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Duke of Athol
Ship: 963 tons
Captain: C Elliott
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Vance

Sailed Downs October 31st 1878 - arrived Wellinton January 29th 1879

Arrival of the Duke of Athol

Name Age County Occupation
Saloon Passengers
Bates Mr N H
Miss Clara
Bowden Thomas A
Devoy Reverend Thomas
Grogan Reverend Michael
Soules Reverend Christophe
Vance Dr Surgeon on board
Wrightson Joseph
Second Cabin Passengers
Knowles Samuel T
Scales George H
Turner Mr C W
Steerage Passengers
Ambrose Adam
Banyard J
Fowler Southey
Glover James A
Hale Peter W
Hornby Charles B
Schmidt John L
Thompson Thomas D
Wylie L C
Young Henry D


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The Evening Post January 29th 1879