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Extracted from various New Zealand newspapers
(Sorted by publication date)

TURNER. Died at Willis Street, on Saturday the 15th instant, William aged 4 years, youngest son of John Turner, Bootmaker
The Wellington Independent, Wednesday, June 19, 1850

CREASE. March 20, at Willis St, Elizabeth Jane Crease, aged 3 months. 
FENNERS. March 24, at the Star Hotel, Napier, after a lingering illness, Mr R Ferrers, formerly of the New Zealander, Wellington, aged 37 years.
SYMONS. April 7, at his fathers residence, Tory Street, John, only son of Mr John Symons, aged 3 months.
The Press 11th April 1863

PURVIS. May 19th, at High Street, Christchurch, Elizabeth Mary Ann, daughter of the late James Purvis, surveyor of Christchurch, aged 3 years and 6 months.
The Press 22nd May 1863

ADAMS. On Te Aro Flat, Wellington, on the 26th April, Mr James William Adams, shoe maker; 36 years - Canterbury papers please copy.
BAKER. On the 18th April, 1865, of scarlet fever, at Ghuznee Street, Wellington. Charlotte Frances Ira, the youngest and beloved daughter of Ebenezer and Harriett Baker; aged 20 months. Auckland papers please copy.
BAKER. On Saturday the 22nd day of April, 1865, at Ghuznee Street, Wellington, of scarlet fever, Eliza Harriet Viner Baker, the eldest and beloved daughter of Ebenezer and Harriett Baker; aged 9 years and 2 months. Auckland papers please copy.
FREEMAN. On Friday 21st April, at her fathers residence, Mary Ann, youngest daughter of Mr Walter Freeman.
HOUSTOUN. On the 16th April, at his Kent Terrace, Raglan Street, Arthur Wood Houstoun; aged 39 years. Glasgow papers please copy. Spicer and Hutchins, undertakers. 
HOLDER. At Karori, on the 9th May, Henry Godfrey, the youngest son of Mr Thomas Holder, aged one year and nine months.
HAGUE. On Sunday 16th April, at the Colonial Hospital, Wellington, after a short but severe illness, Mr James Hague, late of the Colonial Defence Office, native of Ploose County, Cavan, Ireland. Home papers copy.
PAYNE. At Boulcott Street, on the 12th inst., Alfred, the youngest son of Mr George Paine (sic), aged 8 years.
PAYTON. On the 8th May, at Quin Street, Emma Amelia, daughter of Charles and Emma Payton, aged 8 years.
PAYTON. On the 8th May, at Quin Street, John Edward, infant son of Charles and Emma Payton, aged 2 years and six months. 
PHILLIPS. On the 28th inst., at Kai Warra, Maria, the beloved daughter of Mr T Phillips. Aged 5 years and 4 months.
SIDEY. On the 3rd April, at his brother's residence, Marangaroo, Bowenfella, New South Wales, Alexander McLaurin, second surviving son of Charles Graham Sidey, Esq, of Perth, Vootland (?), in the 31st year of his age.
VINCENT. On the 3rd May, at her father's residence Wellington Terrace, Flora Hannah, eldest daughter of Mr N Vincent; aged 4 years and 7 months.
WALLACE. On the 5th May, aged 3 years and seven months, William Stanton Morris, the youngest son of Mr J. H. Morris, of this city.
The Wellington Independent 13 May 1865

BRANIGAN. On Thursday, July 20th, at Molesworth Street, Thorndon, John Michael, oldest son, of Mr Peter Branigan, aged 1 year and 10 months.
DANIELS. At her residence, Tinakori Rd, on the 9th inst, Mary Jane, beloved wife of Edwin Daniels, aged 20 years.
VALENTINE. At White ???? Hotel, Hutt, on 23rd July, of scarlet fever, George Thomas, the beloved and third son of Mr ??? Valentine, aged 3 years and 8 months.
WALLACE. At the residence of his father, Priory Cottage, Boulcott Street, on Tuesday, 8th August, James Douglas, aged 6 years and 9 months, fourth son of Mr J. H. Wallace, M. P. C. of this city.
The Wellington Independent, August 12, 1865

DUNCAN. On December 26. at Nelson, Mary Ann, the beloved wife of R. J. Duncan, Esq, Manager of the New Zealand Steam Navigation Company. Aged 29 years.
FOUNTAIN. On December 27, at Te Aro, the infant daughter of Mr and Mrs Fountain. Aged two months and seventeen days.
HEDLEY. On December 26, at Opaki, Masterton, suddenly, Mr George Hedley. Aged fifty-nine years. "Hawkes Bay Herald" please copy.
PHILLIPS. On January 6, Catherine, the forth daughter of Mr George Phillips. Aged five years and six months.
SCOTT. On October 7, in Wales, the Rev. Henry William Scott, Congregational Minister, late of Wellington, New Zealand, eldest son of the Rev. A. Scott, Beaufort, Monmouthshire.
HARDING. On September 6, at Chapmanslade, Whiltshire, England, Lillie, second daughter of the late Mr Thomas Harding, grocer of Wellington. Aged 22 years.
WRIGLEY. On January 4, at Cuba Street, Ellen?, the beloved wife of Henry Wrigley.
The Wellington Independent, January 17, 1867

JACOB. On May 2nd, at her residence, 10 LeskinickTerrace, Penzance, Cornwall, Mrs L. Jacob, aged 82 years, mother of Mrs Selig of this city.
GOODEN. On April 12, at Norwich, England, Sarah Mary Gooden, aged 48 years.
GOODEN. On April 15, at Norwich, England, Mary Ann, widow of Nathaniel Hallett Gooden, formerly of Lloyd's, aged 69 years. West Coast and Queensland papers please copy.
The Wellington Independent, July 23, 1868

FRASER. On May 8, at Heather Ley, Inverness, N. B. Julia Josephine Margaret, wife of Capt. C. R. Fraser, and fourth daughter of W. A. Bethune, Esq., late of Dunroobin, Tasmania.
The Wellington Independent, July 25, 1868

JOHNSON. On January 8, at the Colonial Hospital, Wellington, William Henry Johnson, aged 15 years.
MARTIN. On December 27, at his residence, Sidney Street, Mr James Martin, coachmaker, aged 74 years. London papers please copy.
MATTHEWS. On January 4, at the Hutt, the wife of Mr Charles Matthews, after a long and painful illness, aged 58 years.
MOORE. On December 10, at the Provincial Hospital, James Karr Moore, aged 36 years.
MITCHELL. On December 29, at Willow Lodge, Willis Street, Mr Joseph Mitchell, aged 41 years.
PAYTON. On December 27, at Pahautanui, Mary Ann Josephine, infant daughter of Joseph and Mary Payton, aged three months.
PORT. On January 9, at Willis Street, Ambrose Hughey, infant son of Mr R. Port.
SAWYER. On the 12 January, Walter James, infant son of Mr James Sawyer, Beacon Hill Signal Station.
SMITH. On Christmas morning, suddenly at Flat Point, East Coast, at Mrs Murch's residence, Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of James Smith, of this city, aged 19 years. Deeply regretted by a very large circle of friends.
SMITH. On January 8, at Woodside, near Greytown, Wairarapa, William Mein Smith, formerly Captain in the Royal Artillery, and for many years principal surveyor of the New Zealand Company.
The Wellington Independent January 16, 1869

LONDON. On March 1, Edward London, aged 16 months, and on March 2, Ada London, aged 3 years; the son and daughter of Mr Henry London
The Wellington Independent 9 March 1869

CUSACK. On February 9, at Bank street, East Maitland, N. S. W., Samuel Athanasins Cusack, M. D., F.R.O.S.L., aged 38 years.
DARK. On February 13, at Moore street, Emily Jane, daughter of Mr W. J. Dark, aged 18 months.
LANG. On February 20, by drowning, Andrew Lang, aged 13 years.
LONDON. On March 1, Edward London, aged 16 months, and on March 2, Ada London, aged 3 years: the son and daughter of Mr Henry London.
OWEN. On February 20, at Kent Terrace, the infant daughter of Mr Arthur Hayward Owen.
OWEN. On February 21, at Kent Terrace Kate, the beloved wife of Mr Arthur Hayward Owen, aged 23 years.
NEWBERRY. On March 1, at the Terrace, Wellington, Emily Eliza, dearly beloved infant daughter of Charles and Eliza Newberry, aged six months.
SIMSON. On December 12, at Edinburgh, Mrs Simson, mother of Mrs Balfour, Wellington Terrace.
SYKES. At his residence, Rangitikie, Mr William Sykes, late of the Hutt, Wellington, aged 57 years.
TOMKINS. On March 5, at Tory street, Harriett, the wife of Mr John Tomkins.
The Wellington Independent 11 March 1869

PATERSON. On October 23, at his residence, Whau Bridge, Titirangi, near Auckland, Mr George Paterson, Surveyor, father of Mrs James Prossor of this city, aged 64 years. Edinburgh and New York papers please copy.
ECKLEY. On November 5, accidently drowned in the Ruamahunga, Francis Henry Eckley, aged 23 years.
MOTUTERE. On October 9, at Waikanae, Rawiri Motutere, a chief of the Ngatiawa tribe, of Taranaki and Wellington, aged 70 years.
LING. On October 21, at Melbourne, William, eldest son of Mr B. Ling, aged 11 years and 9 months.
JONES. On November 12, at the Colonial Hospital, John Jones, aged 40 years.
DUNCAN. On November 14, at Manawatu, Mary eldest daughter of the Rev. J. Duncan.
The Wellington Independent, November 27, 1869

COULTER. On the 26th inst, Mary, the beloved wife of James Coulter, Waiwetu, Lower Hutt, aged 31.
The Evening Post Tuesday 26th May 1874

BRODIE. On October 6, at the Gore, Eastbourne, Sussex, Mrs Anna Brodie, relict of the late Rev. Alex. Brodie, D. D. late chaplain to his late Majesty George IV., in her 87th year: the largest proprietor of the "Times" newspaper, and the youngest and last surviving child of the first John Walter, Esq., Middlesex, who was the sole founder and originator of the "Times".
ELLIOTT. On the 28th December, at his residence, Bronte Street, Nelson, after a long illness, Mr James Elliott, aged 55 years. Mr Elliott was for several years joint proprietor of the "Nelson Examiner", but retired from it three years since on account of ill health.
HILL. At Majoribank Street, on the 18th December, Emma, second daughter of Mr John HIll; aged 4 years and 4 months.
FRASER. On the 21st inst, at Ingrestre St, Jane, infant daughter of Thomas Fraser.
BUNNY. On the 25th inst, at Nelson, E. W. Bunny, Esq, Registrar of the Supreme Court.
The Evening Post Tuesday 25th May 1875

On the 1st April, at St. Bathans, Otago, Frederick John Bunny, third son of Henry Bunny, Provincial Secretary, Wellington, aged 24 years.
ROBERTS W. H. A man named W. H. Roberts has met with a fatal accident at Wanganui. He was engaged in the Corporation gravel pit up the river bank when a "fall" of gravel struck him on the back and knocked him from one "step" to another. When picked up he did not give indications of having been seriously injured, but expired afterwards. The poor fellow leaves a wife and five children unprovided for.
The Evening Post 3rd April 1876

BROWN. On June 20, at his residence, Mulgrave Street, Wellington, Mr Charles Brown, aged 67 years.
BRADY. On June 22, at Wellington, Mrs Jane Brady, aged 24 years.
FISHER. On July 1st, at Prospect Terrace, Karori Road, of consumption, Jane, beloved wife of Charles E. Fisher, aged 22 years.
HALL. On Monday, June 29, Mr William Hall, aged 22 years, at the house of his uncle James Prendergast, Esq., Wellington.
FRASER. On June 9, at Masterton, Mr Alexander Fraser, aged 35 yeard. Sydney and Dunedin papers please copy.
JOHNSON. On June 21, at Wellington, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Mr John Johnson, aged 57 years.
KEEFE. On June 10, Esther, beloved wife of Mr D. Keefe, aged 34 years.
O'HALLORAN. On June 20, at his residence, Hawkeston Street, Wellington, G. H. O' Halloran, Esq., aged 68 years. Deeply regretted by a large circle of friends.
VICKERY. On Wednesday, June 17, Mary, the wife of John Vickery, butcher, Cuba Street, aged 28 years. Canterbury papers please copy.
VALENTINE. On July 5, at the residence of Mr Joseph Stevenson, Kate, youngest daughter of Mr Frank Valentine, of Ghuznee Street.
WATSON. On July 2, Elizabeth Anne, eldest daughter of Mr W. Watson, aged 12 years.
The Wellington Independent, July 7, 1886