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David G. Fleming
Ship: 1467 tons
Captain: Cruikshank
Sailed London August 23rd 1863 - arrived Lyttelton December 9th 1863

Commissioners Report

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Ellis Miss F.
Hogg Reverend W. 
7 children
Marron Miss M.
Tucker Mr R. J.
Steerage Passengers
Families and Children
Arthur Henry 36 Somerset Carpenter
Elizabeth Ann 35
William G. 11
Charles J. 9
Henry F. 8
Rose 7
Elizabeth J. 4
Kate 3
Bethune John 33 Rosshire Shepherd
Jessie 30
Anne 7
Mary 5
Finlay Inf.
Boyce William 40 Cheshire Carpenter
Maria 32
Eliza Ann 15 Trans to s/w
Eliza Jane 9
Henry 5
Catherine 3
Mary M. Inf
Burnett John 27 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Sarah 24
Charles W. 1
Sarah E. Inf.
Butler William Henry 26 Notts Bricklayer
Lydia 26
Eliza 6
Harry 4
John 3 months
Calder George 26 Caithness Joiner
Mary 22
Carter John 22 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 26
Dixon Thomas 24 Renfrewshire Farm Labourer
Janet 19
Duffy Gregory 35 Carlisle Labourer
Elizabeth 35
Mary 15 Trans to s/w
Alexander 13 Trans to s/m
Margaret 11
Thomas 7
Elizabeth 4
Ellen 2
Franks John 25 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Mary E. 22
Heard James 25 Notts Bricklayer
Harriet 25
Emeline 4
James H. 2
Hulden John 22 Carlisle Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 23
Ann 2
Elizabeth 6 months
Irving Joseph 34 Carlisle Labourer
Ann 37
Margaret 11
Jones George 23 Gloustershire Plasterer
Elizabeth 22
Langhorn Thomas 27 Surrey Tailor
Emma 26
Isabella Inf.
Lusk David 29 Buteshire Joiner
Janet 31
John 7
James 4
David 3
Janet Inf.
McCann James 28 Lanarkshire Farm Labourer
McColl Paul 27 Argyle Shepherd
Amelia 23
McCormick Neil 33 Argyle Farm Labourer
Jessie 28
Alexander 3
Jessie Inf.
McDonald John A. 28 Kircudbright Joiner
Grace 28
McMeekin Charles 37 Lanarkshire Farm Labourer
Agnes 30
James 7
Sarah 3
John 10 months
Millington William 26 Middlesex Painter
Harriet 22
Florence 8 months
Munro Donald 26 Sutherland Schoolmaster
Isabella 25
Nelson William 34 Ayrshire Carpenter
Rosina 29
Mary 10
James 8
John 5
Hugh Inf.
Philp Edwin 24 Cornwall Mason
Jane 25
Francis 2
Pleasance William 22 Durham Farm Labourer
Mary 24
Poole John 36 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Emma J. 29
John H. 6
Frederick W. 5
William N. 2
Pratt John 24 Aberdeenshire Carpenter
May 20
John 6 months
Reay Matthew 30 Carlisle Labourer
Mary 27
John 5
James 3
Rusbatch Moses 23 Glostershire Farm Labourer
Mary 23
Rusbatch Samuel 33 Glostershire Farm Labourer
Amy 31
Thomas 6
William 4
Charles Inf.
Scott David 28 Lanarkshire Joiner
Lillias 30
David 6
John 4
Andrew 2
Lillias B. Inf.
Sheldon George 24 Durham Farm Labourer
Sarah 28
Tegg William 27 Middlesex Carpenter
Matilda 23
Martha 3
Ellen E. 2
William Inf.
Todd George 34 Lanarkshire Ploughman
Agnes 26
Ellen 6
Alexander 4
William James Inf.
Triggs James 24 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Sarah A. 23
Tucker James 28 Kent Smith
Mary Ann 28
Roger s. 7
James 5
Alice 2
Wilson William 41 Carlisle Labourer
Mary 39
Ann 8
Wooltorton Robert 44 Norfolk Farm Labourer
Mary Ann 44
Mary Ann 22 Trans to s/w
Sarah 17 Trans to s/w
Eleanor 15 Trans to s/w
Frances 10
Emma 8
Robert 6
Alice S. 4
Susannah 3
Single Men
Banton John 15 Cheshire Farm Labourer
Baxter Andrew 20 Lanarkshire Ploughman
John 26 Lanarkshire Ploughman
Bishop Walter 15 Sussex Labourer
Brightmore Arthur 21 Middlesex Bricklayer
Brown James 20 Ayrshire Farm Labourer
Christison Joseph 26 Aberdeen Shepherd
Connell Thomas 20 Galway Labourer
Cowan Andrew 25 Rosshire Shepherd
Croy William 28 Orkney Ploughman
Donaldson George 23 Forfar Joiner
Donnelly John 35 Dublin Fustian Cutter
Duffey Alexander 13 Carlisle
Farrell Patrick 24 Lanarkshire Farm Labourer
Gawen Charles A. 22 Wiltshire Tailor
Gourlay Thomas 32 Down Farm Labourer
Gunn John 20 Sutherland Farm Labourer
Hanna Robert 25 Down Lime Burner
Haughey Arthur 16 Down Labourer
Edward 29 Down Farm Labourer
Hogg Robert 19 Down Farm Labourer
Innes Peter 25 Aberdeen Farm Labourer
Madden James 25 Lanarkshire Labourer
Maitland Thomas 30 Aberdeen Farm Labourer
Martin Peter 21 Kent Farm Labourer
McLachlan John 21 Argyle Farm Labourer
McLaughlan John 23 Renfrewshire Ploughman
McLean John 23 Rosshire Shepherd
McLennan Hugh 24 Rosshire Ploughman
Murdo 22 Rosshire Ploughman
Mcleod Archibald 21 Inverness Farm Labourer
Menzies Robert 35 Perth Shepherd
Milne Henry 35 Aberdeen Ploughman
James 23 Aberdeen Shepherd
Olson Donald 22 Caithness Ploughman
Pate John William 25 Suffolk Cabinet Maker
Pearson William 14 Armagh
Ray Neil 25 Argyle Ploughman
Robertson John 23 Rosshire Shepherd
Roskruge Samuel 27 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Rowe John 19 Dorset Labourer
Peter 16 Dorset Labourer
Rutherford Robert 20 Inverness Shepherd
Ryan Michael 25 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Sontar John 19 Isle of Man Gardener
James 18 Isle of Man Farm Labourer
David 10 Isle of Man
Sutherland James 30 Sutherland Farm Labourer
Sutherland James 21 Caithness Ploughman
Thompson William 18 Yorkshire Mechanic
Walker William 24 Banffshire Farm Labourer
Walsh Michael 23 Clare Tailor
Walsh Patrick 25 Clare Farm Labourer
Whitten George 26 Armagh Labourer
Single Women
Atherton Mary Ann 22 Cambridge Domestic Servant
Bates Mary 28 Worchester Domestic Servant
Boyce Eliza Ann 15 Lancashire Domestic Servant
Burgess Charlotte 29 Northampton Cook
Calder Margaret 23 Aberdeen Domestic Servant
Campbell Catherine 27 Rosshire Dairymaid
Connor Hannah 27 Cork Domestic Servant
Duffey Elizabeth 15 Carlisle Domestic Servant
Eastwood Bridget 27 Lancashire Domestic Servant
Mary 29 Lancashire Domestic Servant
Thomas Patrick 4
Mary 1
Ferriter Ellen 20 Kerry Domestic Servant
Finlayson Catherine 21 Rosshire Domestic Servant
Fuller Agnes 20 Middlesex Needlewomen
Gamblin Mary 18 Hants Domestic Servant
Grice Mary Ann 15 Cheshire Domestic Servant
Handling Catherine 22 Limerick Domestic Servant
Hatton Elizabeth 27 Lancashire Weaver
Haughey Margaret 36 Down Domestic Servant
Mary 7
Charles 5
James 2
Harvey Jane M. 34 Somerset Needlewomen
Higgins Julia
Hogan Judy 20 Tipperary Domestic Servant
Hogg Susannah 20 Down Domestic servant
Kennedy Elizabeth A. Down Domestic Servant
Madden Margaret 25 Tipperary Domestic Servant
Maitland Isabella 36 Aberdeen Domestic Servant
Marshall Mary 20 Middlsex Laundress
McCartney Ellen 21 Antrim Domestic Servant
Mary 20 Antrim Domestic Servant
McDonald Maria 18 Carlisle Domestic Servant
Mitchell Grace 23 Yorkshire Domestic Servant
O'Mara Maria 25 Tipperary Domestic Servant
Pearson Sarah 44 Armagh Domestic Servant
Joseph 11
Jacob 9
Isacc 7
Phillips Emily P. 19 Surrey Domestic Servant
Pickard Mary Ann 28 Leicester Domestic Servant
Pope Ellen 28 Lanarkshire Domestic Servant
John 7
Patrick 5
Francis 3
Potts Emma 32 Derbyshire Cook
Smith Elizabeth 30 Pembroke Cook
Smith Sarah J. 20 Somersetshire Domestic Servant
Sontar Jane 24 Isle of Man Domestic Servant
Sutherland Margaret 32 Sutherland Dairymaid
Mary 30 Sutherland Domestic Servant
Thompson Deborah 40 Yorkshire
Harriet 17 Yorkshire Domestic Servant
Townend Emma 28
Maria 2
Tregamowen Emily 26 Cornwall Domestic Servant
Mary 25 Cornwall Domestic Servant
Watson Sarah 14 Carlisle
Wilson Elizabeth 17 Carlisle Domestic Servant
Sarah 19 Carlisle Domestic Servant
Woolerton Eleanor 15 Norfolk Domestic Servant
Mary 22 Norfolk Domestic Servant
Sarah 17 Norfolk Domestic Servant
PHILP family:
Edwin Philp, together with wife Jane and son Francis arrived together. They settled in Dunedin and were joined later by two of Edwin's brothers.  Edwin was a mason, and Francis became a plasterer but died in 1883 aged 22. If you have a connection with thei family or would like to know more please contact Bryan Taylor.

Peter INNES:
PETER INNES born 1834 Aberchirder, Parish of Marnoch, Banffshire, one of 11 children of a pauper family. Worked as an Agricultural Labourer, Aberdeenshire where he met his future wife, ISABELL CHALMERS. She followed him out on the "Victory" 1866. They were married in the Presbyterian Manse, Christchurch 1867. Peter travelled to New Zealand with THOMAS MAITLAND. Peter was unsuccessful at the Gold Diggings in Marlborough and Westland, and after 1867 he began farming. He reputedly built the first concrete house in New Zealand (Wakanui near Ashburton) but abandoned it in favour of a wooden one because of extreme heat and cold. His biography was published in the "Canterbury Times" 11 July 1887. In 1890 he sold and moved to Normanby near Hawera, then in 1896 to Whenakura, near Patea. He retired in 1900 to Feilding. Died Palmerston North 1922. His ancestry and descendants of his brothers in Scotland have been documented. Two brothers emigrated to the USA. One, George a stonecutter, has been discovered. The other, possibly Charles, is being sought. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Adrian & Maggie.


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