
McClew Cornelius Stanley Gabriel's Gully Miner
MacGoun Duncan Malcolm Dunedin Freehold
Macgregor John Dunedin Freehold
McGrigor Duncan Gabriel's Gully Miner
McGrigor Peter Gabriel's Gully Miner
McGrigor William Gabriel's Gully
McHale Patrick Waipori Miner
McIlroy Samuel Waipori Miner
McIndoe James Tokomairiro Freehold
McInnes Laclan North Taieri Freehold
McIntosh Thomas Dunedin Miner
McIntyre Alexander Dunedin Miner
McIntrye Colin Campbell Munroe's Gully Miner
McIntyre John Gabriel's Gully Miner
Mackley George William Port Chalmers Miner
McKay Donald West Taieri Household
McKay George Waipori Miner
McKay George Waipori Miner
McKay James Dunedin Miner
McKegg Amos East Taieri Miner
McKellar John Dunedin Miner
McKeller John Gabriel's Gully Miner
McKenzie Alexander Wetherstone's Miner
McKenzie Alexander Dunedin Freehold
McKenzie Charles Adam Dunedin Miner
McKenzie Donald Dunedin Miner
McKenzie Duncan Wetherstone's Miner
McKenzie John Tuapeka Miner
McKenzie Robert Gabriel's Gully Miner
McKenzie Rodreek Waipori Miner
McKinlay Archibald Gabriel's Gully Miner
McKinlay Hugh Port Chalmers Freehold
McLachan Lachian Waipori Miner
McLachlan Peter Wetherstone's Miner
McLachlan Peter Bargeldie, Saddle Hill Freehold
McLaggan Alexander Gabriel's Gully Miner
McLandress Alexander Dunedin Leasehold
McLaren James Waipori Miner
Maclean Daniel Waitahuna Miner
McLean John Gabriel's Gully Miner
McLennan James North-east Balley Household
McLennan John Tuapeka Miner
McLean Malcolm McFarlane Half-way Bush Leasehold
McLelland William Dunedin Freehold / Leasehold
McLeod Charles Waipori Miner
McLeod Donald Waipori Miner
McLeod Donald Tuapeka Miner
McLeod Kenneth Waipori Miner
McLuskey Francis Dunedin Miner
McMahon Michael Gabriel's Gully Miner
McMaster John Waipori Miner
McMillan Hugh Gabriel's Gully Miner
McMurray William Gabriel's Gully Miner
McNeil Duncan Middle Flat Freehold
McNeil James Whitelea Freehold
McNeil Robert Middle Flat Freehold
McNish Dniel Gabriel's Gully Miner
McPhee Allan Gabriel's Gully Miner
McPherson Donald Dunedin Miner
McPherson Dugald Waipori Miner
McQueen alexander Waitahuna Miner
MacQueen John Munroe's Gully Miner
McQueen Peter Waitahuna Business License
McSparron Oliver Gabriel's Gully Miner
McTanish Peter Anderson's Bay Miner / Freehold
Neil James Green Island Freehold
Neil George Caversham Freehold
Newman Mathew Wetherstone's Miner
Newsham Charles Gabriel's Gully Miner
Newton James Gabriel's Gully Miner
Nicol James Dunedin Freehold
Nicol John Wetherstone's Miner
Nicholas John Dunedin Miner
Nimmo Peter West Taieri Household
Norris Henry Gabriel's Gully Miner
North James Portobllo Freehold
Noyle Joshua Gabriel's Gully Miner
O'Brien James Gabriels Gully Miner
O'Brien John Gabriel's Gully Miner
O'Brien Thomas Waipori Miner
O'Brine James Tuapeka Miner
O'Flaherty Hugh Gabriel's Gully Miner
Ogilvie William Baird Dunedin Freehold
O'Halloran Bartholomew Dunedin Miner
O'Hara Joseph Gabriel's Gully Miner
O'Leary Jeremiah Wetherstone's Miner
O'Leary Timothy Wetherstone's Miner
Oliver Adam Pomahaka Household
OLiver James Lawrie Wetherstone's Gully Miner
O'Neil John Waipori Miner
O'Neil Joseph Waipori Miner
O'Neil Patrick Tuapeka Miner
Orbell Frank Alfred North-east Valley Freehold
Osborne Benjamin Tuapeka Miner
Outram John Wetherstone's Flat Household
Ovington Thomas North-east Valley Household
Owens Henry Gabriel's Gully Miner
Owens Richard David Waitahuna Miner