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Dover Castle
Ship: 1008 tons
Captain: Kerr
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Rickards
Sailed London January 19th 1872 - arrived Lyttelton May 7th 1872

A large wooden frigate-built vessel of 1008 tons, Dover Castle was originally one of the Black Ball Line of ships. Owned at the time by R and H Green, she traded to Australia between 1858 and 1871. In 1872 she was purchased by Shaw Savill & Co. Ltd and applied to the New Zealand run. One voyage to Auckland in 1875 resulted in a period at the quarantine station on Motuihe Island. Having completed a number of voyages to New Zealand, Dover Castle sailed from Auckland to China in 1875 where she was sold and renamed Kem. She later stranded off the coast of Norway and was broken up.

Arrival of the Dover Castle

Cabin Passengers
Barnett Mr
Chambers Mr
Dowding Mr
Flint Mr
Grundy Mr
Kerr Mrs Wife of ships Captain
Macey Captain
5 children
Maiden Mr
Pillow Mr
8 children
Rickards Mr J
Seale Mr
Serocking Mr
Paying Steerage Passengers
Cooper Mr
Elliott Mr
Lewis Mr
Simpson Mr
Wilkinson Mr
Assisted Immigrants
Name Age Country Occupation
Families and Children
Basher George 27 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Mary 27
Buck Robert 35 Farm Labourer
Catherine 35
Mary 11
Joseph 10
John 8
Catherine 6
Louisa 10 mths
Harris Richard B. 30 Warwickshire Sergeant Major 90th Reg.
Alice 33
Emily 10
Alice 5
Joseph 3
William 3 mths
Hurst Daniel 28 Sussex Labourer
Alice M. 19
Alice J.
Matthews Samuel 32 Glostershire Carpenter and Joiner
Mary Ann 34
Frank S 7
Eliza A 6
Lillian M. Infant
Walker John 27 Aberdeen Baker
Mary 21
Charles 5
James 3
Emily 1
Single Men
Anderson Andrew 25 Leitrim Shoemaker
Chapman William 22 Down Ploughman
Cooper Charles 24 Staffordshire Baker
Dewey Henry 50 Surrey Cab Proprieter
Flack John 21 Down Farm Labourer
Gibson William 14 Down
Hawkins Albert 25 Glostershire Labourer
Herlihy James 25 Cork Farm Labourer
Hill Joseph 25 Cheshire Labourer
Hodkinson Henry 24 Cheshire Labourer
Jones John 16 Kerry Farm Labourer
Kennedy Timothy 44 Tipperary Labourer
Meaclem William 18 Covan Labourer
Ryan David 22 Tipperary Ploughman
Sugrue John 22 Kerry Farm Labourer
Sullivan Charles 22 Kerry Ploughman
Sullivan John 20 Kerry Ploughman
Walsh Michael 20 Kerry Farm Labourer
Wallace Baptist 21 Fermanagh Ploughman
Wilson Robert 21 Down Labourer
Wilson Samuel 19 Down Labourer
Wilson David 17 Down Labourer
Winchester Alexander 23 Elgin Baker
Single Women
Antill Mary A. 36 Leicestershire
Brien Mary 20 Kerry Dairymaid
Brien Margaret 20 Kerry Dairymaid
Browning Lizzie 21 Surrey Housemaid
Dewey Mary 23 Surrey General Servant
Dewey Clara 18 Surrey General Servant
Herlihy Mary 22 Cork Dairywoman
Huggins Jane 43 Middlesex
Mary J. 11
Elizabeth J. 6
Kennedy Anne 21 Tipperary General Servant
Kennedy Johanna 19 Tipperary General Servant
Maguire Anne 21 Kildare General Servant
McAleer Rose A. 27 Tyrone General Servant
Meaclem Margaret 21 Covan General Servant
Meaclem Eliza 13 Covan General Servant
Neill Mary 19 Kerry Dairymaid
Parrell Annie 25 Devonshire Cook
Pedlow Eliza 27 Down General Servant
Penny Jane 26 Wiltshire Cook
Savage Ellen 25 Down Housemaid
Savage Mary 23 Down Housemaid

BASHER family:
George Basher was baptised in Cury, Cornwall, 04/03/1844 the son of George and Cassandra (Tresidder) Basher. By the 1861 Census he was a servant and carter living at Landewednack. He married Mary Lukies before emmigrating to New Zealand as a farm labourer. They sailed in the "Dover Castle" leaving London 19/1/1872 and taking 108 days, reached Lyttleton on 7/5/1872. Three years later they were followed by George's brother, Peter and sister, Cassandra. The City of Christchurch Roll of 1878 places George and Mary at 216 Ferry Rd. George and Mary had at least three daughters: Ellen Louisa (born 17/05/1875), Annie Elizabeth (who died as an infant) and Emily Cassandra (born 19/06/1880). Emily married William Thomas Burness on 29/07/1909 and died 18/09/1931. George died  9/1/1911 and Mary died 29/04/1932 at age 87. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Nolan Basher


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Archives New Zealand IM17/7
The Star May 8th 1872