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Greenock Advertiser

"On Wednesday afternoon, the Duchess of Argyle, Government emigration ship, cleared out of this harbour, for New Zealand, with 305 sould on board. The emigrants are chiefly from Paisley and Johnstone, and neighbourhood. The people appeared to be highly delighted with the accomiodation, and with the dietry and prospect of reaching a colony where they may become prosperous and happy. On reaching the Tail of the Bank, the Captain gave orders for all people to appear on deck, when Dr Boyter selected 13 male emigrants and having them assembled on the quarter deck, he appointed them constables for the voyage, in view of all the people, and told them that if they had any complaints to make, that they should make them to these men, who would report to the officers of the ship. Several gentlemen interested in the welfare of the emigrants were present on the occasion. We learn that they have been supplied with a very useful small library of books, selected by Dr Burns."