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Otago Daily Times, April 16th 1862


Name of Claimant Place of Abode Qualification
Abrahams Joseph Waitahuna Household
Aitchison Thomas Wetherston's Gully Miner
Alexander John Gabriel's Gully Miner
Allison William Tokomairiro Freehold
Anderson Alexander Bridgend Freehold
Anderson Alexander Dunedin Freehold
Anderson John Snr Wyndham Staion Household
Anderson John Gabriel's Gully Miner
Anderson John Gabriel's Gully Miner
Archer James Stuart Hunter Waipori Miner
Archibald Alexander Pomahaka Household
Arlidge Frederick J. Dunedin Leasehold
Armstrong David Junction Miner
Armstrong Simon Wetherston's Gully Miner
Armstrong William Dunedin Freehold
Atkin Christopher Musgrave Green Island Leasehold
Atkin John Drew Green Island Household
Austin Alfred Waiahuna Miner
Avarne Isaac Augustus Taieri, Sea Coast, South Side Freehold
Ayre William Charles Wetherston's Flat Miner
Ayson James Warepa Freehold
Badcock Robert William Akatore Frehold
Bain James Wetherston's Gully Miner
Bailey James Dunedin Miner
Baird James Junction, Gabriel's Gully & Wetherston's Miner
Baldwin William Waitahuna Miner
Balfour William James Jnr. Woodburn, Waikari Freehold
Ballard Henry Gabriel's Gully Miner
Ballard William Gabriel's Gully Miner
Bannister Frederick Tuapeke Miner
Bannerman William East Clutha Household
Barney Donald Wetherston's Flat Miner
Barnier George Green Island Household
Barnhill David Wetherston's Gully Miner
Barnhill Hugh Wetherston's Gully Miner
Bartlett Robert Waipori Miner
Barton William Henry Gabriel's Gully Miner
Barrett James Dunedin Miner
Barr John North Taieri Leasehold
Barron Joseph Wetherston's Miner
Bayne Peter Harbor-side Freehold
Baxter James Gabriel's Gully Miner
Baxter John Alexander Gabriel's Gully Miner
Beachcroft George Dunedin Miner
Beavy Peter Gabriel's Gully Miner
Beecher John Garbiel's Gully Miner
Begg Alexander Campbell Port Chalmers Freehold
Beighton John Tuapeka Household
Beighton John Tuapeka Business License
Bell David Gabriel's Gully Miner
Bell Peter Balmoral sheep station Leasehole
Bell Thomas Gabriel's Gully Miner
Bennett James Tuapeka Miner
Benson Alexander Henry Glenore Miner
Berne Alexander Carrick Woolshed, Tokomairiro Miner
Berry John Wetherson's Miner
Bett Andrew Wakari Freehold
Bevan Thomas Waitahuna Miner
Bews Walter Anstruther Warepa Joint Freehold
Bidgood George Gabriel's Gully Miner
Birss Charles Wetherston's Gully Miner
Birtles Peter White Swamp Freehold
Bishop Charles Mungatua Hill Miner
Black John Wetherston's Gully Miner
Black William Milburn, Tokomairiro Freehold
Blackburn Marshald Turner Tuapeka Miner
Blackie John East Taieri Freehold
Blair Charles Washington Dunedin Miner
Blair George Waipori Miner
Blair James Buchanan Seaview Freehold
Blanche James Gabriel's Gully Miner
Bolton Edward Dunedin Miner
Bolton Richard Sawyer's Bay Freehold
Boniface George Henry Gabriel's Gully Miner
Booten James Sawyer's Bay Freehold
Booth John Dunedin Miner
Borrowes William O'Dell Waitahuna Miner
Borton John Brockville, Halfway Bush Freehold
Botyer John Gabriel's Gully Miner
Bowater James Gabriel's Gully Miner
Bowden John Gabriel's Gully Miner
Bowie John Brodie Gabriel's Gully Miner
Bowling Anthony Port Chalmers Household
Boyd Donald Dunedin Miner
Boyd James Parker Port Chalmers Household
Boyles George Anderson's Bay Miner
Braid Charles Barnes Anderson's Bay Miner
Brannan John Gabriel's Gully Miner
Brash William Alderstone, Saddle Hill Freehold
Brethertord Henry Gabriel's Gully Miner
Bridgman William Dunedin Household
Bridgman William Dunedin Freehold
Britain James Smith Gabriel's Gully Miner
Brodrick George Septimus Forbury, Dunedin Freehold
Brown Alexander Elderlee, Tokomairiro Freehold
Brown Alexander Kaikorai Freehold
Brown Alexander Abbot's Creek Freehold
Brown Alexander Gabriel's Gully Miner
Brown Arthur Port Chalmers Household and Freehold
Brown Charles Gabriel's Gully Miner
Brown Ebenezer Erskine Dunedin Miner
Brown Isaac Wetherston's Miner
Brown James Anderson's Bay Freehold
Brown James Clark Wetherston's Miner
Brown John Gabriel's Gully Miner
Brown Samuel Wetherston's Gully Household
Brown Thomas Tuapeka Diggings Miner
Brown William Washington Waipori Miner
Brownlie Robert Waipori Miner
Bruce James Saddle Hill Freehold
Bruce John Saddle Hill Freehold
Bruce Robert Gabriel's Gully Miner
Bryant William Waipori Miner
Bryce George Waipori Miner
Bryce Peter Tomahawk Valley Freehold
Bryce Thomas Waipori Household
Buchan William Gabriel's Gully Miner
Buchanan Andrew Chingford, North-east Valley Freehold
Buchanan James Gabriel's Gully Miner
Buchanan William Dunedin Freehold
Buckley Andrew Gabriel's Gully Household
Buckley Edmond Dunedin Miner
Buckley Timothy Gabriel's Gully Miner
Bunting John Wetherstone's Gully Miner
Burgess William Gabriel's Gully Miner
Burley Johnston Waipori Miner
Burns Henry Gabriel's Gully Miner
Burns William Gabriel's Gully Miner
Burry John Gabriel's Gully Miner
Burrows Nicholas John Port Chalmers Household
Bush Henry Port Chalmers Household
Bushforth James Gabriel's Gully Miner
Butler John George Gabriel's Gully Miner
Butler Michael Gabriel's Gully Miner
Butler William East Taieri Freehold
Cahill James Gabriel's Gully Miner
Cahill William Gabriel's Gully Miner
Calder William Dunedin Miner
Callan William Dunedin Miner
Calvert Francis Wetherston's Miner
Calvert James Charles McCrae Wetherston's Miner
Cameron Alexander Wetherson's Miner
Cameron Alexander Cutten Gabriel's Gully Miner
Cameron Charles Gabriel's Gully Miner
Cameron Daniel North East Valley Freehold
Cameron James Wetherston's Miner
Cameron James Wetherston's Miner
Cameron Robert Thomas Wetherstone's Miner
Cameron Samuel Waipori Miner
Cameron Thomas Waipori Miner
Cameron Thomas Waipori Miner
Cameron William Dunedin Miner
Campbell Alexander Port Chalmers Freehold
Campbell Archibald Dunedin Miner
Campbell Charles Gabriel's Gully Miner
Campbell Daniel Dunedin Miner
Campbell Donald Kerson Waipori Household
Campbell Duncan Gabrial's Gully Miner
Campbell James Coal Point, Coast District Freehold
Campbell James Alexander Waitahuna Business License
Campbell John Green Island Leasehold
Campbell Phillip Dunedin Freehold
Campbell Peter Gabriel's Gully Miner
Cantor Emanuel Caversham Joint Leasehold
Cantwill Thomas Wetherston's Gully Miner
Caples Patrick Quirke Tuapeka River Miner
Carey David Upper Harbor Miner
Carey Frank Wethersone's Gully Miner
Carey George Gabriel's Gully Miner
Carey Henry Waipoi Miner
Caribines Richard Waipori Miner
Carlyle Robert East Taieri Household
Carmichael Niel Dunedin Miner
Carr William Wetherstone's Miner
Carrol Martin Tuapeka Miner
Carson James Gabriel's Gully Miner
Carter Frederick Piggot Wetherstone's Gully Miner
Carton Thomas Gabriel's Gully Miner
Casey Patrick Waitahuna Miner
Cavanagh William Dunedin Miner
Chalmers Alexander Halfway Bush Freehold
Chamberlain Henry Wetherstone's Gully Miner
Chandler James Gabriel's Gully Miner
Chapman John Wetherstone's Gully Miner
Chapman Robert Dunedin Freehold
Chittey John Gabriel's Gully Miner
Chittey John Gabriel's Gully Miner
Christie Robert Clutha Frehold
Christie William Dunedin Miner
Clark Alexander Waipori Miner
Clark Donald Gabriel's Gully Miner
Clark Jasper Tokomairiro Freehold
Clark John Gabriel's Gully Miner
Clark John Gabriel's Gully Miner
Clark John Waipori Miner
Clark Michael Tuapeka Miner
Clements Harold East Taieri Leasehold
Clifford William Charles Gabriel's Gully Miner
Close Richard Gabriel's Gully Household
Clowser Richard Gabriel's Gully Miner
Clutterbuck William Dunedin Miner
Cobb William James Waipori Miner
Cockburn Walter Waipori Miner
Cochrane Thomas A. Gabriel's Gully Miner
Coghill John Dunedin Miner
Collehran Thomas Gully, Tuapeka Miner
Collins John Dunedin Miner
Colthers John Waipori Miner
Coneys Robert Tuapeka Miner
Connellan Michael Gabriel's Gully Miner
Connew James Port Chalmers Leasehold
Cook Robert Wetherstone's Miner
Cook Thomas Mount Pleasant Miner
Cook William Wetherstone's Miner
Cooper George Wetherstone's Miner
Cormick John Gabriel's Gully Miner
Corser Edward Nelson Garbriel's Gully Household
Cortione George Gabriel's Gully Miner
Cottle George Dunedin Miner
Cotton James Dunedin Miner
Cowan Andrew Gabriel's Gully Miner
Cowans George F. Gabriel's Gully Miner
Craddock William Wetherstone's Miner
Craig Robert Gabriel's Gully Miner
Craig William North-east Valley Leasehold
Cramond John Dunedin Miner
Crane James Taieri River Mouth Freehold
Crawford Andrew Dunedin Miner
Crawford James Waipori Household
Crawford John Dunedin Miner
Crocker Henry Dunedin Miner
Crouch James Wetherstone's Gully Miner
Crickmore John Port Chalmers Freehold
Cuddie Thomas Saddle Hill Freehold
Culbertson James Wethersone's Gully Miner
Cumine William Taylor Horse-shoe Bush Freehold
Cummings John Waipori Miner
Cuningham Montgomery Dunedin Miner
Cuthbert William Waipori Miner
Cuthbert William Dunedin Miner
Cuthbertson David Tuapeka Freehold
Cuthbertson David Gabriel's Gully Miner