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Ship: 1059 Tons
Captain: Lewellyn  Davis
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Edward Husband
Sailed Gravesend 13th December 1882 - arrived Lyttelton 22nd March 1883

The following is transcribed from The Press and contains many names which do not appear on the transcribed list of Assisted Passengers. Crusader, ship, 1235 tons, Davies, from London via Plymouth. Passengers:-

Dr Husband, medical officerin charge, Mr and Mrs Anderson and family (6), Mr and Mrs C. Attwood and family (6), Mr and Mrs C. Aston and family (3), Mr and Mrs Allen and four children, Mr and Mrs Anton and family (9), Mr and Mrs blenkinsop, Miss Holdsworth, Miss French, Mr and Mrs J. Brown and four children, Mr and Mrs Burnley and child, Mr and Mrs Carter and four children, Mr and Mrs Cooke and three children, Mr and Mrs Critchley and family, Mr and Mrs Curtin and four children, Margaret Sheehy, Mr and Mrs Donald and family, Mr and Mrs Evans and family, Mr and Mrs Gwynn, Mr and Mrs Heppleston and family (5), Mr and Mrs Hepworth and family (6), Mr and Mrs Hopping and two children, Mr and Mrs Inkster, Mr and Mrs Jones and family (3), Mr and Mrs Kennington and family (4), Mr and Mrs McNair and child, Mr and Mrs Melton and child, Mr and Mrs Prattley and family, Mr and Mrs Robinson and infant, Mr and Mrs Lands and family (8), Mr and Mrs searle and children (2), Mr and Mrs Simpson and family (4), Mr and Mrs Staub and child, Mr and Mrs Tichener and infant, Kate and Mary Hamilton, Mr and Mrs toombs and child, Mr and Mrs Williams, Mr and Mrs Wood and family (5), Thomas and Susan Barr, Robert and David Boyd, James and Mary Bruce, William Butler, Pat Chen, R. Colclough, Thomas Cook, Arthur and Louise Cottle, William Dawson, Robert and Thomas Dickson, Robert Drake, Daniel and Ellen Duncan, William and Isabella Dynes, Thomas and Sarah Fleming, John and Annie Gilroy, Robert Gutterson, John Hayes, Edward and Sarah Hewitt, Samuel Holmes, G. Jones, J. Morgan, P. McCoy, J. Sedwedge, R. Millan. G. Mitchell, Lawrence and Bridget O'Brien, T. Radford, M.J. Sales, J and P Scott, J. Sergison, R. Shafts, T. Stevens, Samuel and Margaret Thompson, James West, R. Wilson, H. Hamilton, Mary Jane Hamilton.

Single Women:- Rachael, Mary Ann and Sarah Brown, Mary Cullen, Eliza Clarke, Eliza Annie Baldwin, J Baldwin, Sarah and Alice Ballinger, H. E. Barnett, Phoebe, Henry and Sarah Beale, E. Bradshaw, Mary Buck, Mary Sullivan, Julia Broderick, Margaret and Matilda Clark, Amelia Cocker, KateConnor, Mary Connor, Ann Critchley (2), Martha Critchley, M. Dash, M. E. Dopson, H. Dunn, Mary Durnan, Margaret, John Edward and Mary Edwards, Catherine Fee, Bridget Flaherty, Lucy Flynn, Minnie and Rebecca Gaskin, Fanny Godstein, Kate Hefferman, Ann, Robert, Samuel, William and John Hamilton, Margaret, William, Isabella, Charlotte, Catherine, Cassie Hamilton, Eliza Hamilton, Bessie Healy, Eva Herrin, Elma Hogan, Margaret Hogan, Eliza James, Margaret Johnson, Maria Barry, T. Kannamullin, Catherine and Sarah Kavanagh, Maggie Kergab, Hannah and Catherine Kelehor,    Mary Kincaid, May Thomas, Margaret Kingston, May Kitchen, Martha Lanham, Kate Sedwedge, Grace and Lizzie Logan, Kate Lowery, Johanna, Lucy, Susan McCabe, Bridget and Hannah McCarthy, Ellen McCoughty, Eliza McCosker, Margaret and Mary McGrath, Rosannah McGuigan, H. McCarr, Annie and Alice McPherson, Eliza, Ada and Louise McPherson, Mary and Catherine Mackle, Bridget and Annie Madden, Emily Mason, Margaret Miller, elizabeth and Mary Mills, Mary Moran, Ellen and Mary Moriary, Johanna Mulcahy, Ellen amd Micheal Mahoney, N, Murphy, Kate and Mary Murphy, Mary Daly, Ellen Nelson, Mary and Bridget O'Brien, Alice O'Donnel, Johanna and Margaret O'Sullivan, Margaret Houlihan, Mary O'Sullivan, Agnes, Isabella and James Paten, May Patterson, Hannah Peacock, Eliza Phillips, Catherine and Arthur Phillips, May, Howard adn Frank Pickford, Clara Plummer, Kate Purcell, Louisa Rodford, Clara Scollar, Catherine Scullion, Alice Sharpe, Elizabeth Shaw, Margaret Sinclair, May Sterling, Ann Sutherland, Angelique, Theresa, Julia, Johanna Tobin, Martha Turner, Mary Wetherall, Anne S. Wetherall, Eva M. Wetherall, Lydia Wilson, Emily Wisdom, Bessie and PheobeTrayer,

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