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Eastern Empire
Ship: 1763 Tons
Captain: Ferguson
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London 28th August 1864 - arrived Lyttelton 4th January 1865

Name Age County Occupation
Families & Children
Adams John 26 Lanarkshire Farm Labourer
Sarah 28
Ayrton John 28 Trans to s/m Travelling with Midgley's
Ball Edward 31 Middlesex Printer travelling with Jefoate
Mary J. 27
Amy Jane 3
Rebecca L. Infant
Banks Alice 30 Trans to s/w Travelling with Midgley's
Bates William 50 Staffordshire Turner
Mary 50
Boyce John 30 Wiltshire Farm Labourer
Mary 26
James 22 Trans to s/m
Byrne James 28 Carlow Blacksmith
Clark Thomas 38 Middlesex Labourer
Margaret 36
Corcaran William 26 Kings Farm Labourer
Davies John 41 Herefordshire Labourer
Mary Ann 30
Willie 11
Andrew 10
Price William Trans to s/m Travelling with Davies
Dorn Charles 17 Surrey Bricklayer
George 17 Surrey Carpenter
Dutton George 40 Yorkshire Mason
Mary 36
James 15 Trans to s/m
Richard H. 6
Rachel D. 4
Edgley William 27 Nottinghamshire Sawyer
Betsey 25
Jefcoate Thomas 24 Northampton Labourer
Janet J. 25
Fisher Elizabeth 21 Trans to s/w Travelling with Bates
Frow John 38 Nottinghamshire Carpenter
Sarah Ann 36
John 14 Trans to s/m
Kate 10
Arthur 8
Walter 4
Rose 2
Gaby James 54 Glostershire Farmer
Sarah 51
James 26 Trans to s/m
William 20 Trans to s/m
Gallahue Edmond 26 Limerick Farm Labourer
Gray David 39 Wiltshire Farm Labourer
Elizabeth A. 35
Frederick J. 8
Archibald 4
Alexander Infant
Gunn Daniel 47 Caithness Shepherd
Jean 46
Robert R. 21 Trans to s/m
Ann 19 Trans to s/w
Alexander 17 Trans to s/m
Jane 15 Trans to s/w
Ellen 11
Mary 11
Jessie 9
Hepborn James 26 Aryshire Farm Labourer
Isabella 25
James 6
Hepborn Hugh 22 Trans to s/m
Hulme Ambrose 26 Cheshire Farm Labourer
Elisa 24
Leonard 1
Irving Francis 34 Dumfries Farm Labourer
Maria 24
Frank 2
James 8 mths
Keast Stephen 31 Cornwall Labourer
Ann 27
John P. Infant
Latchell Henry R. 17 Trans to s/m Travelling with Jefoate
Leech Daniel 25 Gloucestershire Gardener
Mary 28
Sarah Ann 3
Harriet Infant
Leddy Daniel 25 Cavan Labourer
Margaret 22
McGottieck Phillip 24 Down Labourer
Mary 24
McLeod Alexander 28 Rosshire Shepherd
Mary 21
McLeod James 20 Sutherland Shepherd
Midgley Benjamin 30 Yorkshire Shoemaker
Mary Ann 30
Hannah 3
William 2
Midgley Martha 18 Trans to s/w
Morrison Thomas 38 Rosshire Shepherd
Ann 28
Ross Duncan 25 Trans to s/m Travelling with Morrison
Palmer James 24 Travelling with Jefoate
Grace A. 26
Paterson James 22 Aryshire Joiner
Annie 23
James 6 mths
Paton William 38 Fifeshire Labourer
Mary 39
James 19
William 14 Trans to s/m
Janet 10
Robert 7
Mary 2
Peters George 48 Bedfordshire Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 48
Pringle William 28 Roxburgh Mason
Christina 24
Janet 3
Thomas Infant
Rutherford William 50 Inverness Shepherd
Flora 51
Angus 26 Trans to s/m
Mary 24 Trans to s/w
James 15 Trans to s/m
Sarah 13 Trans to s/w
Sinclair John 51 Caithness Joiner
Mary Ann H. 45
Alexander 19 Trans to s/m
David 17 Trans to s/m
Hendry 15 Trans to s/m
William 13 Trans to s/m
Jane 10
Sinclair Elizabeth 19 Trans to s/w
Smith Duncan 45 Ayrshire Ploughman
May 34
Duncan 9
Robert 7
Ann 5
John 3
Christine Infant
Sparkes William 43 Devonshire Labourer
Jane 43
Elizabeth Ann 16 Trans to s/w
Sarah 14 Trans to s/w
Richard 10
Joseph 8
Frederick William 3
Stapleton Thomas 36 Nottinghamshire Sawyer
Martha 34
Tom 11
Everand 9
Harry 6
Ann 4
Richard 2
Steffaus Heinrich 23 Hanover Labourer
Mela 22
Taylor William 28 Yorkshire Carpenter
Mary 26
Taylor Charles 28 Devonshire Carpenter
Mary 30
Thomson James 31 Lancashire Tailor
Mary 29
Henry 5
William 2
Margaret A. Infant
Treloar William 25 Somersetshire Carpenter
Mary 25
Tribe Charles 49 Middlesex Upholsterer
Agnes C. 40
Agnes M. 20 Trans to s/w
Sarah A. 16 Trans to s/w
Alice E. 12 Trans to s/w
Charles F. 6
Murray Christina 16 Trans to s/w Travelling with Tribe family
Turner John F. 28 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Ann 22
Charles 3
James 6 mths
Whitelaw Archibald 28 Lanarkshire Ploughman
Elizabeth 30
Wilcock Lot 31 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Sophia 28
Alfred 6
Edwin 3
Wallace Infant
Wilson John 27 Trans to s/m Travelling with Smith
Single Men
Aker Charles 20 Wurtemberg Butcher
Ayrton John 28 Yorkshire Shoemaker
Baird Henry 17 Antrim Farm Labourer
Boyce Samuel 19 Down Farm Labourer
John 18 Down Farm Labourer
Boyce James 22 Wiltshire Farm Labourer
Byrne James 28 Carlow Blacksmith
Brown James 25 Northampton Farm Labourer
Campbell Charles 26 Antrim Farm Labourer
Campbell Arthur 12 Antrim Farm Labourer
Cochrane David 20 Ayrshire Ploughman
James 18 Ayrshire Ploughman
Corcaran William 26 Kings Farm Labourer
Curle Andrew 34 Roxburghshire Shepherd
Davidson Donald 29 Inverness Farm Labourer
Dorn Charles 17 Surrey Bricklayer
George 17 Surrey Carpenter
Dunbar James 31 Inverness Shepherd
Dutton James 15 Derbyshire Labourer
Elder Hugh 30 Caithness Farm Labourer
Alexander 24 Caithness Farm Labourer
Fraser Thomas 21 Inverness Shepherd
Frow John 14 Nottinghamshire
Gaby James 26 Sussex Farm Labourer
William 20 Sussex Farm Labourer
Gallahue Edmond 26 Limerick Farm Labourer
Gandion Richard 22 Aldernay blacksmith
Grant Andrew 23 Rosshire Shepherd
Grant William 21 Rosshire Shepherd
Grant Allan 24 Morayshire Farm Labourer
Griffin Michael 24 Galway Labourer
Gunn Robert R. 21 Caithness Shepherd
Alexander 17 Caithness Shepherd
Hamilton Moses 28 Down Joiner
Hepborn Hugh 22 Ayrshire Labourer
Hefford John 21 Northampton Farm Labourer
Henderson William 27 Caithness Farm Labourer
Hight Samuel 19 Northampton Farm Labourer
Kriete? Diedrich 18 Hanover Farm Labourer
Matheson James 21 Caithness Joiner
Magson Robert 21 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
McBrien Thomas 25 Fermanagh Farm Labourer
McDonnell Laurence 26 Kings Farm Labourer
McDonald Alexander 21 Inverness Shepherd
McIntosh Ewen 29 Inverness Shepherd
McIver Kenneth 20 Rosshire Shepherd
McLeod William 30 Sutherland Shepherd
McKenzie Alexander 30 Perthshire Farm Labourer
McNaughton Thomas 22 Kirkcudbright Saddler
Murray Benjamin 21 Orkney Farm Labourer
Neilson Archibald 30 Lanarkshire Farm Labourer
O'Brien Thomas 20 Galway Farm Labourer
O'Boyle John 19 Antrim Farm Labourer
Patterson James 24 Dumbarton Mason
Paton James 19 Fifeshire Labourer
William 14 Fifeshire Labourer
Price William 25 Monmouthshire Labourer
Price Thomas Herefordshire Labourer
Reid Hector 27 Banffshire Farm Labourer
Ross Duncan 25 Rosshire Shepherd
Ross James 25 Forfarshire Mason
Rutherford Angus 26 Inverness Labourer
James 15 Inverness Labourer
Satchell Henry 17 Warwickshire Gardener
Savage Frederick 33 Nottinghamshire Blacksmith
Sinclair Alexander 19 Aberdeenshire Joiner
Sinclair David 17 Caithness Joiner
Hendrey 15 Caithness Labourer
William 13 Caithness
Smith Robert 16 Dublin Clerk
Stratford Joseph 22 Northampton Farm Labourer
Steele Robert 23 Antrim Farm Labourer
Swanston Robert M. 28 Forfarshire Labourer
Tierney Michael 24 Galway Labourer
Treweck William 22 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Vaughan Henry 17 Glostershire Labourer
Walsh Constantino 25 Galway Carpenter
Walsh Patrick 24 Galway Farm Labourer
Weightman Joseph 20 Nottinghamshire Farm Labourer
Weston Charles 34 Wiltshire Farm Labourer
Thomas Robert 19 Wiltshire Cowman
Wilson John 27 Argyle Ploughman
Wilson John 34 Leicestershire Farm Laboure
Single Women
Adams Mary 30 Cumberland Housekeeper
Anderson Bridget 45 Carlow
Mary 18 Carlow Dressmaker
James 10 Carlow
Baird Ann 28 Antrim Dairy Women
Banks Alice 30 Yorkshire Domestic Servant
Barrett Esther 22 Dublin Domestic Servant
Bateman Ann 26 Cork Domestic Servant
Blake Catherine 23 Lanarkshire Dairy Maid
Burke Margaret 18 Galway Domestic Servant
Catherine 20 Galway Domestic Servant
Byrne Bridget 26 Carlow Farm Servant
Campbell Ellen 19 Antrim Domestic Servant
Cannac Margaret 20 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Mary Anne 18 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Clark Annelia 25 Waterford Domestic Servant
Cochrane Isabella M. 23 Inverness Domestic Servant
Connell Margaret 22 Galway Domestic Servant
Honor 13 Galway Domestic Servant
Mary 4 Galway
Doherty Susan 20 Donegal Needlewoman
Donovan Eliza 19 Cork Domestic Servant
Doolan Elizabeth 28 Tipperary Domestic Servant
Dorn Lucy 49 Middlesex Monthly Nurse
Elizabeth 24 Surrey Domestic Servant
Dorrian Catherine 24 Down Domestic Servant
Douerty Isabella 21 Aberdeenshire Domestic Servant
Doyle Anne 24 Carlow Cook
Everett Catherine 30 Berkshire Governess
Fennwick Jane 24 Northumberland Domestic Servant
Fisher Elizabeth 21 Staffordshire Domestic Servant
Garrdion Elizabeth 31 Alderney Domestic Servant
Gillies Jane 18 Dumbarton Domestic Servant
Gilmore Margaret 25 Galway Dairy Maid
Glassey Tabitha 19 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Ellen 17 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Grimes Catherine 20 Antrim Dairy Women
Harper Jane 27 Flintshire
Pheobe 4
Stephen 3
Herring Amelia A. 25 Surrey Milliner
Hight Rhoda 17 Northampton Domestic Servant
Jennings Fanny 22 Monmouthshire Domestic Servant
Kriete? Trina 17 Hanover Domestic Servant
Anna 15 Hanover Domestic Servant
Lees Agnes 20 Lanarkshire Domestic Servant
Lundy Elizabeth 21 Down Domestic Servant
Jane 31 Down Domestic Servant
Malley Anne 22 Galway Domestic Servant
Mally Honoria 20 Galway Domestic Servant
Marshall Ann 28 Lincolnshire Cook
McCullough Sarah 30 Down
Andrew 11
Margaret 8
Agnes 7
William 5
McDonald Elizabeth 28 Inverness Domestic Servant
McDonnell Mary 22 Kings Domestic Servant
McIntosh Janet 27 Inverness Domestic Servant
Margaret 22 Inverness Domestic Servant
Midgley Martha 18 Yorkshire Domestic Servant
Mooney Margaret 16 Antrim Domestic Servant
Murray Christina 16 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Naughton Bridget 18 Galway Domestic Servant
O'Boyle Marjory 16 Antrim Dairy Women
O'Boyle Margaret 19 Antrim Dressmaker
O'Brien Bridget 24 Galway Domestic Servant
O'Brien Catherine 18 Limerick Dressmaker
Officer Rosanna 28 Antrim Dairy Women
Porteous Janet 23 Argyle Domestic Servant
Robertson Mary 26 Perthshire Domestic Servant
Robinson Elizabeth 29 Lancashire
Marshall 3
Richard 1
Rutherford Mary 24 Inverness Domestic Servant
Sarah 13 Inverness
Sinclair Elizabeth 19 Caithness Domestic Servant
Sinclair Margaret 26 Caithness Domestic Servant
Smith Henrietta 17 Carnarvon Dress Maker
Sparkes Elizabeth 16 Alderney Domestic Servant
Sarah 14 Alderney
Sutherland Selina 21 Sutherland Domestic Servant
Tribe Agnes M. 20 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Sarah A. 16 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Alice E. 12 Middlesex
Walsh Mary 18 Galway Domestic Servant
Walsh Elizabeth 18 Galway Domestic Servant
Young or Gunn ? Ann 19 Caithness Domestic Servant
Jane 15 Caithness Domestic Servant
Robert MAGSON:
Robert Magson arrived in New Zealand to join his elder brother John Magson. Robert was born in Welburn, Yorkshire in 1842. His first endeavour in New Zealand was labouring on road building projects on the West Coast and Lochinvar roads. He was then lured to the West Coast goldfield, but this only lasted six months.  Instead of making money somehow he lost one hundred pounds. At this point he returned to Canterbury and to his brother at Craigieburn who set him on a new path. He entered the service of Charles Withell of Brookside with whom he remained for four years. He took up state settlement land in Dunsandel and purchased his Rokeby (near Rakaia) farm of 518 acres in 1873 while still in its native state. The land was cropped with good results.   After growing grain for six years he stocked his land with sheep. Robert married Catherine McPhail in 1870, she died in 1884 leaving a young family of four sons and two daughters. In retirement Robert lived in a house in Rakaia, passing away in 1911. Descendants of Robert and Catherine still live in the area. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Rae Magson.


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