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Ship: 1059 Tons
Captain: Lewellyn  Davis
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Edward Husband
Sailed Gravesend 13th December 1882 - arrived Lyttelton 22nd March 1883

Although this list has been transcribed from the original at Archives New Zealand, Wellington, it does not seem to contain all the immigrants who arrived by this ship. If you are searching for an ancestor we suggest that you search the accompanying passenger list from the Christchurch Press - The Press passenger list

Built in 1865 by C. Connell and Company of Glasgow, the Crusader was an iron ship- rigged vessel of 1058 tons. Launched in March 1865 she was originally owned by Patrick Henderson and then became the property of Shaw Savill & Albion Co. Ltd following the merger of Patrick Henderson and Albion. She was applied to the England - New Zealand immigrant trade between 1871 and 1898 and, making 28 voyages to various ports in New Zealand was probably the busiest of the immigrant ships in those heady days. In this role she made four voyages to Auckland, three to Wellington, seven to Port Chalmers, thirteen to Lyttelton and a solitary visit to Bluff in the deep south. Crusader was a great favourite with New Zealand immigrant passengers and was always described as a smart and well turned out ship. Small though she was, Crusader made some excellent times on the voyage out, her best being 74 days land-to-land. Indeed so popular was she that group was formed of those who had travelled in her called The Crusader Association who would continue meeting until around 1925. When steam began to make serious inroads into the domain of the sailing ship, Crusader was sold to Norway and was eventually broken up in 1915.
Source White Wings Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of the Crusader

Name Age County Occupation
Families & Children
Allen John 35 Perth Farm Labourer
Eliza 32
Elizabeth 10
Jane 7
Janet 4
William 1
Anderson Peter 52 Edinburgh Master Shoemaker
Agnes 51 Laundress
Attwood Thomas 46 Staffordshire Engine Fitter
Julia 44 Dressmaker
Ernest 11
Maud 6
George 5
Auton Christopher 30 Yorkshire Carpenter
Margaret A 28
Elizabeth 5
Joseph W 3
Annie L 6 months
Auton Myers 37 Yorkshire Farmer and Painter
Annie 35
Christopher 9
Tom 8
Alice 6
Annie 5
Elizabeth 3
Maggie 1
Blenkinsopp Ralph 23 Durham Bricklayer
Alice 28
Brown John 35 Cambridge Groom
Martha 37
Lucy A 6
Henry 4
Elizabeth M 2
Arthur L 4 months
Burnley Frank 26 Yorkshire Cloth Finisher
Sarah H 25
Isaac 3
Carter John B 27
Ada A 35
Alice 10
William 8
Herbert 6
Cook Job 30 Surrey Gardener
Elizabeth 30
Robert 7
Mary 5
Frederick 2
Critchley Henry 39 Lancashire Carpenter
Jane 43
Charles 10
Curtin John 31 Limerick Shoemaker
Catherine 30
Mary 9
Thomas 5
Margaret 3
Catherine 6 months
Donald Robinson 43 Cumberland Farm Labourer
Margaret 43
John J 11
Evans Benjamin 40
Leah 35
Frank 8
Tom 6
John 3
Fergan Robert 30
Marion M 30
Agnes E 2
Harry Dickson 6 months Died on Board - 31/12/1882
Gwynn William 41 Worchester Gardener
Mary 43
Thomas 9
Heppleston William 27
Lois 26
Francis H 6
Reuben B 5
Mary L 3
Hepworth John 44 Yorkshire Weaver
Sarah 42
Elizabeth 10
Raymond 8
Florence 5
Hopping George 24 Hertshire Brickmaker
Jane 21
George 3
Mary A 1
Inkster James 28 Shetland Railway Porter
Jemima 48
Jowers Joseph 50 Essex Labourer
Maria 48
Kennington William 35 Lincolnshire Carman
Margaret J 34
Angelma 11
Robert 18 months
Louisa M 8 months
McNair James 38 Sterlingshire Miner
Mary 36
John 8
Melton John 29
Susanna 29
John 4
Pratley Reuben 43 Oxfordshire Farm Labourer
Mary 38
William 6
Emily 3
John 9 months
Robinson Charles 25 Surrey Bricklayer
Emily 37
Lilian 2 months
Searle Thomas 35 Cornwall Carpenter
Jane 34
Charles Henry 10
Thomas 8
Simpson William 27 Roxburg Warder
Rachel 26
Gilbert 4
Isabella 2 months
Staub Jacob A 27 Zurich Market Gardener
Elizabeth E 22
Johanna E 2
Sands Thomas 57
Hannah 50
William 11
Maria 10
Frederick 8
Titchener Robert 35 Berkshire Carpenter
Georgina 31
Leslie H 3 months
Toombs George 26 Northampton Carpenter
Elizabeth 26
Edith   A 4
Infant daughter Born on Board - 14/02/1883
Williams Richard 42 Shropshire General Labourer
Emma 36
Wood Richard 44 Yorkshire Weaver
Esther 41
Henrietta 8
Edith 6
Alice 2
Single Men
Barr Thomas 20 Bute Draper
Boyd Robert 23 Donegal Farm Labourer
David 20 Donegal Farm Labourer
Bruce James 24 Londonderry Ploughman
Butler William A 17 Cornwall Miner
Cohen Pat 21 Galway Farm Labourer
Colclough Robert E 23 Kilkenny Carpenter
Cook Thomas 26 Glamorgam Miner
Cottle Arthur T 22 Somersetshire Farm Labourer
Dawson William 23 Antrim Farm Labourer
Dixon Robert 24 Down Farm Labourer
Thomas 17 Down Farm Labourer
Doak Robert 23 Down Farm Labourer
Duncan Daniel 28 Antrim Farm Labourer
Dynes William 15 Armagh Farm Labourer
Fleming Thomas 21 Galway Farm Labourer
Frayn Frank 17 Cornwall Gardener
Gilroy John 20 Leitrim Farm Labourer
Hamilton Hugh 23
Hays John 24 Down Farm Labourer
Hewitt Edward 24 Roscommon Ploughman
Holmes Samuel 35 Kilkenny Farmer
Jones Griffiths 20 Merionethshire Ploughman
Kingston Thomas J 16
Ledwedge John 21 Londonderry Farm Labourer
McColy Patrick 25 Derry Labourer
Miller Robert 17 Renfreshire Painter
Mitchell George 28 Yorkshire Carpetweaver
Morgan John 18
O'Brien Lawrence 24 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Radford Thomas 17 Devon Porter
Sales Martin 24
Scott John 19 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Scott Patrick 19 Sligo Farm Labourer
Sergison Joseph 24 Down Farm Labourer
Shafto Robert E 16 Durham Joiner
Stevens Thomas 19 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Thompson Samuel 22 Donegal Carpenter
West James 29 Berkshire Shoemaker
Wilson Robert 28 Tyrone Ploughman
Single Women
Anderson Agnes R 25 Edinburgh
Attwood Millicent 19 Staffordshire Dressmaker
Florence 14 Staffordshire
Ballinger Sarah A 20 Gloucester Housemaid
Alice 18 Gloucester General Servant
Baldwin Eliza 37 Yorkshire Weaver
Annie 10
Barnett Hannah E 21 Worchestershire Domestic Servant
Barry Maria 22 Cork Domestic Servant
Beale Phoebe 31 Surrey Cook
Henry James W 4 Merton, Surrey
Sarah A 2 Merton, Surrey
Bradshaw Rosima 17
Brick Mary 16 Kerry Farm Servant
Broderick Julia 22 Waterford Under House Maid
Brown Mary A 20 Tyrone Servant
Sarah M 18 Tyrone Servant
Rachel 15 Tyrone Servant
Callen Mary A 20 Dinagh ? Servant
Clarke Eliza 21 Warwickshire Cigar Maker
Clare Margaret 21 Derry Domestic Servant
Matilda 19 Derry Domestic Servant
Cocker Amelia 27 Devonshire Domestic Servant
Connor Kate 19 Cork Domestic Servant
Connor May 22 Derry Domestic Servant
Critchley Ann 60 Lancashire Housekeeper
Martha 35 Lancashire General Servant
Ann 23 Lancashire Dressmakeer
Daly Mary 18
Dash Matilda 24 Monmouthshire General Sevant
Dickson Ann 36 Tyrone Cook
Dopson Mary E 17 Aldershot Servant
Duncan Mary 20
Dunn Honoria 22 Kerry Domestic Servant
Edwards Margaret 34 Glamorganshire Housework
John A 10
Edward William 9 Died at sea 06/03/1882
Drowned at sea
Mary E 5
Fee Catherine 25 Fermanagh Domestic Servant
Flaterty Bridget 20 Waterford Servant
French Margaret 24
Flynn Lucy A 21 Bristol
Gaskin Maria 21 Down
Rebecca 20 Down Saleswomen
Goodstein Fanny 18 Middlesex Saleswoman
Hamilton Ann 45 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Hamilton Eliza 17 Monaghan Gerneral Servant
Kate 16
Mary 14
Hamilton Margaret 50 Tyrone
Isabella 22
Charlotte 20
Catherine 18
Healey Bessie 19
Heffernow Kate 21 Galway General Servant
Merin Eva A 17 Cornwall General Servant
Hogan Elina 18 Clare Domestic Servant
Holdsworth Hannah 25
Horgan Margaret 21
Houlehan Margaret 21
Jackson Mrs Alice 34 Matron
James Eliza A 24 Gloucester Servant
Jennings Mary A 32
Johnson Margaret 27 Cook Domestic Servant
Hannamuller Theresa 31 Germany Housemaid
Kavanagh Katherine 25 Warwick Domestic Servant
Sarah 18
Kergins Maggie 18
Keleher Hannah 20 Kerry Domestic Servant
Kincaird Mary 24 Tyrone Housemaid
Kingston Mary L 51
Margaret M 10
Kitcher Mary 23
Lanham Martha 21 Derbyshire Servant
Ledwdge Kate 17 Londonderry Domestic Servant
Logan Grace 20
Lizzie 18
Lonney Kate 14
Lucy Johanna 18 Kerry Housemaid
McCabe Susan 22 Tyrone Domestic Servant
McCarthy Bridget 21 Cork General Servant
Hannah 24 Cork General Servant
McCasker Eliza J 24 Tyrone General Servant
McConaghty Ellen 19 Tyrone Domestic Servant
McGrath Mary 20 Kerry Domestic Servant
Margaret 20 Kerry Domstic Servant
McGuigan Rosanna 24
Mary 4
Edward 2
Hannah 18
McPherson Anne M 45 Surrey Charwoman
Alice 20
Eliza 18
Ada 14
Louisa 11
Mackle Margaret 22
Mary 17
Mackle Mary 26 Armagh Weaver
Catherine 20
Madden Bridget 18 Tipperary Kitchen Maid
Anne 16
Mason Emily 22
Miller Margaret 24 Yorkshire Servant
Mills Elizabeth 20 Cork Cook
Mary J 19 Cork Housemaid
Moriarty Annie 19 Kerry Dairymaid
Ellen 21 Kerry Housemaid
Moran Mary 25 Galway Domestic Servant
Mulcahy Kate 18 Kerry Domestic Servant
Mary 20 Kerry Domestic Servant
Murphy Kate 18 Kerry Domestic Servant
Mary 20 Kerry Domestic Servant
Murphy Nano 18
Neeson Ellen 22
O'Brien Mary A 18 Limerick Domestic Servant
Bridget 16 Limerick Domestic Servant
O'Donnell Alice 18 Waterford Domestic Servant
O'Sullivan Margaret 21 Kerry Domestic Servant
Johanna 17 Kerry Domestic Servant
O'Sullivan Mary 15 Cork Domestic Servant
Patterson Mary 24 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Paton Agnes 23 Hoddingtonshire Housemaid
Isabella 14 Hoddingtonshire Servant
Peacock Hannah 28 Sussex
Phillips Eliza 44 Middlesex Laundress
Eliza H 15 Kent Laundress
Catherine J 13 Kent Domestic Servant
Pickford Matilda 27 Somerset Milliner
Howard 5
Frank 3
Plummer Clara E 22 Middlesex Servant
Purcell Kate 18 Tipperary Dairymaid
Radford Louisa 22 Devonshire Domestic Servant
Schollar Clara 28
Clara 10
William 7
Grace 4
Lilly 3
Scullion Catherine 24 Antrim General Servant
Sharpe Alice 24 Berkshire Servant
Shaw Elizabeth L 25
Sheehy Margaaret 25
Simpson Mary 50
Sinclair Margaret 20
Sterling Mary 26 Down General Servant
Sullivan Mary 16
Sutherland Annie 27 Down General Servant
Therosse Angelique 27 Down General Servant
Tobin Julia 24 Waterford Domestic Servant
Johanna 20 Waterford Domestic Servant
Turner Martha 23 Surrey Domestic Servant
Wetherall Mary 58 Lithlingow
Annie 25 Down Teacher
Eva R 22 Down Saleswoman
Wilson Lydia 23
Wisdom Emily 18 Armagh Labourer
JOWERS family:
Joseph JOWERS (1828-1916) and his second wife Ellen Maria HERRING (1835-1914) from Little Bentley in Essex arrived at Lyttleton on the Crusader in 1883. At least one son James Edmund JOWERS had arrived earlier about 1879 and worked in the South Island where he married Hannah FOSTER in 1882 at Springfield. They later moved to Pahiatua in the North Island between 1894 and 1898. Joseph Jowers and Maria settled in Kaiapoi Sth Island and some of their other children remained there also. Their children who migrated to NZ were James Edmund, George Collins, Charles Henry, Ellen Maria. John Frederic Jowers remained in England. Any connection please contact Ian Miller

PEARSON (Dynes) family:
My Great Great Grandmother Isabella Pearson, nee Dynes arrived in March 1883 on the Crusader with her 15 year old son William Pearson. From a newspaper clipping of the time, it looks as though they travelled under the name Dynes. I have no idea what happened to her husband, Andrew Pearson, and I wonder if she might have just taken off. Maybe she was widowed, I don't know. William appears to have been an only child. They came from Portadown, Armagh. Two of her brothers and a sister had come to New Zealand on the Mersey in 1862 when Isabella was quite young and perhaps she had a hankering to see them all again. She lived on in NZ and died aged 90. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Pat Churchill.


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